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Vampire Lord Analysis

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–Vampire Lord Traits–

Does not stack with regular Vampire Traits, consider the below to be your only active bonuses from being a vampire while transformed into a Vampire Lord.

Minor Knockdown Immunity


Base Health adjusted to 300

Base Magicka adjusted to 200

Base Stamina adjusted to 100

Base Carry Weight adjusted to 1000

Poison Resistance increased by 100% (Not Immunity)

Disease Immunity

Health fortified by 300

Stamina fortified by 300


Taboo items cause detrimental effects.

Holy Area Penalties

Searing Sun - Health, Stamina, and Magicka reduced by 100

Bats spell

Raise Dead

Power Attack Bite

Revert Form

[Equipment] Ring of the Beast

Unarmed damage improved by 40

Health fortified by 400

[Equipment] Ring of the Erudite

Magicka Regen improved by 2 per second

Magicka fortified by 100

[Equipment] Amulet of Bats

Adds 10 damage and a powerful knockback to the Bats spell

[Equipment] Amulet of the Gargoyle

While wearing this amulet, your Summon Gargoyle spell summons an additional Gargoyle for 30 seconds.

–Vampire Lord Perks–


All of these perks are Vampire Lord form only.

Power of the Grave

Description: The power of undeath grants you a greater resistance to wounds, a stronger mind and much more endurance.

Effect: Health fortified by 200, Stamina fortified by 300, and Magicka fortified by 100

Blood Healing

Description: The sweet taste of the juice of life restores your body. Killing mortals with your bite heals all your wounds as you drink them dry…

Effect: Same as vanilla Skyrim

Detect All Creatures

Description: You’ve gained the ability to detect about any entity nearby.

Effect: Same as vanilla Skyrim

Mist Form

Description: You’ve gained the ability to transform into a practically invulnerable cloud of mist that boosts your regeneration.

Effect: For 15 seconds you regenerate 250 HP per second, 100 Magicka per second, 50 Stamina per second, and are invisible and silent.

Supernatural Reflexes

Description: You’ve gained the power to move incredibly fast, thereby also slowing down enemies.

Effect: Time slows down by 80% for 10 seconds.

Unearthly Will

Description: Your power allows you to rule over dark magic, decreasing the cost of all Night Powers and Blood Magic.

Effect: Same as vanilla Skyrim

Poison Talons

Description: Your fearsome talons become even more deadly, as they now drain the life forces of those they strike.

Effect: Drains 75 HP from the target with your melee attacks.

Night Cloak

Description: In combat, you are surrounded by swarms of bats that feed on those who are foolish enough to come within their reach. If it’s night, the bats even shield you from hostile magic…

Effect: Between 7PM-5AM you resist 50% magic damage, absorbs 10 health per second from nearby hostile targets with few exceptions.

Exception List: Undead, Ghosts, Dwarven Constructs, Daedra, Harkon

Vampiric Grip

Description: Your Blood Magic now allows you to grab a target from afar, choking it to death when it is close.

Effect: Absorbs 20 HP a second from the target of your grip while you are gripping them.

Summon Gargoyle

Description: Your knowledge about Blood Magic now grants you the ability to call forth a gargoyle to your aid.

Effect: Summons a gargoyle to fight for you for 60 seconds, the gargoyle will have 1000 HP but otherwise is functionally the same as the vanilla version of this spell

Corpse Curse

Description: Your deep insights in Blood Magic now allow you to evoke a magical blast that paralyses hit targets.

Effect: Applies a 10 second paralyze to the target, will not work on dragons or paralyze immune targets.