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Class Guide - Stealth Archer

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The classic of them all, Stealth Archer build. We will only focus on Marksman to kill things but with Illusion magic and stealth at disposal. Using heavy bows from stealth, switching to light bows at melee and using a dagger to break bows and finish kills. Occasional Fears and Enraging orbs for CC. Utilizes poisons, enchants, exploding arrows from Smithing. Main goal is to finish the Dark Brotherhood & thieves questline with this build.

Race Stone Blessing Supernatural
Bosmer Thief -> Apprentice Kynareth -> Nocturnal (just because only blessing that allows murderers)  


Starting Skills

Marksman / Smithing / Illusion / Alchemy / Sneak / Lockpicking

Secondary Skills

Evasion (2 perks, Dodge) / Speech (2 perks, Indomitable Force)


Perk build

Level ups

First 15 Health, rest Stamina for derived bow dmg.

Heavy Bow: Zephyr -> Dragonbone Bow&Arrows

Light bow: Spectral Bow -> Auri-el Bow

Armor: DB Shrouded Armor -> Ancient Shrouded Armor


%16 MR Necklace -> %22 MR Necklace
Farengar’s Magicka Ring -> Nightweaver’s Band


Dark Brotherhood & Thieves guide.

Note: This build has difficulties much past midgame - so attempting the endgame content is extremely challenging due to NPC’s Sneak immunities.