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Spell Research (Alchemy)

Table of contents

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  1. Getting started
  2. Solutions
  3. Ranks
  4. Ingredient Yield
  5. Potions
    1. Effect View
  6. Ingredient View
  7. Solutions View

Spell Research extends the alchemy/spell system with the introduction of magical liquids (solutions) that are produced by breaking down ingredients, potions, or enchanted artifacts, using an alembic or a cauldron.

Alchemy can be a much quicker way to gain experience about spell archetypes, however, it notoriously requires a large amount of material.

Spell research alchemy is currently bugged in the main release (versions 1.1.11 or earlier). You can fix it by unzipping the below patches contents into Game-files\mods\Wildlander\scripts replacing existing files.

Patch If the patch link has expired, then it is available on our discord server in the patches and bugfixes channel.

Getting started

To start you will need one (or both) of the tools below

  • Alembic: Required for analyzing or mixing magical liquids. Can break down (dissolve) small quantities of ingredients into liquids. Can crafted at a forge using 1x steel ingot + 5x building glass + Craftsmanship perk.
  • Cauldron: Used to break down large quantities of ingredients, potions [v2.0+], and enchanted artifacts, into magical liquids. Requires fuel to work. Any ingredients or poisons that have a ‘weakness’ effect can fuel the cauldron (e.g. Salt pies). Can be crafted at a forge using 8x Iron Ingots + Craftsmanship perk.

Both of these items can be bought from apothecaries, or commissioned at a smith if you cannot craft it yourself. Also, spell vendors sometimes carry alembics for sale.

You will also need a large supply of ingredients or potions The gardening system from Hearthfire may actually be useful here.

Once you have enough materials you can start dissolving.

Use your alembic, then select “Dissolve Items”, you can then place in your alembic ingredients, potions, or artifacts to dissolve.

However, alembics can only dissolve a small amount of material at a time. So they are often used as field tools.

To dissolve larger amounts at a time, you need to use a Cauldron.

  • Once you have acquired a cauldron, you need to place it.
  • Simply use it in your inventory, and it will be placed in front of you.
  • For a cauldron to dissolve items, you need to supply it with fuel.
  • It is fueled with ingredients and potions that have “Weakness” effects.
  • Cauldrons lose any remaining fuel when they are moved, keep that in mind when you place them.

Dissolving items will give you a large amount of bizarre liquids, which you can then use in your alembic.

You can either select “Analyze Liquids”, which will have you perform some tests on these liquids, which will in turn give you some experience in spell archetypes. This also gives you some experience in your Alchemy skill.

You can also select “Mix Ingredients”. This will allow to mix together three of these liquids to create alchemical ingredients (elixirs) to be used in the vanilla alchemy system. You can also create rare vanilla ingredients and other useful materials if you find the required materials.

Liquids can be mixed into potent elixirs (a type of ingredient), and different salts, e.g. void/fire/frost salts. Please see the Elixirs cheat sheet for recipes

If you manage to find the right recipes (or use the cheat sheet) you can mass produce a large amount of powerful potions.

Analyzing liquids with an alembic grants elemental archetype XP and some alchemy XP.


There are a lot different kinds of liquids - one for each elemental archetype. The naming of the liquids is < name > sa < potency > for trivia - the translations of these items come from

Name Archtype Translation
Agea Magicka (n.) lore, knowledge [Ayleid]
Agea Arden Resistances literal translation “knowledge shield” [Ayleid and Dwemeri]
Aka ry Relleis Time literal translation “dragon of streams” [Aldmeri and Ayleid]
Altadoon Weapons (N.) weapon. [Ehlnofex]
Altadoon ry Bet Diseases Literally translated to ‘Weapon as Beast’, ie a weapon that’s alive but non-sentient, ie a disease. [Ehlnofex]
Arden Sheild From vvarden- - (n.) strong shield. (vv = Strong, Arden = shield) [Dwemeri]
Ayammis Life (n.) life. [Ayleid]
Ayammis Malata Souls literal translation “Life truth” [Ayleid]
Bal Earth (n.) stone. [Ehlnofex]
Betaltadoon Poisons literally translates to ‘Beast-Weapon’ [Aldmeri and Ayleid]
Betayammis Creatures literally translates to ‘Beast-Life’ [Aldmeri and Ayleid]
Dunayammis Undead literally translates to ‘Cursed-Life’[Aldmeri and Ayleid]
Dunruhn Trap literally translates to ‘Cursed-home’[Aldmeri and Dunmari]
Ghartok Stamina (n.) hand(s). [Ehlnofex]
Karan Armor (n.) armor. [Ayleid]
Karen Kogo Force literal translation “Armor unbreakable” [Ayleid and Dunmari]
Karan ry Ayammis Health literal translation “Armor of life” [Ayleid]
Latta Light (n.) light. [Ayleid]
Latta Loria Shadow literal translation “light darkens” [Ayleid]
Mafre Frost (n.) frost. [Ayleid]
Mallari Metal (n.) gold. [Ayleid]
Malatu Magicka Arcane Energy Literally translated “truth magic.” [Ayleid]
Mer Ayammis Mortals Literally translated “People Life” [Aldmeri]
Mer ry Wel Apparitions Literally translated “People as Sky” [Aldmeri and Ayleid]
Mer Garlas Flesh Literally translated “People caverns” [Aldmeri and Ayleid]
Molag Fire (n.) fire. [Aldmeri]
Mora Nature (n.) forest, wood. [Aldmeri]
Pellenni Ayammis Daedra Literally translated “Outsides Life” [Ayleid]
Relleis Water (n.) streams [Ayleid]
Rellers ry Molag Acid Literally translated “streams as fire” [Ayleid and Aldmeri]
Varla ye Wel Sun Literally translated “star as sky” [Ayleid]
Volen Magicka Magical Constructs Literally translated “hammer magic.” [Dwemeri and Ayleid]
Wel Air (n.) sky. [Ayleid]
Wel sa bell Shock Literally translated “Sky thunderous”[Ayleid]


Solutions are categorized into six tiers based on potency.

Potions Equivalent Suffix (weakest to strongest) Translation Rank
Dilute sa Haelia (adj.) So terrible.[Ayleid] 0
Weak sa Goria (adj.) So ugly. [Aylied] 1
Mild sa Gravia (adj.) So obscure [Ayleid] 2
Strong sa Baune (adj.)So mighty.[Ayleid] 3
Potent sa Adonai (adj.) So lordly. [Ayleid] 4
Concentrated sa Sila (v.) So shiny. [Ayleid] 5

Each one can be upgraded or downgraded using an alembic (Mix ingredients menu). Upgrading liquids requires 3 of the same kind to produce one stronger liquid, or each one can be reduced to 2 weaker liquids.

For example a liquid called Relleis sa Goria would be a medium strength water archetype liquid. Mixing 3 of these will produce Relleis sa Baume, and so on.

Ingredient Yield

Each ingredient has two different strengths of solutions which can be generated

  • One which is affected by the Item effects
  • One which comes from the Ingredient Base Characteristics

Item effects

  • The item Effect Solutions received depend on the Archetype appearing on more than one item effect for a Ingredient
  • The Strength of the potions for Effects is calculation based on the total magnitude and total durations of the effects.

Strength = ((Sum of effect Magnitudes / (10)) + (Sum of effect Durations/(300)))

Ingredient Base Characteristics

  • The item characteristics are Solutions items defined in the import script - you will always get every one of these
  • Strength of the potions for characteristics is hard-coded


The number of solutions for each of the above is 1 + random number of (your alchemy skill / 25)


  • if you have 10 skill, you will get 1 solution.
  • if you have 26 skill, you will get either 1 or 2 solutions.
  • if you have 51 skill, you will get either 2 or 3 solutions.
  • if you have 76 skill, you will get either 2, 3 or 4 solutions.
  • if you have 100 skill, you will get either 2, 3, 4 or 5 solutions.

You will always get the same types of solution when you break down a material, just in differing quantities.


Solutions are calculated based on Potions effects

  • The item Effect Solutions received depend on the Archetype appearing 1/2 of the Potion effects.
  • The Strength of the potions for Effects is a calculation

      Strength  = Round(((Sum of effect Magnitudes / (Total number of effects * 25 )) + 
                           (Sum of effect Durations/(Total number of effects * 120))))

E.g a potion which has 2 effects, One for 150 seconds at 10 magnitude, and one and 150 seconds for 15 magnitude

    Strength  = round((25 / (2 * 25 )) + (300s /(2 * 120)))
                     = round(1.75) 
                     = 2 - Gravia strength solutions

Effect View

Shows the Archetypes of solutions you can get from dissolving potions with specific effects.

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Ingredient View

Shows the solutions you get from dissolving each Ingredient.

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Solutions View

Shows which Ingredients you need to dissolve to get specific solutions.

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