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How Do I run the list controller only ?

Guide Submitted by Anzuray.

Lizzy Edit: Instructions are provided “as-is” - i have no idea if this works or not.

Tutorial Video

Setting up my layout

Please note: This guide requires a Xbox 360 controller or compatible.


  1. Launch Wildlander, open steam overlay (Shift+Tab).
  2. from overlay select “Customize Controller”


  1. After that, click on current layout, Then Load Layout
  2. search “Wildlander”


  1. Download the layout and Select it.
  2. If you cannot apply the layout, restart steam completely and try again.


  • Gamepad still has some problems - you can’t start sprinting if you are not moving in perfect line. You need to hold left stick perfectly up, to activate sprint. To correct go in MCM - True Directional movement - miscellaneous - Disable “Override Controller Deadzone”
  • Immersive horses - Switch tabs in inventory is behaving oddly. press [select] x2 quickly to swap inventory.

Should you wish to craft and avoid CTD’s, as always, do not scroll in Honed Metal crafting menu, and instead swap to keyboard. Use the filter box top right to find what you want to craft.