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Keybindings can be shown and hidden at any time by pressing F11.

1.1 Keybindings


1.0 Keybindings


What Do these Keys do?

Lock On

This is for 3rd person gameplay and keeps you facing the target you have locked onto when you are moving or strafing around. It also helps with arrow aiming.

Quick Restore

A keybind to restore your health stamina or magic using preset rules (set in Iequip) from potions within your inventory.


Shows a crafting menu to deconstruct items in your inventory into component parts.

Note: This key wont let you deconstruct any “found” enchanted items.

Emergency Recall

Lost your followers? This is the key you want.

Survival vision.

A useful utility. It allows you to see amongst other things. Herbs which can be picked, dropped weapons or arrows, Enemy movements (e.g Bandit using loud equipment, growling animals) Items which can be used to craft Tinder (such as linen wraps) and Dead Bodies.

How do i rebind the keys?

Function Key Source / MCM
Group Equip 1 F1 SkyUI
Group Equip 2 F2 SkyUI
Group Equip 3 F3 SkyUI
Group Equip 4 F4 SkyUI
Show Controls F11 A Matter of Time
Camera Mode Pause Wildlander
Emote Insert Various Player Actions
Journal Home Take Notes!
Disable ENB Backslash enblocal.ini
Toggle HUD X Ultimate Immersion Toggle
Change Difficulty Right Ctrl Wildlander
Switch Targets Wheel Up/Down True Directional Movement
Quick Restore V iEquip
Emergency Recall Scroll Lock Wildlander
Toggle Formation G Wildlander
Horse Wait Y Immersive Horses
Horse Inventory U Immersive Horses
Horse Whistle H Immersive Horses
Sit or Sleep K Simply Rest Anywhere
Toggle Lantern L Quick Light
Drink / Refill ; Sunhelm
Wash ' Hunterborn (sense direction hotkey)
Build Fire < Campfire
Break Down ? Hunterborn
Craft Right Shift Campfire
Forage > Hunterborn
Survival Vision Right Alt Campfire (Instincts )
Parry Left Control Duel Wield Parry