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iEquip is an antidote:-

  • To the endless menu grind which pervades Skyrim, allowing you to switch weapons, spells, shouts, powers and other equipment on the fly, without menus to pause and interrupt gameplay.
  • You can cycle and select ammo for an equipped ranged weapon, cycle through and consume potions, food and drink, apply poisons to equipped weapons, recharge your weapon enchantments and much more besides.

In addition, iEquip comes with an arsenal of ‘Quick’ functions allowing you to quickly equip a ranged weapon, shield or ward if the situation calls for it, to quickly dual equip a spell, or to automatically select and consume regenerative or stat boosting potions as required.

And you can do all of this with just four main game play hotkeys, so you don’t have to rely on a keyboard map or memorizing numerous hotkeys, which means gamepad players can also leverage the full suite of features iEquip offers.

  • Individual cycler queues for left and right hand items, shouts and powers, potions and consumables, and poisons
  • Support for all equippable item types including staffs, scrolls, throwing weapons, etc
  • Support for all mod added items and spells
  • Support for tempered, enchanted and renamed items including keeping track of any changes
  • Bound weapon support
  • Ammo switching when a ranged weapon is equipped with sorting options and enchanted ammo support
  • Select and consume potions, food and drink
  • Health, stamina and magicka potion grouping with intelligent selection
  • Beast form transformation support including Werewolf, Vampire Lord (Dawnguard) and Lich (Undeath) with power, spell and howl switching
  • Torch features including non-exploitable finite torch life, remaining time meter, realistic re-equip, reducing light radius and more
  • Feature-packed SkyUI HUD widget with full WYSIWYG Edit Mode
  • Display currently applied poison with remaining charge count and hotkey poison application
  • Display current enchantment charge as meters or dynamic soulgems, with low charge warnings and hotkey recharging with intelligent soul selection
  • Display temper level and degradation information

The Controls

  • Four main gameplay hotkeys - one each for left and right hand, one for shouts/powers, and one controlling both the consumables and poison slots
  • Multiple controls per key - press, double press, triple press, hold - each with different functions
  • Configurable multi-tap and hold delays
  • Utility Key gives access to the in-game Utility Menu, and acts as a combo key allowing reverse cycling and more
  • Utility Menu gives access to the Queue Management Menu, Edit Mode and the in-game Help Menu
  • Optional Extended Keyboard Controls giving direct access to many of the multitap features, plus an additional QuickLight hotkey
  • Full integration with Gamepad++ giving an unprecedented level of control to gamepad players

The Widget

  • Advanced, animated SkyUI HUD Widget
  • Real Time WYSIWYG Edit Mode - every individual element is fully customisable (position, scale, transparency, rotation, text colour and alignment)
  • Five widget ‘slots’ - Left Hand, Right Hand, Shouts/Powers, Consumables (beneficial potions, food and drink), and Poisons
  • Option to disable shout/power, consumable and poison slots and all associated features
  • Ammo display when ranged weapon equipped with ammo count and choice of three ammo icon styles
  • Health/Magicka/Stamina Potion Groups with Potion Type Selector and early warning system for number of Restore potions remaining
  • Enchantment charge display - customisable meters or dynamic-fill soulgems
  • Poison info display - currently applied poison names and remaining charge counts with several display options
  • Temper level display - dynamic % based icons with poor condition warning, and various textual display options
  • Customisable widget & text fadeout with contextual display options
  • Choice of six optional widget background styles
  • Many other visual tweaks and options


  • Add items to your queues from within your Inventory and Magic menus by highlighting them and pressing your main hotkeys
  • Auto-Add items to your queues when equipping directly, either through the menus or other hotkey methods
  • 2H weapons, ranged weapons (including bound ranged weapon spells) and 2H spells restricted to right hand queue
  • Shields, ward spells and torches restricted to left hand queue
  • Choose to restrict single 1H items to one queue, or allow to be added to both (with option to allow hand to hand switching)
  • All mod added items and spells supported
  • Queue Management menu accessed through the in-game Utility Menu so you can re-order the queues, remove items or clear the queue completely
  • Optional blacklist so items previously removed are not auto-added if subsequently equipped
  • Removed item caching - items are removed from the queues when stored/disarmed/etc and re-added to the previous queue when added back into your inventory
  • Allow queues to grow dynamically or set a hard limit on number of items per queue
  • Optional Queue Position Indicators which adapt automatically to queue length, displaying equipped item and current cycling positions

Switching Weapons, Spells, Shouts & Other Items

  • Tap main hotkeys to cycle the left, right, shout/power and consumable slots
  • Double tap consumable key to cycle poison slot
  • Hold the Utility Key while cycling to cycle backwards through the queues
  • Configurable Equip On Pause delay allows continuous cycling with nothing being equipped until you pause on an item
  • Disabling Equip On Pause forces each item to be equipped immediately on cycling
  • Shouts and Powers are equipped immediately when cycling
  • Cycling to items in the consumable and poison slots makes the displayed item available for consumption or application
  • Option to skip auto-added items while cycling
  • With any ‘either hand’ spell equipped, double tap that hand key to automatically equip the same spell in the other hand ready for dual casting
  • Optional attribute icons give a quick indication while cycling that items are enchanted and/or poisoned
  • Unique identification system handles multiple items of the same type, guaranteeing the correct item is always equipped
  • Enchantment charge level, temper level, poison info and item names update automatically each time an item is equipped
  • Destruction spell type display (fire, frost, shock)
  • Integrated support with custom icons for Complete Alchemy & Cooking Overhaul grenades, Throwing Weapons Lite and other popular mods
  • ‘Unarmed’ shortcut in right hand queue to allow you to quickly disarm both hands ready for brawling
  • Disarm protection - if disarmed or weapon breaks the next item in the queue will equip automatically.- In the case of ranged weapons and shields iEquip will search the queue for a like for like replacement first, then fall back on something else if no direct replacement found
  • Full bound spell support with animated switching from spell school to bound weapon icons when spell is successfully cast and back again when sheathed

Ranged Ammo

  • Left slot becomes cycleable ammo queue when a ranged weapon is equipped
  • Option to sort ammo queue by damage (and always equip best ammo), name (always equip last ammo) or quantity (always equip most plentiful ammo)
  • Simple Ammo Mode - Only ranged weapon and ammo are displayed
  • Advanced Ammo Mode - Additional cycleable slot shows item to be re-equipped in left hand when switching back from ranged weapon
  • In Advanced Ammo Mode single tap on left key cycles ammo, double tap cycles next left hand item
  • Enchanted ammo support with enchantment type display, with higher priority sorting (by damage) than base ammo
  • Various options for what to do when last ammo for current ranged weapon is used up, including switching ranged weapon type, equipping another weapon, or doing nothing and waiting for more ammo to be found

Using Poisons

  • Double tap consumable key to cycle poison queue
  • Double tap left or right key to apply displayed poison to currently equipped weapon
  • Option to allow ‘topping up’ current poison - charges stack
  • Option to ‘clean off’ current poison and apply displayed poison (if different)
  • Integrated support for Complete Alchemy & Cooking Overhaul waxes, and Smithing Oils oils with 10 charges applied
  • Optional sliders for Charges Per Vial and Concentrated Poison perk multiplier
  • Optional poisoning messages


  • Optional fully configurable enchantment charge meters or dynamic fill soulgems
  • Low charge warnings
  • Hold left/right key to recharge currently equipped weapon
  • Intelligent soul selection
  • Option to use largest soul required to recharge, or use up smaller souls first
  • Option to disallow use of oversized souls (no wastage)
  • Integrated support for GIST - Genuinely Intelligent Soul Trap, including option to disallow use of partially filled soul gems

Potions and Consumables

  • Single press to cycle consumable queue, hold to consume displayed item
  • Health, Magicka and Stamina Potion Groups with group counts, containing all relevant potions sorted into separate Restore/Fortify/Regen Rate sub-queues
  • Intelligent, customisable ‘Smart Select’ so you can define when and which potions should be consumed
  • Potion Type Selector with contextual display options and individual potion type counts allows you to cycle and consume potion types with each group
  • Low Restore potion count early warning system alters text colour of Potion Group count as restore potions run low
  • Active effect checking blocks consumption if potion effect (buff or restore over time) already active on player, reducing wastage

QuickLight & Torches

  • Dedicated QuickLight hotkey allowing you to instantly equip either a torch or the Candlelight spell, and press again to switch back to previous item(s)
  • Fully customisable torch life meter displaying remaining torch life
  • Finite Torch Life toggle - removes vanilla infinite torch exploit where unequipping and re-equipping resets the torch life timer. Now remaining torch life will be remembered no matter how many times you unequip and re-equip a torch. Timer only resets when a torch is removed from your inventory.
  • Option to adjust how long torches last for, from default value (eg 4 minutes in vanilla, 30 minutes in Requiem) down to just one minute-
  • ‘Burn Out’ system allows torches to gradually burn out (light radius reduces in stages) during the final 30s of torch life
  • Option to automatically equip another torch when current one expires, with configurable Realistic Re-Equip delay
  • Integrated Simple Drop Lit Torches function (double tap left to drop lit torch), courtesy of Snotgurg, with several options for what happens when you drop a torch, including drop another, cycle the left hand, equip a shield, etc.
  • If a torch is dropped during ‘Burn Out’, the dropped torch retains reduced light radius and burns out completely after 30 seconds

Beast Form

  • Werewolf transformation support including claw icons and howl switching (shout slot) once multiple howls learnt
  • Dawnguard Vampire Lord transformation support with power and left hand spell switching, and dynamic switching on land/take off
  • Undeath Lich transformation support with power and left hand spell switching
  • Path of Transcendence Bone Tyrant transformation support with power and spell switching
  • For all transformations, all howls, spells and powers are automatically added to the queues the first time they are equipped normally, including through the Undeath spell selection menu.- Only spells and powers normally available in these forms are added, no cheaty exploits here allowing weapon equipping!
  • Support for all mod-added Werewolf and Vampire Lord spells and powers

A suite of fully configurable ‘heat of battle’ features designed to give you quick access to exactly what you need, when you need it most.


  • Triple tap left key to automatically equip the first shield (or ward spell) found in the left hand queue.- If nothing is found in the queue then iEquip will scan your wider inventory for something suitable.
  • Option to always ‘Prefer Magic’ in which case look for ward first, then shield
  • Otherwise check current right hand item and match shield for weapon, or ward for spell
  • If 2H weapon equipped then equip a shield and 1H weapon, or ward and spell from preferred school


  • Triple tap right key to automatically equip first of preferred ranged weapon type or ranged bound weapon spell found in right hand queue.If nothing is found in the queue then iEquip will scan your wider inventory for something suitable.
  • Various options for what to switch back to on second right key triple tap


  • Triple tap consumable key to automatically consume restore and/or buff potions for enabled stats as required
  • Fully configurable activation thresholds and intelligent ‘Smart Select’ with active effect and combat state checking
  • Allows intelligent smart selection and consumption of up to nine potions with a single activation
  • Option to ‘Prefer Magic’ for Healing, in which case a healing spell will be equipped (with option to dual cast) rather than consuming a healing potion. If magic preferred but no spell found then a potion will be consumed, if potion preferred but none found then optionally a healing spell will be equipped if found.- If spells are equipped then triple tapping again will switch back to the previous items, with an option to automatically consume a restore magicka potion.


  • When equipping ‘either hand’ spells from the chosen schools always equip them in both hands ready for dual casting
  • Option to only allow QuickDualCast if the spell has been added to both queues
  • Differs from the regular double tap to dual cast feature in that spells will always be dual equipped based on the QuickDualCast settings without the need for an additional action


  • Triple tap shout/power key to activate Preselect Mode
  • Three additional slots will be displayed alongside left, right and shout/power slots
  • Tapping to cycle will no cycle the preselect slots, leaving the current items equipped, allowing you to queue up next item or group of items
  • Double tap left, right or shout/power key to equip the preselected item
  • Hold left or right key to equip both hands at the same time, or hold shout to equip all three preselected items at once (dynamic equip sets)
  • Option when equipping the preselected item to either swap with current item, or equip and cycle the preselect slot on one position
  • Option to toggle back out of Preselect Mode when equipping all items
  • QuickShield/QuickRanged options to equip or preselect when Preselect Mode active.