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Block Analysis


In Skyrim, you block a flat amount of damage with no skill, and this baseline amount of damage blocked is improved by your skill level and respective perks in the block tree. The Higher your Skill and perks, the more damage is stopped. It should be noted that it is impossible the block all damage via blocking and armor, as like all other of resistance, Armor is capped.

Holding your shield or weapon up to block a attack will inflict a stamina drain. Without perks, if your stamina drops below 20, this inflicts a penalty on your blocking skill, reducing the amount of damage you negate to 2%. therefore it is Essential that you keep your stamina high, and only block when needed.

–Perk Analysis–


Basic Perks

Improved Blocking

Your honed blocking technique mitigates 25% more damage.

Level Required : 0

Perk Required : None

Experienced Blocking

You block 50% more damage with weapon or shield. Each successful block restores 12 points of stamina.

Level Required : 20

Perk Required : Improved Blocking

Defensive Branch

Strong Grip

Blocking with shield or weapon is 40% more effective. Your equipped shield can deflect arrows, grants 10% more armor rating, and weighs 75% less.

Level Required : 15

Perk Required : Improved Blocking

Elemental Protection

Your raised shield negates 50% of all incoming elemental damage.

Level Required : 50

Perk Required : Strong Grip

Defensive Stance

Blocking no longer slows you down.

Level Required : 75

Perk Required : Elemental Protection

Offensive Branch

Powerful Bashes

Unlocks Power Bashing with a weapon or shield. Successful Power Bashes stagger most foes, and cost additional stamina.

Level Required : 25

Perk Required : Improved Blocking

Overpowering Bashes

Power bashing with your shield will sometimes knock your opponent over. Wearing heavier gear improves the chance of success.

Level Required : 50

Perk Required : Powerful Bashes

Disarming Bash

Your precise bashes have a chance to disarm opponents. [25% chance with a shield, 6% chance with a weapon.]

Level Required : 75

Perk Required : Overpowered Bashes

Mastery Branch

Unstoppable Charge

You can now sprint with your shield raised, knocking down enemies in your path. Wearing heavier gear increases the damage inflicted on the target.

Level Required : 100

Perk Required : Disarming Bash / Defensive Stance