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A horse is one of the best early investments in the game as it’s essentially a mobile chest. It’s always worth having a 12-hour fire’s worth of wood and a tent store inside in case of an emergency blizzard. There are a few you don’t have to pay for a horse if you can find them. Horses can be adopted by stealth next to them, activate and select adopt. If the ‘adopt’ option is not available, ride the horse approximately 100 meters and try again.

  • There’s occasionally a horse(or group of horses) in the wilderness - typically with a dead NPC by it.
  • There is a Black fell Pony near a cave underneath Dragonsreach guarded by bandits - taking this one counts as stealing(although you almost never get a bounty for doing so).

Your horse is not immortal by default, so if you plan on keeping one, make sure that you keep all of your loot in a crafted chest and you place this outside of any dungeon you plan on entering (as your horse can be killed while you are inside if you haven’t checked the area before entering)