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Lockpick Analysis

–Perk Analysis–


Lockpicking Branch

These perks will make you more effective at lockpicking.

Cheap Tricks

You have learned the basics of picking locks and gain 20 skill expertise. You can pick novice and apprentice locks without difficulty, and adept locks remain challenging but not impossible. With basic smithing techniques you can forge Iron ingots into lockpicks.

Level Required : 0

Perk Required : None

Note: You must have the Craftsmanship smithing perk to craft lockpicks.

Locksmithing Lore

Your meticulous study of lockpicking boosts your expertise by 25 points. You can pick adept locks effortlessly, and you can attempt to open Expert Locks.

Level Required : 45

Perk Required : Cheap Tricks

Treasure Hunter

Your knack for spotting secret compartments yields more gold and rare items from containers.

Level Required : 50

Perk Required : Lockpicking Lore

Masterly Lockpicking

You gain 35 points of Lockpicking expertise. Expert locks are effortless for you, and you can now attempt Master locks.

Level Required : 90

Perk Required : Lockpicking Lore