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The Great Wheel of Feedback / Discussion Topics

There has been a great amount of feedback over the last 12 months relating to the pack. A lot of it duplicated to the extent that its spawned a Meme on the official discord.


To cover some of the topics commonly discussed

1. Alchemy being too “OP”.

We are aware it’s broken and that you can make great deals of money from it. Unfortunately this isn’t a easy fix.

  • The XP you gain from making a potion is directly tied to its sell price.
  • It’s’ sell price is tied to the number of effects the potion has.

We cannot reduce the sell price without reducing the XP gained from making the potion.

2. Magic Being OP.

This is currently default Requiem and is scheduled for correction at the same time as magic is expanded in the pack.

3. NPC Appearances.

We get people complaining they are too pretty. We get people complaining they are too Ugly. At the end of the day, it’s Dylan’s List. He likes them this way.

4. Favorite mod not being included.

We currently have over 1000 suggested mods on the Roadmap. If everyone’s favorite Mod was included, it would be 5 times the size and released in about a decade. Add your favorite mods at your own peril.

5. Spell research too complex.

We know. We agree. Thats why it isn’t compulsory to use it.

6. Asking About customization.

Should be done in the dedicated discord channels.

7. List is too easy / hard.

For Requiem veterans,this list is probably too easy. Not everyone is a veteran. Staff are actively discussing a “hard mode” version of the modpack.

For Requiem beginners, the list is too hard. Which is why we wrote the wiki to help you get started ;)

8. Why is night-vision so rubbish?

Because we have a ENB - and the default preset for Rudy makes it this way - The FAQ has some settings to improve it.

9. Vampire is terrible.

Yes, We agree that the instant death when you go into sunlight is a bit much. Perhaps we will change it to a damage over time or use an alternate vampire overhaul.

10. I hate the follower mod. They never do what I want and just stand there.

We know there are issues with followers not doing what you want. We will be taking a look. In the meantime, make sure you haven’t accidentally toggled them into formation.

11. Enchanted spheres / enemies with regen too strong.

We will be addressing this.

12. Loot in chests is rubbish.

More dangerous the chest is to get to, the better the loot. Open world chests have the worst. Boss chests have the best.