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Evasion Armor Analysis

–Perk Analysis–


Evasion Perks


Light armor weight penalties are reduced. You take 25% less damage from falling. Wearing heavy armor negates all bonuses. Each Evasion perk grants: +25% skill XP when taking damage, and -2% reduction to incoming physical damage.

Level Required : 0

Perk Required : None


Your trained reflexes allow you to dodge incoming attacks. [Press Sprint while moving to dodge. Expends 15 points of stamina]

Level Required : 20

Perk Required : Agility


Your training enhances your power attack damage by 3% for every piece of Evasion armor or clothing currently equipped, for a maximum of 12%.

Level Required : 25

Perk Required : Agility


Your practiced endurance lessens the stamina cost of power attacks by 6% for every piece of light armor or clothing equipped, up to 24% maximum reduction.

Level Required : 50

Perk Required : Finesse

Agile Spellcasting

Specialized training allows you to cast spells in light armor without penalties.

Level Required : 50

Perk Required : Dexterity


You’ve learned to maximize the benefits of light armor and clothing. Your stamina regenerates 50% faster when standing still or walking, and the stamina penalty for running is nullified.

Level Required : 75

Perk Required : Dexterity

Vexing Flanker

Your running melee attacks receive 4% damage bonus for every piece of Evasion armor or clothing currently equipped, for up to 16% total bonus. You are also immune to killmoves.

Level Required : 50

Perk Required : Finesse

Combat Reflexes

You can enter a combat trance, slowing the world around you by 50% for 30 seconds. The ability costs 90 stamina initially, and 5 stamina per second after. Wearing any Heavy Armor blocks this ability.

Level Required : 75

Perks Required : Finesse and Vexing Flanker

Meteoric Reflexes

Your lightning-fast reflexes grant you a 50% chance to mitigate 95% of all incoming melee damage, provided you are not wearing any heavy armor.

Level Required : 100

Perks Required : Windrunner and Combat Reflexes