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The Divines & Daedra

– The Divines/Daedra now also offer an empowered blessing for those in their favor. To obtain this blessing you usually have to solve the quest associated with their temple and/or fulfill some other conditions related to the god.

– Your crime record will now determine if the divines will bless you or not.

– The restoration perk tree now offers the perk “Painful Regrets” which can be taken without prerequisite nodes once your crime record passed the limits tolerated by the divines. By taking it you can get Cure Disease effect back, but the blessings are lost forever, once you lose them. To take this perk you need to have less than 30 items stolen or less than 3 murders or 3000-5999 lifetime bounty, and you need to have 0 current bounty. In such scenario it’s much better to stock on cleansing potions, since Painful Regrets gives you some serious debuffs. The only exceptions are the Daedra - they doesn’t care if player is stealing or murdering, so those blessing should be available at all times.

Crimes According to the divines.

  • Stolen more than 10 items
  • Murdered someone
  • have a current bounty
  • Have a lifetime bounty greater than 3000 Septims
  • Member of the Thieves guild (Completed “Taking care of Business”)
  • Member of the Dark brotherhood (completed “With Friends Like These…”)



Akatosh grants the Dragonborn a blessed voice that allows the faster use of their Thu’um. The champions of Akatosh are exalted with substantial increases in all three attributes.

  • Reduce Shout Cooldown by 10% (note that shout cooldown is 150% at base).
  • After completing Dragonslayer quest, increases magicka, health and stamina by 100.


Those blessed by Arkay are slightly more resistant to wounds. The champions of Arkay are exalted with greater health and some magicka regeneration.

  • Increases health by 25.
  • If you’ve read 75 or more books, increases magicka regeneration by 75%.
  • If you’ve killed 250 or more undead, increases health by an additional 75.


Those blessed by Dibella receive a slight increase in their ability to influence others by speech. The agents of Dibella are exalted with even greater charisma.

  • Fortify persuasion (dialogue speech checks) +10.
  • If you have Agent of Dibella, you haggle 15% better.


Those blessed by Julianos are granted additional magicka. The disciples of Julianos are exalted with even more magicka.

  • Increases magicka by 25.
  • If your base magicka equals 250 or more, increases magicka by additional 50.
  • If you’ve read 100 books, increases magicka by additional 25.


Those blessed by Kynareth are granted additional stamina. The chosen of Kynareth are exalted with even more stamina.

  • If you bring the sapling to grow into a new Gildergreen for Danica Pure-Spring, increases stamina by additional 75.

Kynareth will no longer bless you or allow you to use her shrines if you use nettlebane on the Eldergleam.


Those blessed by Mara find it somewhat easier to cast restoration spells. The messengers of Mara are exalted with additional health.

  • Restoration spells are 10% stronger.

  • If you are Agent of Mara or destroyed the Skull of Corruption, increases health by 50.

Mara will not bless you if Erandur is Dead.


Those blessed by Stendarr block slightly more damage and are protected from almost any draining magic effects. The champions of Stendarr are exalted with additional health.

  • If your Conjuration is below 31, increases protection from drain effects by 10%.
  • If you’ve killed 50 or more Daedra, increases health by 50.

Stendarr will not bless or allow you to use his shrines if you are a Vampire or Werewolf.


Those blessed by Talos are better at penetrating enemy armor with melee weapons. True worshippers of Talos are exalted with the ancient blessing of strength.

  • If you haven’t killed Paarthurnax (It’s coded as ‘less than’ killing him, so finishing it with a choice mod will probably also count as killing him either way) and haven’t taken Ogmund’s Amulent and returned it to Ondolemar (Search and Seizure must not be completed), you gain 5 Armor Penetration for One-handed and Two-handed.
  • Along with requirements above, if you’ve finished the quest ‘Elisif’s Tribute’, and has confessed to the Thalmor Justiciar on the roads that you’re a Talos Worshipper, you get 15 Fortified One-handed and Two-handed.


Those blessed by Zenithar are granted a slight discount at all merchants. The patrons of Zenithar are granted even greater discounts.

  • Haggling increased by 5%.
  • For each of the following: 100 weapons made, 100 weapons improved, 100 armor made, 100 armor improved, 100 potions mixed, haggling increased by 3% each for a maximum value of 15%, which means that complete Zenithar buff gives makes the blessed haggle 20% better.


Those blessed by Auriel are better at penetrating armor with ranged weapons. The champions of Auriel are exalted with substantial increases in all three attributes.

  • Bows get 10% more Armor Penetration damage.
  • +100 Magicka, Health, Stamina, if you have finished the quest Touching the Sky.

Auriel will not bless nor Cure Disease a Vampire.



Those Blessed By Azura are more resistant to Magic. Those who cleanse her Star are blessed to a greater degree

  • 1% magic resistance as standard.
  • 5% for those who have cleansed her star.


Those Blessed By Boethiah are more skilled with One-handed Weaponry. Those who are her champion blessed to a greater degree.

  • 2 fortify one-handed as standard.
  • 10 for those who have completed Boethiah’s calling.


Those Blessed By Mephala are granted a slight discount at all merchants. Those who are her champion blessed to a greater degree.

  • Haggling increased by 2% as standard.
  • 10% for those who have completed The whispering Door.


Those blessed by Nocturnal can move slightly more silently.

  • Makes sneaking 10% easier.
  • For each of the following: 100 backstabs, 100 locks picked, 100 sneak attacks, 250 items stolen, 200 pockets picked, sneaking is improved by 3% for a maximum 15%, which makes total buff from Nocturnal equal 25%

Nocturnal will only bless those who have completed the thieves guild quest.