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Lord Harkon

Basic Stats

Stat Value
Health 2600
Magicka 1200
Stamina 5300
Movement Speed 91
Melee Damage 10
Ranged Damage None
Magical Damage Drain Life - Absorb 75 points of health/Magic/Stamina per second from the target.
  Vampiric drain - deals 25 damage to taregts, plus Absorb 15 points of health per second from the target.
Summon Gargoyle Summons a Green Gargoyle for 60 seconds.
  Revenent Revenant The caster reanimates a powerful dead body for 60 seconds.
  Reanimate Corpse - The caster reanimates a dead body for 60 seconds.
  Raise Zombie - The caster reanimates a dead body for 60 seconds.
Utility Vampiric Invisibility - he can become invisible for 20 Seconds.
Standard AR 255
Magical AR Unknown
AP None
Health Regeneration yes 1/s
Diseased Yes - Sanguine Vampiris
Can Knockdown Player  


Type Protection Weakness
Frost 95 N/A
Fire N/A -75
Poison 200 N/A
Paralysis Immune N/A
Wabbajack Immune N/A
Knock Down Minor N/A
Aetherial Shield Immune N/A

Materiel Protection

Type Damage change
Silver (Melee) 150%
Standard (Arrows) 33%

Additional Perks

  • War Axe Focus I - His basic war axe skill increases damage and armor penetration with one-handed chopping weapons.
    [Damage x 1.05, +10 Armor Penetration]
  • Sword Focus I - Your basic skill with one-handed blades enhances your attacks.
    [+8% attack speed, +7 armor penetration]
  • Finesse - His training enhances your power attack damage by 3%
    for every piece of Evasion armor or clothing currently equipped, for a maximum of 12%.
  • Penetrating Strikes - One-handed power attacks are easier to execute, and further penetrate enemy armor.
    [-50% power attack stamina cost, +5 armor penetration]