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Changes from Ultsky

Things which are not currently in release build

  • Dungeon darkness is not compatible with lighting mod so has been removed.
  • You cannot build your own home with Atronoch’s crossing - it hasn’t been ported to SE, and this is beyond our abilities to port ourselves sadly
  • Skyrim souls has been removed - no more unpaused menus
  • Fishing is currently very broken (In terms of gold able to be earned from fished up junk)
  • Spell sword / Smart cast aren’t in SE.
  • Locked City Gates is broken on SE so has been removed.
  • Undeath is not in the build
  • Immersive armors is no longer included
  • There isn’t a way of carrying large sums of coin around - Imperial mail and Merchant notes aren’t in this build.
  • Paper world map has gone - replaced with Quality world map which is less….. Tetchy
  • Easy wheel is gone.
  • Immersive COW has been replaced with Obscures - which no longer has the “classes” feature.
  • Hejarchen Farm was removed due to being unable to balance patch the mod in time for release

Functionality changes

  • You can’t set up camp in or near cities, towns and villages - you need to move approx 20 meters away from any city/town gates to be able to drop a tent.
  • Enemy’s following you out of caves and stuff is slightly broken in this build
  • Food will no longer spoil
  • Getting drunk / catching an illness no longer makes you motion sick.
  • Helgan is locked - no more free loot
  • You can now see how much gold and arrows weigh in your inventory
  • Iequip is back (yay!)
  • Bathing in Skyrim has been replaced with a much better pair of mods.
  • All the key binds have changed
  • Torches no longer extinguish themselves in poor weather
  • Extended cities and towns is being rewritten from scratch and therefore a lot of the towns which had shops which you may be used to, are now missing (E.G Ivarstead no longer has a blacksmith)
  • Everyone now has a real name (can be confusing if you see someone armed, as you won’t know if they are hostile or not until they are trying to fill you full of holes)
  • Water/skooma kegs are no longer in the game and have been replaced with mead kegs.
  • Tree’s can no longer be felled, only harvested for a small amount of wood
  • City guards now follow you if you act shady.
  • Bandoliers and pouches have been removed, to compensate a large backpack is in place.
  • Winterhold now has a carriage

Crafting Changes

  • Flutes can no longer be spammed to give masses of gold and blacksmithing XP, now require Milk and a cooking pot to craft and grant no XP - Sorry folks this exploit has been fixed.
  • Crafting now has a toolkit mechanic, which are required to craft recipes (and act as filters for the large amount of items that are in game to craft)
  • You can now craft chests and place those.
  • There’s a new crafting keybind to break down items into components.