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Class Guide - Warrior (HA/Two-handed)

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A typical Warrior build with Heavy Armor, no-magic. Can go with any type of two-handed weapon. Goal is to finish Companions Questline so here is a typical version with Nord, wielding battleaxes as befits Companions. Crossbows used for ranged damage.

The build is going to be wearing Pristine Wolf Armor + Wuuthrad for the looks. At late game when Enchanting/Smithing is at 100, we switch to enchanted dragonbone weapons&armor.

Race Stone Blessing Supernatural
Nord/Redguard/Orc Warrior Talos/Stendarr/Zenithar Werewolf


  • 2Hand
  • HA
  • Marksman
  • Alchemy
  • Smithing
  • Enchanting

Secondary Skills

Speech (2 perks, Indomitable Force) / Block (when perks availale)


Perk Tree

Note: Morrowind Smithing is not required but the Perk tree site forces it for orcish (a Requirement Wildlander removes)

Level ups

All health, All Health, Oghma - Health

Skyforge Steel B-axe -> Nord Hero B-axe (for Dragons) / Wuuthrad -> Dragonbone B-axe

Steel Crossbow -> Orcish Crossbow -> Dragonbone Crossbow

Any HA, Ironhand Gauntlets -> Circle Armor -> Enchanted Dragonplate


Companions(Full), Civil War(optional)