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Diseases in Wildlander are not something the can be ignored. Each disease has progression, whereby if not cured they will get worse. Wait too long and it may prove Fatal…. or worse

Every 24 hours you go without curing a disease, the disease will progress to the next stage.

The stages are as follows:

Basic - Just the disease name (ie. Ataxia)
Acute (ie. Acute Ataxia)
Severe (ie. Severe Ataxia)
Name What it does Basic Acute Severe Carriers
Ataxia Picking locks and picking pockets is {mag}% harder. 10 25 50 Skeevers
Black Heart Blight Carry Weight is reduced by {mag} points. 10 10 10 Ash Spawn
Bone Break Fever Stamina is reduced by {mag} points. 10 25 50 Bears
Brain Rot Magicka is reduced by {mag} points 10 25 50 Hagravens
Chills Health regeneration is reduced by {mag}% 10 25 50 Frostbite Spiders, Dogs and Deathhounds
Damp worms Speed is reduced by {mag}%. 10 25 50 Falmer
Droops Melee weapons are {mag}% less effective. 10 25 50 Ash Hoppers & Scribs
Feeble Limb Blocking is {mag} less effective. 10 25 50 Wolves & Bears
Rattles Stamina regeneration is reduced by {mag}%. 10 25 50 Chaurus
Rock Joint You are {mag}% less effective with melee weapons 10 25 50 Foxes & Wolves
Shakes Archery is {mag}% less effective. 10 25 50 Skeevers
Sanguine Vampiris This vile miasma rots your body, negating restorative power. Healing potions are still effective, but unless the malediction is cleansed within three days, the victim will become a vampire. Constant Health Drain for 3 days N/A N/A Vampires Drain life spell, Vampire dust
Wit Bane Magicka regeneration is reduced by {mag}%. 10 25 50 Sabrecats
Wither Armor rating reduced by {mag} points. 50 100 150 Sabrecats
Food Poisoning Health is reduced by 40 points. Food restores 75% less hunger. 40 N/A N/A If you eat raw food, you will now have a 30% chance to catch food poisoning.. Strong stomach does not prevent this effect

How to cure?

Several methods

Most priests can cure your illnesses, as can shrines of the nine - provided you are in good standing with the Gods.

For those of a more naughty inclination - Alchemists can provide you with a potion of cure disease. You can also brew a tea which can cure disease.