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How Do I Enable Permadeath?

Short Answer: We don’t have permadeath functionality instead, the user’s self control not to load a save on death.

Long Answer:

No, but there is a serious, technical reason! There is no enforced permadeath mode because all mods at the time of writing pertaining to this feature are known to cause issues.

So, instead of a ‘permadeath mod’ the player, upon dying, is presented with the Requiem death dialog telling you to load a save - rather than the vanilla method of auto loading your last save. If you wish to be permadeath, then you should exit and restart Skyrim at this point, then create a new character.

Creating a new character without restarting Skyrim is known to cause script issues in several mods. Many options during character creation may be missing! Spells and gear during the start-up will not be correctly assigned, and you may get pop-up’s from Trade and Barter due to it not initializing correctly, so make sure you restart Skyrim COMPLETELY, through the launcher, before attempting to create a new character!