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Class Guide - Pure Archer

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Just pure Marksman build, no magic, no stealth. Using heavy bows at start, switching to light bows at melee and using a dagger to break bows and finish kills. Utilizes poisons + enchants + exploding arrows from Smithing. Later on, can go werewolf with the Companions.

Race Stone Blessing Supernatural
Bosmer Warrior Kynareth Werewolf


Starting Skills

Marksman / Evasion / Smithing / Alchemy / Enchanting / Lockpicking

Secondary Skills

Speech (2 perks, Indomitable Force)


Perk Guide

Level ups

First 15 Health, rest Stamina for derived bow dmg, Oghma - Health

Heavy Bow: Zephyr -> Dragonbone Bow&Arrows

Light bow: Spectral Bow -> Auri-el Bow

Enchanted Scaled Armor + Savior Hide -> Dragonscale Armor


Companions(Until Werewolf), Dawnguard, Kynareth quest, Ill met by Moonlight…