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RP Guide - Knight of the Iron (Zenithar's Champion) RP Build

Submitted By Achilles


Zenithar, the nordic God of Work and Commerce is considered a god of merchants and middle nobility, being the deity of wealth, labor, commerce, communication and community. His priests teach that the path to peace and prosperity is through earnest work and honest profit, not through war, bloodshed, or theft. Zenithar is also seen as a warrior god, one that prefers peace and prosperity, but even he understands that it has to be earned.

Using what we know of him, for starters we will be using iron-themed equipment such as iron heavy armor and iron mace, mace being a callback to his creation for Pelinal Whitestrake. Due time we could upgrade to steel and nordic with mace and shield and steel, dawnguard to nordic (only slightly better than dawnguard, so I leave it for you to decide) for the armor. At the end we want to acquire stalhrim heavy sets, as Zenithar would be amazed that his follower acquired the knowledge and skills to create one.

As of magic, followers of Zenithar believe that magicka is in the constant cycle, given from people to Gods so Gods can give it for people. Because of that, we will try to enchant some of our equipment for magicka regeneration, to speed things up. We will focus only on Restoration school, as being a Zenithar’s Resolute you also serve the community, so Heal Self and Healing Hands would be the most useful spells in your arsenal.

We will choose the Stone of Lover for that sweet extra speech - mostly and only for roleplaying reasons. If you don’t want that, I suggest Stone of a Steed, for more stamina.

Race Stone Blessing Supernatural
Nord Lover or Steed Zenithar None


Starting Skills

Smithing, Heavy Armor, One-Handed, Block, Restoration, Speech

Secondary Skills

Enchanting (left side, up to Skill Lore)


Perk Guide

Level ups

10 into Magicka for being able to even cast spells, 6 into Stamina, rest + Oghma for Health

Iron Mace > Steel Mace > Nordic Mace > Stalhrim Mace (with turn undead for that Mace of the Crusader vibe)

Iron > Steel > Dawnguard or Nordic > Stahlrim Heavy with Light Stalhrim Shield


Recommended content: You’ll have to be Dragonborn to reach Stalhrim, so main quest / Companions (and stopping at offering of lycantrophy) / Dawnguard / Dragonborn / Unfathomable Depths for + in smithing / every side quest that helps other people but with good intentions

RP Aspects

Everyone is welcome to roleplay as they see fit, however I will show two scenarios that you could use for playthrough or maybe use for inspiration.

Scenario #1

D&D Alignment: Chaotic Good

Born to the poor parents in Old Hroldan, but soon to be taken to Riften orphanage, as both parents died during Reachmen raid. Growing up in the close proximity of blacksmith forge, you were often watching the craft in action, sometimes even holding the tongs so blacksmith could hammer down the blade. During that critical part of your childhood you grew to respect the art of smithing and when you came of age, you became blacksmith apprentice.

Your new master didn’t only teach you his craft, but also allowed you to meddle with his books. Then in one of those, you read the name Zenithar, God of Work and Commerce. After that you passed your free time in Temple of Mara, where priests allowed you to study their library, to further your knowledge of the Divines.

During early adulthood you were sent on many trips to different cities of Skyrim and northern Cyrodill by your master, to deliver goods and collect new orders. Considering Wilds are always dangerous for travelling merchants, you decided to further your skills with weapons - you already had a strong arm, now you just needed to make it longer. During this time you also learned the fate of your parents and while on a trip in the Reach, you started asking about them in the close proximity of Old Hroldan. You learned that Reachmen who did the raid are probably still free and alive, since Jarl of Markarth doesn’t care about what’s happening outside of the city. He only cares about silver that his mines produce. This angered you and you understood that the life isn’t fair to everyone.

In the late 20s you decided that it’s time for you to pack your things from Riften and venture into the world, to learn about the craft from other people. You sent your goodbyes to your master and went into the world, that you might have already know because of your previous trips, but now you are only on your own with nothing but a hammer and a simple mace you made yourself. With blessing of Zenithar, you make your way protecting and helping others so they won’t end up like your parents - dead and forgotten.

final note: you are a person with desire to help others and to perfect your craft, you know that authorities may not care for common folks and system might be a little broken, that’s why on your trips you decide to join Companions - to help, not to harm (might want to reload saves if you get a quest of beating someone). killing bandits is allowed as they are a threat to common people and Zenithar wants peace in his lands

Scenario #2

D&D Alignment: Neutral Good

You were born in Leyawiin in Cyrodill from merchant parents of low nobility. Sent to formal education to Great Chapel of Zenithar, you learned how important to the world is honest and hard work. When the time to decide your craft has come, you chose smithing, believing that there is big money in hard work of chiseling a perfect blade.

When you reached adulthood you were drafted for Knights of the Iron, militant arm of the Chapel. You were given a simple, yet meaningful task - to protect innocent. During this time you perfected your way with a mace and shield, standard Knights equipment and learned a little bit of Restoration magic from priests.

Your service to your local community was cut short when in your middle 20s you were asked by your teachers to go venture into the world to learn new skills in blacksmithing - particulary in dwemer smithing, as the Chapel lacked some information that they could put in the books. So you packed your things and decided that your first stop will be that of dwemer fame - Markarth in Skyrim.

Final note: as previously, tho in this case your main goal is pursue of knowledge (this also might be the reason for learning how to work stalhrim), if you want to simulate your travel start with crossing the border in Falkreath