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Basic Stats

Stat Value
Health 450
Magicka 1730
Stamina 349
Movement Speed 104
Melee Damage 5 + 84 from glass Battlestaff
Ranged Damage None
Magical Damage Icy Sphere The caster evokes a freezing whirlwind that deals 40 points of frost damage per second to Health and Stamina. Targets in the ice storm suffer a 35% slow for 5 seconds and a small stagger
Summon Summon Ghostly Dragonpriest The caster binds the ghost of a terrifying Dragon Priest that brings cold death for 300 seconds.
Utility Turn Greater Undead - The caster causes Undead up to level 21 to flee for 30 seconds.
Stone Stone of the Atronach
Standard AR None
Magical AR 10% Weakness to Magic
  Greater Ward The caster creates a protective shield that negates a great amount of physical damage and negates up to 80 points of spell damage or effects. Also renders the caster immune to most paralyzing and life drain effects.
AP None
Health Regeneration Yes Can cast Heal Self (Rank III) - Heals the caster by 40 points. Healing Hands (Rank III) Heals 50 points of Health and stamina for caster, and everyone close to the caster. Absorb Essence - Absorb 30 points of Health/Magika/Stamina from target.
Diseased No
Can Knockdown Player Can Stagger

Additional Perks

  • Can detect stealthed players, making sneak attacks impossible
  • Empowered Elements You can dual-cast Destruction spells to augment their power by 125% for double magicka cost.
  • Impact Dual-casted projectile Destruction spells have 25% chance of staggering His foes.
  • Necromancy Undead and ghostly summons last 50% longer. He can reanimate more powerful corpses (3x higher level) that last 10x longer.
  • Dark Infusion Reanimated entities have more health, higher resistance to elemental damage, and they no longer decay into dust.
  • Magical Absorption Your understanding of arcane energies grants you 30% chance to absorb incoming spells, shouts, or enchantments, as pure magicka.
  • Improved Healing - Healing spells are 25% more effective.
  • Respite - Healing spells restore both health and stamina.
  • Improved Wards - Your arcane wards are 25% more effective, absorb 25% Magicka from hostile spells, and cost 5% less Magicka to cast.
  • Stability - All Alteration spells last 50% longer.
  • Deep Freeze Many of - His ice spells can freeze enemies who are susceptible to frost.
  • Priest Mage Armor - Protection spells like Stoneflesh are 2.5 times as strong.
  • Cryomancy 2 All frost spells deal 30% more damage.
  • Frost Mastery - His fascination with Frost now grants him 25% resistance to it, while Frost spells are 5% stronger and 10% less costly.
  • Cognitive Flexibility 2 - mastered the art of Cognitive Flexibility and can now maintain three summons of any type.


Type Protection
Frost 25
Poison 100
Paralysis Immune
Sneak Attack Immune
Unrelenting Force Immune