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Class Guide - Daedric Battlemage (Battlestaff)

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A Heavy Armor, Battlestaff build. Daedric battlemage armor and daedric battlestaff aimed for not only the most badass looks, but also for really powerful destruction power with spell power armor traits. Nord/Atronach combo is chosen as it’s one of the best ways to make battlemage build. Then we utilize Illusion to buff AR a bit since daedric battlemage armor only has 700 AR. Later on Shadow Shield for one of the fastest sprinting PA’s and Shadow Simulacrum to tank stuff for you are great additions. Lastly, we go Enchanting and Smithing to craft/temper our powerful Daedric gear.

Race Stone Blessing Supernatural
Nord Atronach Julianos Vampire (Optional)


Starting Skills

2H / Heavy Armor / Destruction / Illusion / Enchanting / Smithing

Secondary Skills

Speech (2 perks)


Perk build

Level ups

All health, Oghma - Stamina

Steel Battlestaff -> Elsi’s Battlestaff -> Daedric Battlestaff (Bthardamz Arcanex, carried by Orchendor) -> Daedric Battlestaff Crafted and Enchanted

Any HA -> Nordic Armor -> Daedric Handplaced -> Daedric Crafted & self enchanted


Companions(until Dustman’s Cairn), Peryite quest (Daedric), Collecting hand placed daedric battlemage pieces, Shrine of Mehrunes Dagon