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Champion of Boethiah

Wears Ebony Mail, Gauntlets and Boots.

Basic Stats

Stat Value
Health 550
Magicka 250
Stamina 850
Movement Speed 68
Melee Damage 8 Unarmed, 105 from weapon
Ranged Damage None
Magical Damage None
Standard AR 990 ( 270 from shield)
Magical AR 30%
AP See Perks
Health Regeneration None
Diseased None
Can Knockdown Player Yes


Name Base Stats
Ebony Mace of the Vampire 90 + 25 Health Absorb from enchant
Ebony Shield 270 Armor When blocking

Weapon Protection

Type Tier
Slash (Swords & Axes) 5
Pierce(Daggers) 3
Ranged (Bows & Crossbows) 4

Additional Perks

  • Powerful Strike - His one-handed and unarmed power attacks shatter bone and sinew.[Power attack damage x 1.2]
  • Stunning Charge - he expertly utilize His weight and momentum during forward power attacks.[Forward power attacks can knock down]
  • Penetrating Strikes - One-handed power attacks are easier to execute, and further penetrate enemy armor.
    [-50% power attack stamina cost, +5 armor penetration]
  • Mace Focus I - His basic skill with one-handed maces enhances armor penetration.[Power attack damage x 1.05, +15 armor penetration]
  • Mace Focus III- His advanced skill with one-handed maces further enhances armor penetration.[Power attack damage x 1.1, +30 armor penetration]
  • Mace Focus III- His masterful with one-handed maces renders enemy armor almost useless.[Power attack damage x 1.15, +45 armor penetration]
  • Armsman - One-Handed weapons do 140% damage.