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Caves, Mines, & Passes

  Brood Cavern
Occupants Animals
Special Features Fishing Supplies
Important Treasure Skillbook: Marksman (The Black Arrow, v2)
Ore Veins x1 Corundum; x1 Iron
Tactical Threat Level: Difficult

  Cold Rock Pass  
Occupants Troll  
Special Features None  
Important Treasure None  
Ore Veins x2 Corundum; x1 Quicksilver 6
Tactical Threat Level: Difficult  

  Forebears’ Holdout
Occupants Dawnguard or Vampires
Special Features None
Important Treasure None
Tactical Threat Level: Difficult (Dawnguard) or Dangerous (Vampires)
- Dawnguard will be present if you chose to ally with Castle Volkihar
- Vampires will be present if you’ve allied with the Dawnguard

  Movarth’s Lair
Occupants Frostbite Spiders / Movarth / Ebony Vampire / Vampires
Special Features Alchemy Lab
Important Treasure Morvarth’s Boots
Skillbook: Illusion (2920, Sun’s Dawn, v2)
Ore Veins x2 Iron
Tactical Threat Level: Perilous
- Movarth is the only present during Laid to Rest.

Occupants Bandits
Special Features Cooking Pot/Spit; Forge/Anvil; Grindstone; Tanning Rack
Important Treasure Skillbook: One Handed (Mace Etiquette)
Interesting Note Unusual amount of alchemical ingredients given its size. Imp Stool (17), Fly Amanita (13), Bleeding Crown (8), Namira’s Rot (5), Lavender (3), Blisterwort (2), and White Cap (1)
Tactical Threat Level: Average

  Rockwallow Mine
Occupants Civilians
Special Features Grindstone; Smelter; Wood Chopping (all outside in Stonehills)
Important Treasure Skillbook: Heavy Armor (Orsinium and the Orcs)
Interesting Note During the day there’s an unusual amount of Blue and Monarch Butterflies along the road and path leading to Stonehills
Ore Veins x4 Iron
Tactical Threat Level: None

Dwemer Ruins

  Tower of Mzark
Occupants Enchanted Sphere
Special Features None
Important Treasure Skillbook: Smithing (The Armorer’s Challenge)
Elder Scroll (Dragon)
Tactical Threat Level: Perilous

Forts, Nordic Towers & Watchtowers

  Fort Snowhawk
Occupants Necromancers / Skeletons
Special Features Alchemy Lab; Arcane Enchanter; Cooking Pot/Spit; Grindstone
Important Treasure Skillbook: Block (A Dance in Fire, v2)
Tactical Threat Level: Dangerous

Ruins & Tombs

  Dead Men’s Respite
Occupants Draugr / Frostbite Spiders / Skeevers
Special Features Arcane Enchanter; Word Wall: Whirlwind Sprint
Important Treasure Skillbook: Speech (The Buying Game)
Tactical Threat Level: Difficult

Occupants Draugr / Frostbite Spiders / Mikrul Gauldurson
Special Features Word Wall: Frost Breath
Important Treasure Gauldur Amulet Fragment
Gauldur Blackblade
Ivory Dragon Claw
Skillbook: One Handed (Fire and Darkness)
Tactical Threat Level: Dangerous
- Mikrul uses Frost magic and his sword has an Absorb Health enchantment

  Kjenstag Ruins
Occupants Bandits / Ghost
Special Features None
Important Treasure Skillbook: Block (* A Dance in Fire, v2*)
Interesting Note If you manage to kill the ghost before it arrives at the tomb, you can get a complete set of Ancient Nord Armor from its ashes. Yea I don’t understand it either.
Tactical Threat Level: Average
- Ruins are unoccupied unless you approach between 8pm-5am, a ghost will lead you to an unmarked barrow with a couple of graverobbers

Occupants Various Undead / Trolls / Wispmother / Slaughterfish / Skeletal Dragon / Dragon Priest Morokei
Special Features Alchemy Lab; Arcane Enchanter; Word Wall: Slow Time
Important Treasure Bag of Holding
Dragon Priest Mask: Morokei
Spell Tome: Equilibrium
Ore Veins x2 Gold
Tactical Threat Level: Endgame
- Hordes of undead combined with a Frost-breathing Skeletal Dragon make for an incredibly difficult fight
- Morokei himself uses powerful lightning magic, summons Storm Atronachs, can Command Daedra on your own summons, and wields the Staff of Magnus all together making him an exceedingly dangeous foe.

  Lost Valkygg
Occupants Draugr
Special Features Alchemy Lab
Important Treasure Skillbook: Pickpocket (Aevar Stone-Singer)
Tactical Threat Level: Difficult

Occupants Bandits / Draugr / Skeletons / Warlocks / Frostbite Spiders / Giant Frostbite Spiders
Special Features Arcane Enchanter; Word Wall: Become Ethereal
Important Treasure Skillbook: Restoration (Mystery of Talara, v 2)
Ore Veins x2 Corundum; x1 Iron; x1 Silver
Tactical Threat Level: Dangerous
- Ustengrav Depths, the secondary area of the dungeon, will not be accesible until you’ve started The Horn of Jurgen Windcaller