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Ebony Warrior

Basic Stats

Stat Value
Health 5110
Magicka 3070
Stamina 3160
Movement Speed 138
Melee Damage 54 Unarmed, 78 base from sword. Sword is enchanted with 15 fire/s for 5 seconds. Turn undead up to level 100, Banish Daedra (unsummon) up to level 100 - Per hit (effects stack)
Ranged Damage 75 from bow, 90 from arrows + shock damage from both
Magical Damage Warriors Fireball - The caster evokes a flaming projectile that deals 80 points of damage to everything in its impact radius. Targets on fire take extra damage. Targets standing in the impact radius takes 114 damage for 5 seconds and a stagger effect of 0.25
  Warrior Ice Sphere - A freezing whirlwind that does 80 points of frost damage per second to Health and Stamina. 35% slow for 5 seconds and a stagger effect of 0.25
  Warriors Conjour - Summions a Potent Storm Thrall
  Drain Vitality Shout (3 words) 5 points of damage per second to stamina, magicka, and health for 60 seconds, and a stagger effect of 0.8
Standard AR 1290 - Shield is enchanted with fortify Block (35)
Magical AR 80%
AP See perks
Health Regeneration 5/s
Diseased No
Can Knockdown Player Yes - From Bull Rush

Weapon Protection

Type Tier
Slash (Swords & Axes) 5
Ranged (Bows & Crossbows) 4


Type Protection
Frost 95
Fire 60
Shock 95
Poison 75
Paralysis Immune
Sneak Attack Immune
Knock Down Minor
Wabbajack Immune
Unrelenting Force Immune
Stagger Immune
Fall Damage Immune

Additional Perks


  • Damage Recieved from the Player (all sources) is reduced by 66%
  • Fortitude - He has a permanent bonus of 40 stamina and 20 carry weight.
  • Battle Mage - Casting spells have no penalties, Magicka cost for all spells is reduced by 15%
  • Combat Training - Heavy armor power attacks require less stamina to execute, and His heavy gauntlets improve unarmed damage based on material.
  • Relentless Onslaught - He can sprint in heavy armor at no stamina penalty. Sprinting in a full set of heavy armor allows him to deflect 80% of all incoming melee damage
  • Juggernaut - Armor rating is increased by 10%, weight is reduced by 15%, and incoming stagger effects are reduced by 90%,
  • Power of the Combatant Once a day, he can use Power of the Combatant to restore 100 stamina instantly and 25 stamina per second for 30 seconds.


  • Pyromancy 2 - All Fire spells deal 30% more damage.
  • Cryomancy 2 - All frost spells deal 30% more damage.
  • Recovery - Magicka regenerates 50% faster.
  • Stability - All Alteration spells last 50% longer.
  • Electromancy 2 - All shock spells deal 30% more damage.
  • Extended Binding - He can summon Daedra and Spirits up to five times farther away for 25% less magicka.
  • Elemental Binding - His Atronachs are much stronger, and his high-level Thralls are immune to Banishment and Control spells.
  • Electrostatic Discharge - - His shock spells damage damage his opponent’s Magicka alongside their Health.
  • Deep Freeze Many of - His ice spells can freeze enemies who are susceptible to frost.
  • Stabilized Binding - He can bend the barriers between realms, extending the duration of summoned Spirits and Daedra by 50%
  • Skill 100 Destruction - Destruction spells do 100% more damage
  • Spells with durations last 5 times longer.


  • Eagle Eye He can steady his breathing to aim more precisely with a nocked arrow.
  • Power Shot - His shots land with tremendous impact, occasionally staggering foes.[70% chance to stagger targets]
  • Ranger - You’ve improved His footwork with light ranged weaponry.
    [Allows running while attacking with light bows and crossbows]
  • Stunning Precision - Any successful staggering shot will almost always stun the target.[Staggering hits will also stun the target]
  • Marksman AP - 50 points of AP when using a Bow.
  • Precise Aim - precise aim reveals weak spots in the enemy’s defenses.[Damage x 1.2 with bow and crossbow attacks]
  • OverDraw - Bows do 140% damage.
  • Ranged Combat Training Basic ranged training enhances damage with bows and crossbows.
    [Damage x 1.2, -50% weapon weight penalties, ammunition grants armor penetration]
  • Marksman’s Focus - Ranged weapons are easier to handle, and aiming precisely seems to slow time. [time slows by 75% while zooming, -25% weapon weight penalties]
  • Quick Shot draw and release in a single fluid motion, quickening your rate of fire with all bows.
    [+10 armor penetration, +50% draw speed with bows]
  • Piercing Shot - He’s learned to hit the weakest parts of armor, rendering armored foes more vulnerable to ranged weapons.[+10 armor penetration, +50% armor penetration from ammunition]
  • Penetrating Shot He can keenly spot the gaps in armor, further increasing armor penetration with ranged weapons.
    [+15 Armor penetration, +100% armor penetration from ammunition]

Sword and Board

  • Powerful Strike - His one-handed and unarmed power attacks shatter bone and sinew.[Power attack damage x 1.2]
  • Stunning Charge - he expertly utilize His weight and momentum during forward power attacks.[Forward power attacks can knock down]
  • Penetrating Strikes - One-handed power attacks are easier to execute, and further penetrate enemy armor.
    [-50% power attack stamina cost, +5 armor penetration]
  • Powerful Charge - His sprinting power attack propels him through the air and deals terrifying damage. [Unlocks sprinting power attack, -25% weapon weight penalties]
  • Disarming Bash - His precise bashes have a chance to disarm opponents.
    [25% chance with a shield, 6% chance with a weapon.]
  • Overpowering Bashes Power bashing with His shield will sometimes knock His opponent over. Wearing heavier gear improves the chance of success.
  • Powerful Bashes - Unlocks Power Bashing with a weapon or shield.
    Successful Power Bashes stagger most foes, and cost additional stamina.
  • Strong Grip - Blocking with shield or weapon is 40% more effective. His equipped shield can deflect arrows, grants 10% more armor rating, and weighs 75% less
  • Elemental Protection - Your raised shield negates 50% of all incoming elemental damage.
  • Sword Focus I - Your basic skill with one-handed blades enhances your attacks.
    [+8% attack speed, +7 armor penetration]
  • Sword Focus II - Your improving skill with one-handed blades further enhances your attacks.
    [+16% attack speed, +14 armor penetration]
  • Sword Focus III - Your masterful skill with one-handed blades further enhances your attacks.
    [+24% attack speed, +21 armor penetration]
  • Armsman - One-Handed weapons do 40% more damage.
  • Skill level 100 - One-Handed weapons do 50% more damage.
  • Experienced Blocking - He can block 50% more damage with weapon or shield. Each successful block restores 12 points of stamina.
  • Weapon Mastery - Diligent practice bolsters the damage and ease of His one-handed and unarmed attacks.[Damage x 1.2, -50% weapon weight penalties]
  • Improved Blocking - His honed blocking technique mitigates 25% more damage.
  • Defensive Stance - Blocking no longer slows him down.
  • Flurry II - One-handed and unarmed attacks are 25% faster.
  • Storm of Steel - Power attacks deal 25% more damage when dual-wielding one-handed weapons.
  • Martial Arts Unarmed power attacks deal 30 more damage and cost 66% less stamina.