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Class Guide - Nightingale

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Inspired by Gallus, the Nightingale leader. A Nightblade build, using stealth kills with a dagger as much as possible, but if detected, have combat skills as potent as can be with a dagger&sword duel wield. Illusion’s left side with all its stealth spells are utilized. Finishing Thieves Guild questline is the main goal with this build.

Race Stone Blessing Supernatural
Imperial/Khajit Thief -> Apprentice Dibella -> Nocturnal  


Starting Skills

1H / Evasion / Sneak / Illusion / Pickpocket / Lockpicking

Secondary Skills

Marksman (1-2 perks, as many can spare) / Speech (2 perks, Indomitable Force)


Perk build

Level ups

All health, Oghma - Health

Mehrunes razor + Nightingale Sword Nightingale Bow

Armor: TG armors -> Nightingale Armor Jewelry: %16 Dwindling MR Necklace / Farengar’s Magicka Ring


Thieves Guild Questline Riften -> Goldenglow > Broken helm > Cronsvagr Cave > Frost quest