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Wildlander Change Log

V1.1.12 - release 17/05/224


Save Safe

  • Compatibility with New skyrim update (1.6.1170).

V1.1.11 - release 05/12/22


Save Safe

  • Fixed an issue where Ultra graphics were forced, regardless of setting. The other graphics settings will now work as intended (High, Medium, Low, and Potato).*

V1.1.10 - release 16/09/22

Save Safe

  • Compatibility with New skyrim update (1.6.640).

V1.1.9 - release 16/09/22

Save Safe

  • Compatibility with New skyrim update (1.6.629).

V1.1.8 - release 13/09/22

Save Safe

  • Restored the missing carry weight bonus to beef stew
  • Hands are no longer invisible when fist fighting
  • Crosshair will show when bows and spells are drawn
  • Horse inventory key was rebound to U

V1.1.7 - release 08/09/22

Save Safe

  • Restored some missing XPMSSE scripts
  • Enabled Improved Camera on all profiles
  • Nudged the Frostfall meters into place for ultrawide resolutions

V1.1.6 - release 07/09/22

Save Safe

  • Full log of changes located here

V1.1.5 - release 29/06/22

Save Safe

  • Fixed a small issue preventing full ultrawide functionality the first time users launch the game.

V1.1.4 - release 27/06/22

Save Safe

  • Update to SKSE to cope with stealth change.

V1.1.3 - release 22/06/22

Save Safe

  • Restored missing faces for players formerly on 1.1.2 (whoopsie, my b)
  • Fixed an issue preventing XP gain when crafting from player crafting menu

V1.1.2 - release 21/06/22

Save Safe

  • Further Fix for Outlaw refuges
  • Correction to invisible Necromancers Amulet - Reverted the model back to vanilla from CCOR
  • Fix to illusion Upkeep doubling up
  • Removed Duplicated Steel Armor - white recipes.
  • Updated Northern Flax effects to remove instant duration and improve balance
  • Added a guaranteed Iron Lantern to Belethor specifically, also added iron lanterns to survival leveled list
  • Removed high poly head head parts from Serana record (should be default Serana.esp head parts)
  • Made Frostfall and Attribute bars permanently visible again
  • Adjusted Nordic Barding and Saddle to require Advanced Blacksmithing
  • Fixed Irkngthand War Axe recipe not having proper Ebony perk and quest requirement
  • Reduced value of Imperial & Stormcloak horse armor to make them a bit less exploitable
  • Reduced value of Ancient Nordic Honed Heavy Bow
  • Added Hawk Feathers to Forsworn Light Bow recipe to offset its value
  • Returning the ability to adopt stolen horses via IH json, at least in the interim (if you are playing a existing character - you will need to turn this on in Immersive horses)
  • Added a guaranteed set of 5 iron and 5 steel hunting knives to blacksmith minimums
  • Removed the ability to sell harvested crops back to farmers as this wasnt using the Speechccraft perks
  • Corrected description of campfire perk Unyeilding

V1.1.1 - release 21/06/22

Save Safe

  • Hot fix to fix download of Dyndolod and install the correct version fo wildlander.esp.

V1.1.0 - release 20/06/22

Not Save Safe. New Game Needed


  • A brand new crafting system
  • Ultrawide resolution support
  • Significantly reduced filesize (~30% reduction)
  • Significantly improved performance, particularly in pine forests
  • Pre-packaged customization and development tools
  • Streamlined installation (fewer dependencies, more consistent downloads)
  • Further improved stability
  • The return of some missing gameplay features, including fishing, first-person horseback, concurrent Thieves Guild jobs, and more
  • Improved loot tables, including merchant inventories and dungeon loot
  • The removal of several economic exploits and balance issues
  • Numerous bugfixes, polish tweaks, and other improvements

Balance fixes

  • Gold levels of various NPC’s have been reduced to prevent them hitting gold caps so quickly.
  • Stock levels of alchemy ingredients at vendors have been reduced drastically.
  • Sunhelm “unyielding” carry weight perks have been reduced from 50/100 to 15/30.
  • Various fixes to exploits to allow the player to level faster than intended - Smithing i’m looking at you.
  • Eorland greymane will no longer work for anyone and temper you weapons from level 1.
  • Mr. Greymane has has his perks tweaked so he’s no longer able to craft weapons from the plane of oblivion or temper equiptment to bonkers levels.



Mod changes

V1.0.0 - Release January 20th 2021.

  • Initial Release.