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Class Guide - Punchcat

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Unarmed build with Light Armor instead. Speedy Cat clawing down people left and right. Alteration is picked for Transmute Muscles. Illusion for Shadow Shield attack speed later. Don’t expect to be fighting dragon priests or enchanted sphere’s with this build - you don’t have the capability of stopping their health regen long enough to burst them down.

Race Stone Blessing Supernatural
Khajit Apprentice Take your pick  


Starting Skills

Evasion / One-handed / Alteration / Illusion / Alchemy / Smithing

Secondary Skills

Speech (2 perks, Indomitable Force), Enchanting, a few points in destruction wouldnt hurt so you can deal with health regen.


Perk build

Level ups

All Health, Oghma - Health


Any LA, unarmed enchanted gloves


Companions, Tomb raiding.