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Dungeon Guides


The contents of this guide should be considered spoilers

  • WE HAVE NOT GONE THROUGH EACH AND EVERY DUNGEON PERSONALLY!!! If you find something in there you didn’t expect, please contact 3DJutsu or Lizzy on discord so we can amend the guide. Thank you!
  • It does NOT account for every single enemy Requiem throws in. While we’ve done our best to ensure this guide is as accurate as possible, we can’t promise the occasional Ebony Vampire won’t pop up where it’s not expected (or wanted!).
  • Nor does it include every dungeon in the game, for the most part I’ve left out camps, topside ruins, shacks, etc.

Know yourself and know thy enemy.

  • This section is merely intended to be a rough guideline for Wildlanders looking to make their mark in the world.
  • As every play-style has its own pros and cons it is left to the experience of each individual Wildlander to guesstimate their own chances of success in any given situation, remember that while fortune favors the bold, Lady Luck favors the prepared!
  • As it contains several spoilers in terms of the foes and important treasures within each dungeon, I encourage newer players to “Learn the Hard Way”.
  • Throw yourself into the fray, slip through the shadows, or make a calculated advance. It matters not how you meet your foes on the field of battle, so long as you emerge victorious in the end.
  • If it proves too much, or you’re one to be well-prepared (nothing wrong there) then feel free to check the relevant section to discover what awaits you within, or even what treasure you might have missed.
  • So grab your arms and armor, load up on potions, grab a few scrolls, and ready yourselves, your foes await!

How to use this guide.

  • Most of the information was taken from UESP directly in terms of what enemies lay in wait and unique treasures to be found within as well as crafting-related amenities found within.
  • Take your prepared-ness to Witcher levels by knowing how to fight the various enemies found throughout the world
  • Note that some dungeons may be upgraded in threat level based on sheer number, Bandits may be average in difficulty but a platoon of Bandit Archers is more Difficult (lookin at you Valtheim Towers).
  • Fishing Supplies have been added in with the expectation they’ll be available in 1.1, if this ends up not being they case they’ll be removed from the guide.
  • To save on repeating myself a lot, automatically assume that:
    • Any fight involving Dangerous enemies will require above-average resistances in the relevant category (physical/magic/elemental/poison)
    • You’ll want high levels of resistances for Perilous enemies, combining both magical and elemental to face spell-casters
    • Endgame enemies will test you even after you’ve maxed out your resistances

The threat level of each dungeon is as follows but doesn’t include every enemy in the game:

Level Enemies
Easy Smaller Animals
Average Bandits; Bears; Ghosts; Giant Frostbite Spiders; Ice Wraith; Skeletons
Difficult Draugr; Forsworn; Sabrecats; Spriggan; Trolls
Dangerous Automatons; Atronachs; Falmer; Giant; Casters, regardless of specialization; Mammoths; Vampires; Werewolves
Perilous Briar Hearts; Dragons; Dragonpriests; Ebony Vampires; Enchanted Spheres; Seekers; Slighted
Endgame Alduin; Miraak; Harkon; Dawnguard Leaders; The Ebony Warrior

The Holds

Table of contents