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Wildlander is a total conversion modpack for The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim Special Edition that aims to bring the frozen north into your home. Whether you want to call it immersion, realism, role-playing, or simple masochism, the end-goal is to make you actually feel like an intrepid adventurer climbing snow-covered mountains, delving into ancient ruins, and getting your bits bitten off by packs of hungry wolves.

Wildlander is made up of hundreds of publicly available mods made by almost as many talented mod authors. These mods have been carefully selected, tested, and tweaked by Dylan to iron out any technical difficulties and maintain a consistent experience.

Wildlander is also a mod in its own right as it includes proprietary features not available in the original included mods.

The whole experience is built around Requiem - the Roleplaying Overhaul - v5.0.3. Requiem completely retools all of Skyrim to create a challenging, deleveled world with plenty of meaningful choices.

In general, any Requiem resources you find online will be applicable to Wildlander. Some information may be outdated, overwritten by other mods in Wildlander, or disabled entirely, but the core principles remain the same. Assume that mechanics not covered in Wildlander’s or Requiem’s resources remain unchanged from the vanilla game.

Wildlander can be overwhelming at first, so I highly recommend reading up on it. Start with The Recommended reading section on this wiki and work down from there.

If videos are more your speed, then Liam (Parz) has turned the wiki introduction into a video, which you can access clicking the image below.

Getting Help

  1. Make sure to follow the installation guide and follow in order - There are images to help you.
  2. The next step would be to search the FAQ
  3. Check the The known issues document
  4. Use the search-bar on the Wiki
  5. First-line Support is available primarily on our Discord server Dylan Perry Discord Server . It is great for support, troubleshooting, and reporting bugs since you can speak with staff and other users in real-time. We have many regular users offering help to new players. The Discord is also a good place to meet fellow adventurers and chat about Wildlander and other games.
  6. The Wildlander Subreddit is a great place to meet fellow players and share stories of your adventures. We also host community events, post screenshots of our characters’ latest exploits, and generally discuss whatever we like through Reddit’s forum-style posting. You can also use the Subreddit for tech support, but the Discord is better for real-time help and troubleshooting.
  7. The Wildlander YouTube channel contains a variety of Wildlander video content, including gameplay videos, gameplay tutorials, developer updates, modding tutorials, and other video content not related to Wildlander.

Help Guidelines

  1. Read and Follow the Discord/Reddit rules.
  2. Do NOT private message or @ staff.
  3. If your save is from an incompatible version, and you have tried to play it on the newest version, we cannot help.
  4. Modifying The Modpack = community support only. Staff reserve the right to decline to help people with issues on modified installs.
  5. To report a bug, first query with support as it may have already been reported. They will advise you if you need to fill out a bug report form.

Save Advice

When you load your save file, wait at least a minute before saving again. Some scripts will break if you save too soon after loading.

Avoid saving during combat or other conditions of heavy script load.

Never save more than once a minute.

Never save within 30 seconds of entering a building / cell / dungeon.

After waiting/sleeping, wait a minute to allow all the NPC’s AI scripts to move to where they are supposed to be

When starting a new character

If you have played a character already and then exit to the main menu, do not attempt to start a new character in the same session. Instead, quit entirely out of Skyrim and restart it from there. If you do not do so, the game will not operate properly and you will get errors such as ‘please restart the economy’ or ‘Honed Metal has crashed.’

This isn’t a bug with the list. Skyrim does not handle you playing one character, returning to the menu, and then starting a second. This is because Skyrim doesn’t unload all of the previous games scripts and can cause severe issues with your new play-through (hotkeys not working, broken economy, merchants with no gold, or your character leveling up when they shouldn’t be).

Every time you want to start a new character, you should be closing and reopening Skyrim in its entirety.

Please DO NOT report bugs relating to this topic as its a flaw with Skyrim itself. There is nothing we can do to make this work!

Stuff not covered by the wiki.

Several topics are not covered by the wiki because the are mechanically unchanged from vanilla. Some examples of this includes

  1. Quests - The quests themselves are unchanged in terms of contents. what has changed about some of them is the level requirements and the difficulties
  2. Staff Enchanting - this is unchanged from vanilla Dragonborn
  3. How to build a hearthfire home. The fundamentals of this and requirements are unchanged.
  4. civil war - Changing this would be like sticking a band-aid on a decapitation

The general rule should be - if using the wiki search bar doesnt find a result - its not changed from Vanilla.

Thank yous

We would like to thank Alexandregd, Goldymires, Giblets, Hazardoss, Liam, SuicidalKillers, Skjolbir, Semkiry, Terrorforge and the whole Requiem Community for the guides used to produce this Wiki.

Halgari & The Wabbajack Team for the Wabbajack Install tool.

All of Dylan’s patreon’s.

Finally, above all else, the Mod authors who without their mods - none of this would be possible. Please Endorse their mods, the mod-list versions pages have direct links to each of the mods involved.