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Introduction to the Toolkit Crafting system


1.1 Introduced new items into the games called toolkits. These toolkits perform the duel purpose of being a mechanic for accessing crafting from the inventory by using the item, and a filter for the crafting when using the crafting work stations or player crafting.

It also saw the reintroduction of player crafting which means that you can use multiple workstations while in proximity to them, without having to try to remove a NPC. This is to prevent the bug where switching workstations too quickly prevented you getting XP.

The main Benefits of the toolkits/Player crafting system are:-

  1. You can use them direct from your inventory as a filter “I only want to see Alchemy items” for example.
  2. Prior to the introduction of toolkits - scrolling rapidly though the extremely large crafting menu caused crashes to desktop - This still occurs if you are asking a blacksmith to craft items to you - so I recommend using the filter in top right of the window rather than scrolling to find specific items you want to make.
  3. Recipes are now in locations which make sense, you wouldn’t need a forge to make a robe - you could do it anywhere, so these recipes were moved exclusively to the Player crafting menu.
  4. Smaller lists - If entering player crafting, you only see your toolkits, expanding the toolkit only shows the recipes which come under that toolkit.
  5. Filtering from the crafting menu no longer triggers hotkeys.
  6. Warrior characters will no longer see Tailoring items and visa-versa unless they expand the toolkit

Changes from mod defaults:

  • For those veteran Requiem players, The Smithing Book to learn perks setting is Off.
  • Amulet’s on Backpack recipes are disabled.

Crafting stations

It is no longer needed to the player to use crafting stations themselves, as the Player crafting hotkey will allow you to use any station within a 3 meter range. The exception being alchemy and enchanting tables, Armor workstations and sharpening wheels.

In addition there are several new workstations.

  1. Mortar and pestle - a new portable Alchemy table to allow you to create potions in the wild.
  2. Enchanting supplies - a portable enchanting table (requires bonemeal to use).
  3. Spinning wheel - placeable workstation allows you to craft cloth and thread.
  4. Portable version of a tanning rack.
  5. Alembic and cauldron - Workstations used with the Spell research mod.
  6. Portable version of a cook-pot. Requires a user created campfire.


To Smelt ores or fragements into bars, you now need the materiel perk for the recipe.

E.g You need Ebony Smithing to make Ebony ingots.

For gold and Silver, you need Advanced Blacksmithing.


Toolkits can be crafted at the forge, or via player crafting.

  • Toolkit: Alchemist’s - Allows the crafting of Alchemical ingredients.
  • Toolkit: Brewer’s - Allows the brewing of Alcohol
  • Toolkit: Builder’s - Allows the construction of items used in home crafting
  • Toolkit: Chef’s - Allows the crafting of advanced cooking recipes
  • Toolkit: Jeweller’s - allows the construction of Jewellery and polishing gemstones
  • Toolkit: Smith’s - allows the construction of Ammunitions, Weapons and armor
  • Toolkit: Survivalist’s - Recipes relating for basic survival and camping.
  • Toolkit: Tailor’s - Allows the construction of clothing
  • Toolkit: Thieves’ - Allows the construction of Thieves clothing.
Item Mats Requires
Toolkit: Alchemist’s 2 Wood Craftmanship
Toolkit: Brewer’s 2 Wood Craftmanship
Toolkit: Builder’s 1 Ingot: Steel 2 Wood Craftmanship
Toolkit: Chef’s 1 Ingot: Steel 2 Wood Craftmanship
Toolkit: Jeweller’s 1 Ingot: Steel 2 Wood Craftmanship
Toolkit: Smith’s 1 Ingot: Steel 2 Wood Craftmanship
Toolkit: Survivalist’s 2 Wood Craftmanship
Toolkit: Tailor’s 2 Wood Craftmanship
Toolkit: Thieves’ 1 Ingot: Steel 2 Wood Craftmanship


XP gain

Complete Crafting Overhaul introduces a new method for calculating Smithing experience. The idea behind this new formula came from UnmeiX, and he deserves credit for much of it. The goal of the new formula is to stress experimentation and crafting a wide variety of different items, as opposed to the vanilla method which rewards repeatedly crafting the same item.

New XP Gain = Part 1 + Part 2

Part 1 = ( VanillaXP * VanillaXPModifier )
Part 2 = (((ItemValue / 3) * BonusMult ) ^ BonusExp) * NumCrafted

Vanilla XP Modifier = 30.
Bonus Multiplier = 100.
Bonus Exponent = 0.1.

NumCrafted = 3, 2, or 1 depending on the number of times you've previously crafted that same item. Once you've crafted the item three times, further copies will result in an XP gain equal to just the "Part 1" value.

In general terms - this calculation means that once you crafted 3 of an item (items which craft in bulk count as multiple crafts) you are earning half of what you would have in Vanilla.

All Recipes Spreadsheet