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Class Guide Barbarian (Wulfdar's variant)

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Classic Barbarian build who have no clue about magic or stealth. Uses Warhammers as main weapon and Bows as a ranged dmg source. Though, Greatsword/Battleaxe can be used in the early game since they are faster & more effective. The build uses Savior’s Hide and enchanted Scaled armor for the looks. It’s theoretically a max melee damage build with Evasion perks + Warhammer + Orc. Volendrung for the big hammer dmg and solving any kind of stamina problems late game. You can make different combinations of this Barbarian build with Nord/Redguard, Greatsword/Battleaxe focus, Stendarr/Talos as well.

Race Stone Blessing Supernatural
Orc Warrior Zenithar Werewolf

Food: Potato Soup -> Bestial Stew


Starting Skills

2H(Warhammer) / Evasion / Marksman / Enchanting / Smithing / Block (No perks - just for skillups)

Secondary Skills

Alchemy / Speech (2 perks, Indomitable Force)


Perk build

Level ups

All Health

Any Warhammer -> Dawnguard Warhammer / Skyforge Steel Warhammer -> Longhammer -> Volendrung

  • The Savior’s Hide is a fantastic Daedric Artifact for this build, as it gives you some much-needed magic resistance along with several other benefits. Obtain it through the quest “Ill Met by Moonlight”, started in the Falkreath graveyard (Make sure to kill Sinding).
  • Other than that, the most effective light armor you can get your hands on.

Armor: Enchanted Scaled Armor -> Savior Hide Other slots: Enchanted Scaled Armor -> Enchanted Glass


Companions(until Werewolf), Liar’s Retreat, Ill mey by Moonlight, Volendrung quest…