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Caves, Mines, & Passes

  Bleakcoast Cave
Occupants Frost Trolls
Special Features None
Important Treasure Skillbook: Two Handed (Battle of Sancre Tor)
Interesting Notes South of the cave entrance is a hunters camp with Skillbook: Evasion (Rislav the Righteous).
From that camp head to the water then East you should find a bandit corpse with Treasure Map VIII.
Tactical Threat Level: Difficult

  Hob’s Fall Cave
Occupants Warlocks / Skeletons
Special Features Alchemy Lab; Arcane Enchanter
Important Treasure Pantea’s Flute
Skillbook: Enchanting (Enchanter’s Primer)
Skillbook: Restoration (The Exodus)
Unusual Gem
Tactical Threat Level: Dangerous

  Sightless Pit
Occupants Falmer / Chaurus / Frostbite Spiders / Skeever
Special Features None
Important Treasure Skillbook: Pickpocket (Aevar Stone-Singer)
Interesting Notes Outside and above the entrance is an unmarked altar with Skillbook: Conjuration (The Doors of Oblivion).
Tactical Threat Level: Dangerous

  Stillborn Cave
Occupants Falmer / Chaurus / Chaurus Hunter
Special Features None
Important Treasure Skillbook: Conjuration (The Warrior’s Charge)
Ore Veins x1 Iron (outside, a few paces NE of the first entrance)
Tactical Threat Level: Dangerous

  Wayward Pass
Occupants None
Special Features None
Important Treasure None
Tactical Threat Level: None*
- NPC Patrols may still roam this area as random encounters.

  Whistling Mine
Occupants Civiians
Special Features Cooking Pot/Spit; Smelter
Important Treasure Skillbook: Smithing (Heavy Armor Forging)
Ore Veins x2 Iron
Tactical Threat Level: None

Occupants Arondil / Draugr / Yngvild Ghosts
Special Features None
Important Treasure Skillbook: Alteration (Reality & Other Falsehoods)
Unusual Gem
Tactical Threat Level: Dangerous
- Arondil is a Mage.

Dwemer Ruins

Occupants Falmer / Automatons / Frostbite Spiders / Skeevers
Special Features Alchemy Lab; Forge/Anvil; Tanning Rack; Workbench
Important Treasure Skillbook: Lockpicking (The Locked Room)
Tactical Threat Level: Dangerous

Occupants Chaurus / Automatons / Enchanted Sphere / Falmer / Falmer Servants / Frost Trolls / Frostbite Spiders / Giants / Wispmothers / Vulthuryol (Dragon)
Special Features Fishing Supplies
Important Treasure Blackreach:
- Skillbook: Heavy Armor (2920, MidYear, v6)
Sinderion’s Field Laboratory:
- Attunment Sphere
- Leather Boots of Hauling
- Skillbook: Alchemy (De Rerum Dirennis)
Debate Hall:
- Skillbook: Speech (A Dance in Fire, v6)
Silent Ruin
- Skillbook: Block (Warrior)
Ore Veins x14 Corundum; x6 Ebony; x34 Geode; x3 Gold; x2 Moonstone; x3 Orichalcum; x3 Quicksilver; x3 Silver
Tactical Threat Level: Perilous
- The sheer scope of Blackreach can be daunting, take it one step at a time, there are Falmer everywhere!
- To summon Vulthuryol, use Unrelenting Force on the large, orange globe hanging above the Silent City.
- Although it’s an underground dungeon, it’s still considered ‘outside’ for many purposes such as Summon Arvak and Storm Call, but not Call Dragon.

Forts, Nordic Towers & Watchtowers

  Driftshade Refuge
Occupants Silver Hand / Werewolf*
Special Features Forge/Anvil; Grindstone; Workbench
Important Treasure Skillbook: Block (Warrior)
Skillbook: Evasion (The Rear Guard)
Skillbook: One Handed (2920, Morning Star, v1)
Tactical Threat Level: Average
- *Maybe don’t let the savage furry murder machine out of its cage, eh?

  Fort Fellhammer
Occupants Bandits
Special Features Smelter
Important Treasure Skillbook: Heavy Armor (Orsinium and the Orcs)
Ore Veins x10 Iron
Interesting Notes If you leave the boss alive, you can mine for Iron ore every 10 days instead of every 30.
Tactical Threat Level: Average

  Fort Kastav
Occupants Warlocks / Skeletons
Special Features None
Important Treasure Skillbook: Block (Warrior)
Tactical Threat Level: Dangerous

  Snowpoint Beacon
Occupants Bandits
Special Features None
Important Treasure None
Ore Veins x2 Corundum (outside, E of tower on small flat area on the side of the mountain)
Tactical Threat Level: Average

Ruins & Tombs

  Ironbind Barrow
Occupants Draugr / Frostbite Spiders / Skeevers / Skeletons / Warlord Gathrik
Special Features Word Wall: Become Ethereal
Important Treasure Steel Battleaxe of Fiery Souls
Ore Veins x1 Moonstone; x1 Silver
Tactical Threat Level: Difficult

  Journeyman’s Nook
Occupants Bandit
Special Features Alchemy Lab
Important Treasure Borvir’s Dagger
Skillbook: Alchemy (Herbalist’s Guide to Skyrim)
Treasure Map II
Tactical Threat Level: Average

Occupants Draugr / Jyrik Gauldurson
Special Features Alchemy Lab; Word Wall: Ice Form
Important Treasure Gauldur Amulet Fragment
Saarthal Amulet
Staff of Jyrik Gauldurson
Tactical Threat Level: Dangerous
- Jyrik is a spellsword-style Draugr that uses elemental-style cloaks to become immune to an element (with a weakness to its opposite in the case of flame and frost).
- Jyrik is effectively immune to damage until Tolfdir brings down the Draugrs shield, which takes approx. 4 seconds after he reaches the orb.

  Skytemple Ruins
Occupants Skeletons / Draugr
Special Features None
Important Treasure Skillbook: Illusion (Before the Ages of Man)
Tactical Threat Level: Difficult

  Snow Veil Sanctum
Occupants Karliah / Draugr / Skeevers
Special Features Word Wall: Disarm
Important Treasure Model Ship
Skillbook: Evasion (Ice and Chitin)
Skillbook: Sneak (Three Thieves)
Tactical Threat Level: Difficult

  Ysgramor’s Tomb
Occupants Companion Ghosts / Frostbite Spiders
Special Features Word Wall: Animal Allegiance
Important Treasure Bag of Holding
Shield of Ysgramor
Skillbook: Two Handed (The Legendary Sancre Tor)
Ore Veins x1 Gold; x1 Iron
Tactical Threat Level: Average