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Class Guide - Warrior (HA/One-handed)

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Nearly identical to the 2hand warrior, but one-handed weapon and shield instead. War axes are chosen again to fit in with the theme of Companions. The build is going to be wearing Pristine Wolf Armor + Ysgramor Shield for the looks and when Enchanting/Smithing is at 100, dragonbone. HA, 1H/Shield builds always rely heavily on the stamina department and movement speed is very low at the start. So, Steed stone is the best starting stone for this build. Later on, when we get an unclear destiny potion we switch to Warrior stone though, as the Stamina and Movement speed from Steed becomes less important. We choose Oghma on stamina though as this build would need larger stam pool compared to 2h.

Race Stone Blessing Supernatural
Nord/Redguard/Orc Steed -> Warrior Talos/Stendarr/Zenithar Werewolf


Starting Skills

1H(Axes) / HA / Block / Alchemy / Smithing / Enchanting

Secondary Skills

Marksman(as many perks can spare) / Speech (2 perks, Indomitable Force, get it before Alduin)


Perk Guide

Level ups

All Health, Oghma - Stamina

Any Axe -> Skyforge Steel War Axe -> Axe of Whiterun / Nord Hero War Axe (for Dragons) -> Dragonbone War Axe

Any Shield -> Ysgramor’s Shield

Any HA -> Circle Armor -> Enchanted Dragonplate


Companions(Full), Civil War(optional), in My Time of Need for Kemetu(1H dmg ring)