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How Do I Downgrade Skyrim?

If your Skyrim is up to date, you will NOT be able to install some modpacks until you downgrade Skyrim.

This file contains instructions on how to downgrade to Version 1.6.640 of Skyrim. This is not currently required for Wildlander, but is being left up incase we need it again in the future.

  1. Open a command window “Run” by pressing «Win + R» and then enter the command: steam://open/console, and then press Enter. this will open console tab on your Steam

  2. On the bottom will have a space for you to enter the code. Enter these codes, one at a time, and WAIT FOR THEM TO CONFIRM THAT THEY ARE DONE DOWNLOADING before entering the next one

    download_depot 489830 489831 3660787314279169352

    download_depot 489830 489832 2756691988703496654

    download_depot 489830 489833 5291801952219815735

  3. Check each depot has downloaded successfully, It will download the files to your “\Steam\steamapps\content\app_489830" folder. If you cannot find it, just search on the steam folder: “depot 489831” “depot 489832” and “depot 489833” after download is done. If you are missing files - simply redo the depot command until you have all the files. DO NOT SKIP THIS CHECKING STEP

    depot 489831 should contain 16 files

    depot 489832 should contain 26 files

    depot 489833 should just contain Skyrim’s exe

  4. Replace your “steamapps\common\Skyrim Special Edition” files with the ones in “depot 489831” “depot 489832” and “depot 489833” in that order. Copy the contents and paste them into your steam installation folder, overwriting files which are already there (Do not copy the depot folders themselves - Just their contents)

Once you have downgraded, Restart Wabbajack. Enter the same criteria as you did the first time and tick “Overwrite Install”. –>

Do not under any circumstances use Halgari’s download patcher as it currently doesn’t work on downgrading from 1.6.1170.