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Stamina Management

Stamina is one of the most important parts of combat - for all classes!

Like most area’s of skyrim, it had been overhauled by Requiems stamina drain system.

This system means

  • Blocking drains stamina
  • Jumping drains stamina
  • Wearing armor/shield without perks for it drain stamina
  • Running around drains stamina
  • Power attacks drain a lot of stamina
  • Holding a bow with arrow ready to fire - you guessed it drains stamina.

If your stamina inst regenerating - check active effects. the following also affect your base stamina and regeneration

  • Diseases, If you have one - cure it.
  • Training fatigue, Sleep it off.

As you gain more perks in armor - the stamina drain of some of these things reduce. Obviously, raising your base stamina will also increase your stamina regen so that these things become unnoticeable at higher levels.

For Melee characters

The new stamina system will change your game play even more. You will fall short if you hack and Slash or worse power attack too often. Low stamina is death penalty. When your stamina is below a certain threshold you start to be slow, you don’t block effectively anymore and your damage will drop a lot. If you run out - the enemies will knock your weapons clean our of you arms. Never, EVER power attack or bash early game. Actually, do not even block early game apart from “easy” predictable blocks to level your skill to 20 for Ex. Blocking perk.

For Archer characters

Only Aim your bow if you intend to fire quickly. Other than that - same thing applies to you as what applies to Melee

For Caster characters

You don’t escape either - Severe spell cost penalties apply if you drop below 20% stamina and you will be slower at running, allowing your opponents to be able to catch and kill you.

For Everyone

So don’t sprint around like Usain Bolt, Dont jump around like a rabbit, don’t waste all your stamina attacking Enemies raised shields, become a true warrior, observe, sidestep and attack when you will hit.

Managing Stamina

There are tools in order to help you manage your stamina at lower level :

  • Stews : 2 hours of stamina regeneration. Keep on on you at all times. (Apple Cabbage Stew for a quick and cheap to obtain , 1 Salt, 1 Red Apple, 1 Cabbage, 1 Bottled Water)
  • Bestial stew : 3 stamina / sec for strong stomach race. It’s a huge advantage at low levels.
  • Stamina Potion are pretty rare. But easy to brew if you have alchemy.
  • Raw Ingredients: some of them can be eat in combat for 1stam/sec or 2stam/sec
  • Cooked Meat/Veggies: Eat out of combat for 1stam/sec or 2stam/sec regeneration
  • Engraved bones (Hircine): gives passive stammina Regen for the duration.
  • Enchantments: Fortify Stamina regen is your best friend at low levels.