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Shouts (do 130% damage, shout recovery is 150% )

  • “Dragon Aspect” Take on the mighty aspect of a dragon, delivering colossal blows, with an armored hide, and more powerful shout (For 720 seconds, armor rating increases by 150, power attacks deal 75% more damage, fire & frost resistance improves by 25%, and shout cooldown reduces by 20%. Also, if His health is below 50%, an Ancient Dragonborn will manifest to protect him
  • “Cyclone” A cyclone will be produced, similar in ability to Unrelenting Force, but will instead send the target in an upwards motion whilst dealing 200 damage.
  • “Become Ethereal” This shout makes Miraak spectral in appearance and will make them invulnerable to all damage for 15 Seconds
  • “Whirlwind Sprint” The shout grants the ability to dash rapidly forward for 10 seconds.
  • “Fire Breath” The Fire Breath shout allows Miraak to shout a forceful blast of fire, spreading at a high speed. This force inflicts 300 fire damage and sets enemies in its path on fire (5 damage for 30 seconds) as well as staggers them.
  • “Frost Breath” Frost Breath will allow Miraak to shout a frost force in front of him (area of effect: 40–50 feet). Enemies within the area of effect will suffer 60 frost damage for 5 seconds, a stagger/push and a 50% slow.
  • “Unrelenting Force” deals 40 unblockable damage and 35 blockable (if players magic resistance is > 35% and they have more than 400 health) as well as a knockdown Push.

Spells (Last 5 times longer than any durations listed)

  • “Ethereal” Miraak Gains 1000 armor and 1000% magic resistance
  • “Erupt Fire” The evokes an explosion of fire, dealing 100 points of fire damage. The damage increases as the target becomes closer. Summons 2 Fire Spectral Dragon for 8 seconds wherever the caster aims.
  • “Elemental Cloak” For 40 seconds, enemies in melee range receive 15 points of frost, fire, Shock and stamina damage per second. and gain 250% Weakness to Frost, Fire and Shock for 20 Seconds.
  • “Knowledge Drain” The caster drains the soul of the target for 150 Health and magicka damage, dealing a 0.5 Stagger, and Target is 75% weaker to magic for 5 seconds.
  • “Blizzard” Targets receive 50 points of frost and stamina damage for 9 seconds.
  • “Chain Lightning” The caster evokes a lightning bolt that deals 100 points of shock damage to Health and half to Magicka and hits multiple targets at once if they stand close to each other. Dealing a 0.5 Stagger to each person hit.
  • “Summons Thralls” Summon Flame, Frost and Storm Thrall - Summons a potent variant of each atronoch type for 30 seconds.


  • All incoming attacks reduced to 90%
  • 2 handed weapon damage reduced by 45%
  • Will take 15% less damage from Summoned creatures
  • Skill 100 Destruction - Destruction spells do 100% more damage
  • Empowered Elements - He can dual-cast Destruction spells to augment their power by 125% for double magicka cost.
  • Impact - Dual-casted projectile Destruction spells have 25% chance of staggering His foes.
  • Stabilized Binding - He Can bend the barriers between realms, extending the duration of summoned Spirits and Daedra by 50%
  • Focused Mind - learned to keep his concentration when running or sustaining damage, thus all magicka penalties are nullified. Magicka regenerates 50% faster.
  • Respite - Healing spells restore both health and stamina.
  • Powerful Strike - One-handed and unarmed power attacks shatter bone and sinew. [Power attack damage x 1.2]
  • Penetrating Strikes - One-handed power attacks are easier to execute, and further penetrate enemy armor.
    [-50% power attack stamina cost, +5 armor penetration]
  • Sword Focus - His masterful skill with one-handed blades further enhances his attacks.[+24% attack speed, +21 armor penetration]
  • Weapon Mastery - Improved fighting techniques bolster the damage and ease of his one-handed and unarmed attacks.[Damage x 140% , -50% weapon weight penalties]
  • Powerful Charge - His sprinting power attack propels him through the air and deals terrifying damage. [Unlocks sprinting power attack, -25% weapon weight penalties]
  • Extended Binding - He can summon Daedra and Spirits up to five times farther away for 25% less magicka.
  • Elemental Binding - His Atronachs are much stronger, and his high-level Thralls are immune to Banishment and Control spells.
  • Improved Mage Armor He has mastered the art of metaphysical protection. All “Mage Armor on Self” spells provide additional damage resistance.
  • Cremation - high-tier fire spells can set ablaze those who are susceptible to fire, and force them to flee in fear. Undead, Automatons and Daedra are immune to the Fear effect.
  • Electrostatic Discharge - - His shock spells damage damage his opponent’s Magicka alongside their Health.
  • Electromancy 2 (Has this perk twice!) - All shock spells deal 60% more damage.
  • Pyromancy 2 - All Fire spells deal 30% more damage.
  • Fire Mastery - His fascination with fire now grants him 25% resistance to it, while fire spells are 5% stronger and 10% less costly.
  • Frost Mastery - His fascination with Frost now grants him 25% resistance to it, while Frost spells are 5% stronger and 10% less costly.
  • Shock Mastery - His fascination with Shock now grants him 25% resistance to it, while Shock spells are 5% stronger and 10% less costly.
  • Cognitive Flexibility 2 - mastered the art of Cognitive Flexibility and can now maintain three summons of any type.
  • Spell Armor - His Mage Armor spells reduce incoming elemental damage by 15%.
  • Twin Souls - He can maintain two atronachs or reanimated zombies.

Basic Stats

Stat Value
Health 4995
Magicka 2280
Stamina 5145
Movement Speed 96
Melee Damage 9 unarmed, Miraaks sword - deals 135 slashing damage.
Ranged Damage None
Magical Damage See Above list
Standard AR 925
Magical AR 95%
AP 50
Health Regeneration No
Diseased No
Can Knockdown Player Yes. through various methods.


Type Protection
Frost 85
Fire 35
Shock 60
Poison Immune
Paralysis Immune
Sneak Attack Immune
Knock Down Minor
Unrelenting Force Immune
Wabbajack Immune
Mehrunes Razor Immune
Bend Will Immune
Moras Grasp Immune
Aetherial Shield Immune

Weapon Protection

Type Tier
Slash (Swords & Axes) 2
Pierce(Daggers) 2
Blunt (Maces & Hammers) 2
Ranged (Bows & Crossbows) 3