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Carry Weight Management

Carry Weight is intentionally at a premium within Wildlander.

In addition to reduced base carry weight, Money weighs you down. Each coin weighs 0.001 unit an d this weight is shown in the coin purse Misc object(this item is just a representation of your gold - you need to deposit the gold itself in a chest not the coin purse item). Like Money, Arrows/Bolts also have weights. These are shown in the Quiver item and differ based on the material the Arrow/Bolt is crafted from. More “rustic” wooden shafted arrows (such as iron, forsworn or steel) weight less then the more rarer Orcish, Ebony or Daedric projectiles.

While you will gradually gain carry weight with Derived Attributes Obviously the canny adventurer needs some place to store his or her Ill gotten gains.


Backpacks are the early game source of carry weight - they can be crafted (see crafting spreadsheet for requirements) or they can be purchased from general stores (rarely).

Barrels and Chests

There are two variety of chests in the game - Wooden chests/barrels - Crafted from player crafting - these can be picked up and placed with the “campfire” system anywhere which isn’t settled.

The other type is a “Hearthfire extended” furniture item which was added to decorate your player homes and requires a Furniture workstation to craft. These workstations are in Riften or Windhelm warehouses or in your hearthfire home.

Campfire Chests

  • Cannot be placed in cities
  • Have linked Storage (multiple chests share the same inventory)
  • Can be picked up Easily by interacting with the chest.
  • Can be crafted anywhere.
  • Don’t have to be emptied to be moved.

Hearthfire Furniture chests

  • Can be placed Anywhere.
  • Have separate storage.
  • Require the use of Jaxon’s positioner to move.
  • Require a specific crafting work station.
  • MUST be emptied before moving (e.g. if moving it from inside of a building to outside - you must empty it first else you will lose the contents).

Why are Campfire chests linked storage (“endor” chests) - Isnt this a exploit?

For technical reasons with the way the ‘campfire placement’ mod works, all of its chests and barrels are activators - rather than chest items in their own right. The activators “open” a shared chest inside of campfire cell, rather than placing a real chest in the open world. This is simply what is required to make the mod function. As a penalty to counteract this requirement we added logic to prevent placement within “Settled Areas”.

Isn’t it a exploit? Technically yes - if you choose to place multiple chests in the world near each town to abuse the mechanic that the mod requires to function. We however chose not to disable the chests on the grounds that the benefits of having a chest in the game outweigh the negatives in the short term. This maybe re-assessed when we get to the carry weight mechanics portion of the roadmap.

Campfire Skills

There is a skill available at a player constructed campfire which increases your carry weight permanently. Press “<” to build a campfire, Increase it in size until the skills menu appears when interacting with it.

this skill requires a Skill point, earned from taking care of yourself and has two levels.


Or as I prefer to call them, mobile storage. Each Horse has 600 carry weight and can easily carry most the supplies you need. You can even store your chest on the horse, making it have infinite storage.

Important: never store potions on the horse - NPC’s can consume potions from their inventory if they are low on health or stamina, and horses qualify as NPC’s.

Faction Safe Storage

Containers in the faction (companions / Dark brotherhood / Thieves guild / Mage’s college) which are marked with a “*” are safe storage. You can safely stash you loot here. All other containers should be considered unsafe and you will lose the contents if you reload a save, or the cell resets after 30 days of you not visiting.

Bag of Holding

These Misc items guarantee a massive magical increase in carry weight so long as they are in your inventory. The effects of these items stack. There are only 7 in the entire game.

click for spoilers
  1. Mehrunes Shrine
  2. Thoroughfare of the Labyrinthian - On a bookshelf
  3. Ysgramor’s Tomb
  4. Twilight Sepulchre - Statue of Nocturnal loot room right before you return the skeleton key and unlock nightingale powers
  5. Soul Carin’s Boneyard - Near where you find Valerica
  6. One on Nahkriin, who guards Alduin’s portal to Sovengardge
  7. Black Book: The Sallow Reagent - In a side room towards the end of the book