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Submitted By Achilles


You wake up in a bed, not knowing how you got here or where you are. Mystical, medieval lands. No contact with ICA or Diana. You don’t even have your Silverballers with you. Avoiding any contact with local people, you wander through that new place. Is that a dream? A nightmare? You don’t know. You hear rumors of local Agency that might be a branch of ICA? You decide to check out that so called “Dark Brotherhood” for work or any information of how to get back.

As it might be seen as a challenge run, I’d like to set some rules to it. Firstly you would need to use console to artificially upgrade your speech to 100 (player.advskill speechcraft ), to even use the last perk that allows you to use disguises. Use the perk points you get from that ONLY to reach that perk. Secondly, upgrade your survival skill as fast as possible to unlock seeing enemies from further distance using survival vision, as it would be your main and only “magical” ability you can use. Other than that, use no magic, as it would not suit Agent 47 style. You may use Shadow Stone ability only in extreme situations. If you want to use distractions you are allowed to use illusion scrolls, but limited to one on mission and it needs to be casted without you being detected. Use carefully. It’s mostly roleplay, so you are allowed to have fun, but don’t forget how 47 would behave in situations like this. He is a professional.

Race Stone Blessing Supernatural
Imperial (bald) Shadow none none


Starting Skills

Marksman, Speech, Sneak, Lockpicking, Evasion, One-handed

Secondary Skills

Heavy Armor (for if you need to wear it), you are left with many perk points so whatever you would like, but I doubt 47 would meddle with magic


Perk Guide

Heavy Crossbow of any kind > Dawnguard Heavy Crossbow

For melee use your hands or small knives (hunting knives [might want to enable hunting knives in shops through MCM Hunterborn options], daggers are too specific).

Your main goal is to blend in with the crowd, so for travel wear something light what common folks or merchants might wear, for missions wear clothes or armors corresponding to the faction of your target


Main goal is to beat Dark Brotherhood questline using disguises (not their armor), in the meantime you might want to take some missive jobs (and Nazir radiant targets) that hire you to clear some places from bandits. For real challenge consider completing Dawnguard, as a man that Isran hired. Soul Cairn will be very difficult, for some even impossible, but carefully using your stealth you might pull it off.