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How to contribute to the wiki and To Do list

If you wish to make contributions to the wiki - you can go to our support Github and raise a issue ticket

Select the type of submission you would like to make, Fill in the form as appropriate. You can also contact Lizzy or 3djustu on Discord.

Any Google sheets you provide must be set to share with anyone with the link so we can read it :)

To do list

Vampire lord - check and verify

To each perk page - Any “none vanilla” mechanics, Standardize Format (mostly done)

Summons guide - kinda like the enemy guide but for player cast summons (or NPC cast summons)

Deep Dives

  • FLP

Add more pictures for clarification and/or ease of identification where appropriate.

Spell research(Spells) table - Add any other missing spells

Spell-Research—Cheat-Sheet(Locations and spells) - wip

Needs completing.