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Class Guide - Pure Mage

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Typical destruction mage build, master of all magic schools. A power hungry Arch-mage - Destruction with Fire focus is the main way to kill things. Conjuration is only to help out with summons focused in the Atronach branch. Restoration for the overall healing and arcane disjunction. Alteration to survive with robes and Illusion just for the Blur (make sure to buy/train the spell asap). College questline is the main goal of the build. (To kill Dragon Priests in Laby with Destruction: you need slow time shout, -% destruction cost potion and bunch of incinerates.)

Race Stone Blessing Supernatural
Dunmer/Altmer/Breton Mage Julianos None


Starting Skills

Destruction / Alteration / Conjuration / Alchemy / Restoration / Illusion

Secondary Skills

Evasion(2 perks, First & Dodge) / Speech (2 perks, First & Indomitable Force)


Perk build

Level ups

First 10 Health -> Magicka until base 155 Magicka (%2+ MR) -> All Health, Oghma - Health

Fire magic is used while summons are out and fighting. Sunfire for undead.

Backup Staff of IceStorm - In-case running across something which is Fire Immune.


Helm: Magicka Hoods -> Mage’s Circlet -> Nahkriin
Chest: Novice Robes of Destruction -> Expert (Rannveig's Fast/Sunderstone Gorge) -> Master Robes of Destruction (Shrine of Dagon) -> Arch-Mage Robes
Gloves: Gloves of Fortify Magicka -> Ancano’s Gloves
Boots: Boots of Fortify Magicka -> Arch Mage’s Boots


Necklace: Saarthal Amulet -> Savos Aren’s Amulet 
Ring: Enchanted Ring -> Ring of Peerless Destruction 


College Questline, Rannveig’s Fast, any mage place to get random enchanted clothes if needed, Orchendor, Shrine of Dagon