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Character Creation

Questions about is your build viable?

Any build is viable in the early game. It genuinely does not matter, you can run pretty much anything you want.

Build viability only becomes a problem once you reach things with lots of perks, armor or regen in the mid-game.

If you just want to Play around killing bandits or whatever, you can pretty much play anything you want. But if you wanna complete all the content, defeat Alduin, kill Miraak, etc. you’re gonna run into trouble, unless you pick a ‘Meta’ build.

Going a Spellsword/Battlemage build is not recommended for beginners - as there are a lot of mechanics relating to heavy armor & spell casting that make this one of the hardest builds to master.

General rules for successful build - One ranged ability, One Defense ability, One melee ability and 3 support skills.

For more guidance on builds and examples - you can see the class guides section of the Wiki.

The maximum level is 82, with 6 extra perk points at the start and an optional 7 from mora. You should plan your builds based on this.

Character Creation

Skills and Attributes

Race Abilities Power Skill Bonuses H/M/S Carry Weight Traits Stamina Regen Magic Regen Unarmed Damage
Argonian 75% Resist Disease
90% Resist Poison
Strong Stomach*
Claws - Your sharp Argonian claws deal <15> additional unarmed damage.
Histskin - Some Argonians can consciously alter their metabolism to speed their regeneration for a short while. restore 1hp/Sec for a hour, and 10hp/Sec for 60 seconds +10 Light Armor +5 Pickpocket +10 Lockpicking +5 Sneak +5 Alteration +5 Restoration 105/90/120 85 Can brew potions without a perk in Alchemy
Can sneak without a perk in Sneak
1.60 1.10 15
Breton 20% Magic Resistance Dragonskin - Breton blood allows you to absorb 100% of the Magicka from hostile spells for 8 seconds. +5 Alchemy +5 Speech +5 Alteration +15 Conjuration +5 Illusion +5 Restoration 90/120/70 70 Power attack Stamina costs 110%
Can brew potions without a perk in Alchemy
Can recharge enchanted items without a perk in Enchanting.
1.55 1.15 7
Dark Elf 65% Fire Resistance Ancestor’s Wrath - Caster ignores 95% of all physical damage for 30 seconds. +10 One-Handed +5 Light Armor +5 Sneak +5 Alteration +10 Destruction +5 Illusion 100/100/100 75 Can brew potions without a perk in Alchemy
Can recharge enchanted items without a perk in Enchanting
Can sneak without a perk in Sneak.
1.60 1.10 8
High Elf 75% Resist Disease
40% Weakness to Magic
+50 Fortify Magicka
Highborn Restore 100 Magicka /s for 30 seconds +5 Alteration +5 Conjuration +10 Destruction +10 Illusion +Restoration +5 Enchanting 90/130/80 70 Power attack Stamina costs 110%
Spell Magnitude 105%
Spell Durations 105%
Spell costs 95%
Spell Range 110%
Can brew potions without a perk in Alchemy
Can recharge enchanted items without a perk in Enchanting.
1.55 1.25 5
Imperial Imperial Discipline: Imperials are granted 50 additional stamina, regenerate it faster and can sprint much longer due to the drills many of them had to go through. Voice of the Emperor +25 fortify speechcraft for 30 seconds. +5 One-Handed +5 Block +5 Heavy Armor +10 Speech +5 Destruction +10 Restoration 110/100/110 80 80% Stamina cost for Power Attack
Restore 2 Stamina a second while Sprinting.
1.90 1.10 8
Khajiit Claws - Your sharp Khajiit claws deal 25 additional unarmed damage.
Strong Stomach*
Night Eye - Your Khajiit eyes allow you to see in the dark at will. +5 One-Handed +5 Archery +5 Pickpocket +5 Lockpicking +15 Sneak +5 Alchemy +5 Lockpicking Expertise 90/90/120 75 Can pickpocket without a perk in Pickpocket
Can sneak without a perk in Sneak.
35% fall damage
115% Movement Speed
1.65 1.00 15
Nord 50% Resist Frost
25% Resist Shock
Tongue’s Trance - Your Thu’um can be used more often. +5 One-Handed +10 Two-Handed +5 Block +10 Smithing +5 Heavy Armor +5 Light Armor 120/80/120 85 75% Stamina cost for Power Attack. 1.65 1.05 9
Orc Strong Stomach* Berserker Rage - Orcs can fall into a wild rage that stops their ability to feel pain and greatly increases dealt physical damage and Stamina for 30 seconds. +5 One-Handed +5 Two-Handed +5 Block +10 Smithing +10 Heavy Armor +5 Light Armor 130/60/110 90 65% Stamina cost for Power Attack. 1.70 1.00 10
Redguard 75% Resist Disease
75% Resist Poison
Adrenaline Rush - increases stamina regeneration greatly for 30 seconds, and also allows to act much faster than normal and renders immune to most paralysis effects in this time. +15 One-Handed +5 Archery +5 Block +5 Smithing +5 Alteration +5 Destruction 100/70/120 80 80% Stamina cost for Power Attack. 1.65 1.00 8
Wood Elf 75% Resist Disease
Strong Stomach*
Command Animal - All animals around you will become your allies for the next day, however they will not follow you on your way. +15 Archery +5 Light Armor +5 Pickpocket +5 Lockpicking +5 Sneak +5 Alchemy 90/110/120 70 * Loots Meat from Humanoid corpses
* Power attack Stamina costs 110%
* Can brew potions without a perk in Alchemy
* Can sneak without a perk in Sneak
1.65 1.05 5
  • Some Foods require a strong stomach to be able to get the benefits from consumption.

For all races the Base health regen is 0% of 0.2 per second. Using items which increase the health regen percentages will use 0.2 as the multiplier.


  • Acrobat: Lockpicking, Marksman, One-Handed, Pickpocket, Sneak, Speechcraft
  • Agent: Illusion, Lockpicking, Marksman, One-Handed, Sneak, Speechcraft
  • Assassin: Alchemy, Evasion, Lockpicking, Marksman, One-Handed, Sneak
  • Barbarian: Block, Evasion, Marksman, One-Handed, Smithing, Two-Handed
  • Bard: Block, Enchanting, Illusion, Evasion, One-Handed, Speechcraft
  • Battlemage: Alteration, Conjuration, Destruction, Enchanting, Heavy Armor, Two-Handed
  • Crusader: Alchemy, Block, Destruction, Heavy Armor, One-Handed, Restoration
  • Healer: Alchemy, Alteration, Destruction, Illusion, Restoration, Speechcraft
  • Knight: Block, Enchanting, Heavy Armor, One-Handed, Restoration, Speechcraft
  • Monk: Alteration, Illusion, Lockpicking, Marksman, One-Handed, Sneak
  • Nightblade: Alteration, Destruction, Evasion, Lockpicking, One-Handed, Restoration
  • Pilgrim: Block, Illusion, Evasion, One-Handed, Smithing, Speechcraft
  • Scout: Alchemy, Evasion, Marksman, One-Handed, Smithing, Sneak
  • Sorcerer: Alteration, Conjuration, Destruction, Enchanting, Heavy Armor, Restoration
  • Spellsword: Alteration, Destruction, Heavy Armor, Illusion, One-Handed, Restoration
  • Thief: Alchemy, Evasion, Lockpicking, Pickpocket, Sneak, Speechcraft
  • Warrior: Block, Heavy Armor, Marksman, One-Handed, Smithing, Two-Handed
  • Witchhunter: Alchemy, Destruction, Lockpicking, Marksman, One-Handed, Sneak


Once you take a stone from given group, you will become locked to that group. For example, after taking Warrior you will be able to change your stone only to Lady/Lord/Steed and not others.

< The Warrior Group >

  • Lady: Those under the sign of the Lady regenerate Stamina faster. 50% faster Stamina regen

  • Lord: The Stone of the Lord grants those who possess its blessing increased damage resistance and weakened hostile spells. 120% damage resistance, 15% magic resistance

  • Steed: The Steed grants those who bear its blessing increased Stamina. Fortify Stamina 100 points

  • Warrior: The Warrior strengthens those who bear his blessing, allowing a more efficient use with all kinds of weaponry. +10 Fortify Marksman, +10 Fortify One-Handed, +10 Fortify Two-Handed, +10 Fortify Armor Penetration

< The Mage Group >

  • Apprentice: The Apprentice greatly enhances magicka regeneration. 200% faster Magicka regen, 25% decrease to magic resistance

  • Atronach: The Sign of the Atronach grants additional Magicka and a chance for Spell Absorption, but makes it almost impossible to passively regenerate magicka, reduces the efficacy of magicka potions by one third, and negates the long-term benefits offered by cooked meals. 0% chance of magicka regen, 50% spell absorption, fortify Magicka by 350 points

  • Mage: Those under the Sign of the Mage are granted additional Magicka and find it easier to focus their thoughts while running. Fortify Magicka 100 points

  • Ritual: Those under the Sign of the Ritual are capable of animating hordes of undead for a limited duration once each day. Daily power to raise the dead

< The Thief Group >

  • Lover: Those under the sign of the lover find it easier to be attractive, intriguing and also use speech to get what they want… Fortify Speech 25 points

  • Shadow: Those under the Sign of the Shadow are able of becoming invisible and inaudible once a day. Daily power of muffle and invisibility for 300 seconds

  • Thief: The Thief grants wide-spread abilities to those who bear her blessing. It improves sneaking, pickpocketing and lockpicking skills and grants lockpicking expertise. Furthermore it increases armor penetration with one-handed and ranged weapons. +5 Armor Penetration, +15 Fortify Sneak, +15 Fortify Pickpocket, +5 Fortify Lockpicking, +20 Fortify Lockpicking Expertise

  • Tower: The Tower grants a blessing of 20 extra carry weight and supernatural lockpicking skills. Expertise is increased by 40 and any effortless lock can be picked in plain sight with nobody noticing, creating a wax-molded copy of the key, if one exists. +20 Carry Weight, +40 Lockpicking

< The Serpent Group >

  • Serpent: The Bite of the Serpent will paralyze and poison a target for a moderate duration. ‘Venomous Splatter’ poison and paralyze spell