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Health Management

Wildlander has no passive health regeneration. You will not heal from your wounds by “sleeping it off”.

When you get hurt fighting - the only ways to heal are :-

  • Restoration spells (for the living)
  • Conjouration spells (for the undead)
  • Health potions (For undead, only max level healing potions (superlative) will work.)
  • Healing Poultice (see note below)
  • Alchemy Perk
  • Raw Ingredients
  • Enchantments
  • Engraved bones (Kynareth): gives passive health regen for the duration.

Healing Poultice

Healing poultices are SLOW action healers, but heal for a lot. If you engage in combat or sprint while the effect is active, it will be suspended for the duration of said combat or sprint action, and reactivate a few seconds after. It is therefore recommended that you only use healing poultices in a safe place, and that you wait for at least an hour for the effect to work.

To Craft:-

* Alchemy Lore (Rank 1) Perk or Craftmanship Perk.
* 5 Medicinal Salve.
* 1 Bandage.
* Survivalists toolkit.

All items are crafted From the “Right Shift” craft menu.

Medicinal Salve can be crafted from any ingredient with Restore Health (e.g Blue Mountain Flower). Requires Alchemy Lore Perk (Rank 1) or Craftmanship Perk and Survivalists toolkit.

Bandages can be crafted from any cotton or linen cloth using a Survivalists toolkit. You can also breakdown cotton/linen Cloth items into Bandages from the breakdown menu.