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Class Guide - Necromancer

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A classic build, Necromancer. Breton is the cool race for this, but Altmer/Dunmer would work as well Ritual is the go-to stone. Necromancer’s Amulet and Necromancer’s Robes are aimed for the looks. We would not do College quest line on this build for a change as the college frowns on necromancy, but instead clear other Necromancer spots for levels and RP. Vampire would go really well with this build, but it’s optional.

Race Stone Blessing Supernatural
Breton/Altmer/Dunmer Ritual Julianos Vampire(optional)


Starting Skills

Conjuration / Alteration / Destruction / Restoration / Alchemy

Secondary Skills

Evasion(2 perks, Dodge) / Illusion (2 perks, Blur) / Speech (2 perks, Indomitable Force) / Enchanting 1 perk - to unlock recharing your own weapons and to get skill points to make the build


Perk tree link

Level ups

Magicka until base 175 Magicka(for Necro Amulet) -> All Health, Oghma - Health

Ice magic is used while summons are out and fighting.

Backup Staff of Fireball - In-case running across something which is Ice Immune.


Helm:   Linen / Cotton / Silk Hood with Magicka Enchant -> Vokun
Chest:  Linen / Cotton / Silk Robes with Magicka Enchant -> Linen Robes of Peerless Conjuration - Necromancer's -> Archmage's Robes(if going college) OR Vampire Cuirass of Peerless Conjuration - Dark (if going Vampire)
Gloves: Gloves of Magic Resist (until MR is 50%) -> Linen / Cotton / Silk Gloves with Magicka Enchant
Boots:  Linen / Cotton / Silk Boots with Magicka Enchant


Necklace: Necromancer's Amulet 
Ring: Ring of Peerless Conjuration (Malkoran)

IRL Equipment - Earplugs whenever you have multiple zombies up. They are very annoying.


College(Optional), Any Necro place, Ansilvund, Potema quest, Meridia quest, Clavicus Vile quest, Azura quest.