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Class Guide (Barbarian) - Greed's Variant

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This is the “standard” Barbarian for Requiem according to GreedGaming. The video guide was Created using the 1.0 version of pack but 90% of the information is still valid (Alchemy has less Ingredient availability and Eorland’s not available until you are part of the circle) .

He chooses Mage Armor and Steed stone for starting spell & Stone. Along with the Orc for berserker rage.

Rather than do the traditional character Guide - i’m going to suggest that you watch his video’s as its explained very well inside

Race Stone Blessing Supernatural
Orc Steed Talos/Stendarr/Zenithar Werewolf

Part 1 3hrs 30 mins

Part 2 12 hours


Starting Skills

  • Alteration
  • TwoHanded
  • Block
  • Evasion
  • Alchemy
  • Speechcraft