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Enchanting Analysis


Enchanting is the arcane art of infusing matter permanently with magic energy.

I could rant about this at length, but I’ll try to get to the point – I think Enchanting is relativly under powered in comparisons to other perk trees. Thats not to say its not useful, but if you dont intend on going “all in” its a waste of perks.

The balance of found gear vs crafted gear

In Vanilla Skyrim, there was no reason not to take Enchanting, as it resulted in powerful bonuses that were applicable to every single build. In Wildlander, there are unique items that are much more powerful than anything you could possibly enchant, but they are hard to get. The fact that the random-drop Peerless enchantments are stronger than anything the player can enchant adds extra incentive to dungeon-crawling and a far greater sense of excitement when you come across one.

Because of this you cannot simply lock yourself in whiterun and grind your way to the best gear in the game – you have to go out and fight for it – but if you want a full set of decently strong gear, Enchanting would get your there more quickly, however - court mages can do 95% of the enchants that the player can - the benefits to this tree all come from the top end of the perk trees - which requires a heavy investment of perks.

Benefits of enchanting

The right branch of the tree - you can craft staves (up to Expert Destruction level at 100) and get some pretty OP unique enchantments, like the one giving you up 70 points of unresistable damage, dispelling all spells on hit, AOE elemental damage (I wouldn’t recommend putting those on melee weapons, they are really annoying when they trigger all the time in your face). One specific enchantement makes this perk tree worth it - Spellbreaking (75 in enchanting right branch). This one can be put on any weapon and when combined with fire burst enchantement (50 in enchanting right branch), you will destroy DP with it.

Character build synergy

Depending on how you build your character, Enchanting has different levels of usefulness. A pure mage may be able to find better robes/helms/amulets/rings than they could ever enchant, but their options for gloves and boots are minimal. If you are a very high-level mage with extra skill points, Enchanting gives you a way to add extra strength to your character, even if it’s only in a couple of gear slots. As a hybrid character, At max skill, with the Enchantment Mastery perk, Enchanting gets even more value, as it allows you to combine skill bonuses that are optimized to your build that you don’t see in any of the random-drop or artifact items.

Overall, Enchanting is not as good as in vanilla, characters benefitting from Enchanting are those of hybrid Warrior/Archer/Paladin types. Mages/thieves/and their subclasses (nightblades etc) may easily ignore the skill. You absolutely can’t beat TGM, Nightingale, Ancient Shrouded Armor or the Arch Mage outfit.

Perk Trees


[ Enchantment Branch ]

The Enchantment Branch consists of perks that improve the strength of your Enchantments.

Enchanter’s Insight (Rank 1/2)

(Rank 1) You can apply basic enchantments and recharge enchanted items with filled Soul Gems.

(Rank 2) Your advanced knowledge of arcane energy allows you to further improve your enchantments by 35%.

Level Required : 0 / 20

Perk Required : None / Enchanter’s Insight (Rank 1)

Effect :

(Rank 1) Allows you to enchant items. New enchantments are 1.15x stronger, and allows you to recharge weapons and staves with Soul Gems.

(Rank 2) New enchantments are 1.5x stronger (overwrite Rank 1).

Elemental Lore

You’ve learned how to tame the elements most efficiently.
Offensive and defensive elemental enchantments are twice as strong.

Level Required : 25

Perk Required : Enchanter’s Insight (Rank 1)

Effect :

New enchantments with Fire Damage, Frost Damage, Shock Damage, Fire Resistance, Frost Resistance, Shock Resistance are 2x stronger.

Corpus Lore

Your enchantments nourish body and soul.
All attribute and regen enchantments are 75% stronger.

Level Required : 50

Perk Required : Elemental Lore

Effect :

New enchantments with Magicka, Health, Stamina, Magicka Regen, Health Regen, Stamina Regen are 75% stronger.

New enchantments with Restore Health are 1.5x stronger. (This effect is only applied to the enchantment that Konahrik has, which is already pre-enchanted - thus this effect doesn’t really do anything yet)

Skill Lore All Fortify Skill enchantments are 75% more potent.

Level Required : 75

Perk Required : Corpus Lore

Effect :

New enchantments with ‘Fortify Skill’ effect are 75% stronger. (Stoneskin enchantment also counts for this effect)

Enchantment Mastery

You’ve found a way to bind two enchantments, each at 75% strength, using the Bend the Law of Firsts power.
Enchanted weapons consume 15% less energy, and you can craft Daedric Staves at a crafting table.

Level Required : 100

Perk Required : Skill Lore, Artificer’s Insight

Effect :

New toggle-able lesser power called ‘Bend the Law of Firsts’ is added. When the power is active, you can apply two enchantments (can’t apply same effect twice) on a single item, but each effect are 55% as strong. (0.55x mult)

Enchantments on weapons and staves consume 15% less charges. (0.85x mult)

Allows you to craft Daedric Staves at the Forge.

[ Experimentation Branch ]

The Experiment Branch consists of perks that allow crafting more magical items and acquiring new unique enchantments.

Soul Gem Mastery

Your advanced understanding of soul gems bolsters their charge yield by 25%.
You can craft soul gems at a forge.

Level Required : 25

Perk Required : Enchanter’s Insight (Rank 1)

Effect :

Allows you to craft Soul Gems at the Smelter.

Soul Gems give 125% charges when recharging.

Arcane Experimentation

Your studies have enabled you to research unique enchantments of your own and to craft better staves at the forge.

Level Required : 50

Perk Required : Soul Gem Mastery

Effect :

New lesser power called ‘Arcane Experimentation’ is added. Activating the power converts 5 Iron Daggers and 3 Grand Soul Gems (filled) into five enchanted Iron Daggers with unique effects - Arcane Power, Fireburst, Frostburst, Shockburst, Force (Rank I). The daggers can be disenchanted to learn the enchantments.

New enchantments are an additional 15% stronger.

Allows you to craft Glass Staves at the Forge.

  • Arcane Power: deals 5 points of unresistable damage
  • Flameburst: causes a fiery explosion on hit, and deals 25 points of fire damage.
  • Force: has a chance to do 20 points of additional damage and send the target flying (chance is 25%)
  • Frostburst: causes an icy explosion on hit, dealing 25 points of frost damage.
  • Shockburst: causes a lightning explosion on hit, dealing 25 points of shock damage.

Artificer’s Insight

Your newfound knowledge makes your enchantments 15% stronger, and allows you to acquire unique ones with the Artificer’s Insight power.
You can craft Ebony staves at a crafting table.

Level Required : 75

Perk Required : Arcane Experimentation

Effect :

New lesser power called ‘Artificer’s Insight’ is added. Activating the power converts 5 Iron Daggers and 3 Grand Soul Gems (filled) into five enchanted Iron Daggers with unique effects - Annihilation, Elemental Fury, Spellbreaking, Toxicity, Force (Rank II). The daggers can be disenchanted to learn the enchantments.

New enchantments are an additional 15% stronger.

Allows you to craft Ebony Staves at the Forge.

  • Toxicity: deals 10 points of stamina and health damage per second for 5 seconds (stacks)
  • Spellbreaking: Has a 33% chance to deal 100 points of magicka damage and dispel all magic from the target.
  • Elemental Fury: Deals 0.33 points of Fire damage per second for 4 seconds, and deals 1 point of Frost damage and 1 point of Shock Damage
  • Annihilation: Deals 20 points of unresistable damage. with a chance to do greater damage
  • Greater Force: Has a 25% chance to deal 50 points of additional damage and send the target flying.

[ More Information about Enchanting ]

[ No Perk No Enchanting ]

Without Enchanter’s Insight (Rank 1), you cannot use enchanting tables.

Recharging enchanted weapons and staves also require Enchanter’s Insight (Rank 1). If not you get zero charges from Soul Gems. However, some races (Altmer, Breton, Dunmer) have natural proficiency in Enchanting, and thus can recharge items without the perk.

You can also buy ‘Scrolls of Soul Gem Evocation’ (mostly from Court Mages) that temporarily allows you to recharge items without Enchanter’s Insight (Rank 1). It is however costly, takes long concentration to cast, and temporary.

+) Even for the Mace of Molag Bal, you need one of the methods that allow you to recharge items, to make the weapon recharge itself.

[ Staff Crafting ]

You can craft Staves at the Forge, using Battlestaves and filled Soul Gems. Basic staves only require Enchanting skill level, while stronger staves require certain perks in Enchanting skill.

You will need pre-filled Soul Gems, which means you can’t use Soul Gems that you filled by yourself using Soul Trap effects. However, mods that edits how Soul Trapping works may fix this issue.

Materiel Recipe Requirement Applicable Spells
Wooden 1 Wooden Battlestaff, 1 filled Common Soul Gem 25 Firesparks, Firebolts, Icewind, Ice Spikes, Lightning Sparks, Lightning Bolts, Healing, Spirit Wolf, Light
Silver 1 Silver Battlestaff, 1 filled Greater Soul Gem 50 Applicable Spells Fireballs, Fire Runes, Icestorms, Frost Runes, Lightning Shackles, Lightning Runes
Glass 1 Glass Battlestaff, 1 filled Grand Soul Gem 50 , Arcane Experimentation perk Incineration, Icy Spears, Thunderbolts, Flame Atronach, Fire Walls, Frost Walls, Lightning Walls
Ebony 1 Ebony Battlestaff, 1 filled Grand Soul Gem 75 , Artificer’s Insight perk Frost Atronach, Storm Atronach, Paralysis
Daedric 1 Daedric Battlestaff, 12 filled Grand Soul Gem 100 , Enchanting Mastery perk Infernal Flames, Souldrinker, Torn Heavens

[ Soul Gem Crafting ]

With Soul Gem Mastery perk, you can craft Soul Gems at the Smelter.

Soul Gem Recipes & Requirements:

4 Petty Soul Gem = 1 Refined Moonstone, 1 Quicksilver Ingot.

2 Lesser Soul Gem = 1 Refined Moonstone, 1 Quicksilver Ingot.

1 Common Soul Gem = 1 Refined Moonstone, 1 Quicksilver Ingot. Requires 50 Enchanting skill level.

1 Greater Soul Gem = 2 Refined Moonstone, 2 Quicksilver Ingot. Requires 75 Enchanting skill level.

1 Grand Soul Gem = 3 Refined Moonstone, 3 Quicksilver Ingot. Requires 100 Enchanting skill level.

1 Black Soul Gem = 1 Grand Soul Gem (unfilled), 1 Skull. Requires 100 Enchanting skill level, needs the Necromancer’s Amulet in your inventory. Can be crafted only between 23:00~24:00 in-game time.