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Basic Stats

Stat Value
Health 385
Magicka 365
Stamina 90
Movement Speed 100
Melee Damage 1 unarmed, Depends on Sword.
Ranged Damage None
Magical Damage Lightning Bolt - The caster evokes a bolt of lightning that deals 25 points of shock damage to Health and half that to Magicka.
  Sparks - The caster causes lightning arcs to spring forth that shocks everyone inside for 20 points per second, draining both health and magicka. When the spell is released, the currents slowly ebbs away. Casting multiple Lightning Sparks at the same target will not increase the applied damage.
Cloak Lightning Cloak For 60 seconds nearby opponents take 12 points of shock damage and half magicka damage. The caster gains 30% of shock resist for the duration.
Shout Unrelenting Force
Summon Reanimate Corpse - The caster reanimates a more powerful dead body for 60 seconds.
  Summon Storm Atronach - Summongs a Standard Storm Atronoch for 60 seconds
Standard AR None
Magical AR 30%
Magical Protection Lesser Ward - The caster creates a protective shield that negates a great amount of physical damage and negates up to 40 points of spell damage or effects.
AP None
Health Regeneration None
Diseased No
Can Knockdown Player  


  • One of the following Weapons
Name Base Stats
Daedric Sword 90
Dwarven Sword 66
Ebony Sword 78
Elven Sword 54
Glass Sword 72
Iron Sword 42
Orcish Sword 60
Steel Sword 48
  • with one of the following Enchants
Name Stats
Thunderbolts 20 Shock Damage
Lightning 10 Shock Damage
Storms 30 Shock Damage
Shocks 15 Shock Damage

Additional Perks

  • Necromancy Undead and ghostly summons last 50% longer. He can reanimate more powerful corpses (3x higher level) that last 10x longer.

Weapon Protection

Type Reductions
Slash (Swords & Axes) 50% reduction
Pierce(Daggers) 80% reduction
Ranged (Bows & Crossbows) 75% reduction

Material Protection

Type Damage change
Silver (Melee) 150%
Standard (Arrows) 20%


Type Protection Weakness
Frost 80 N/A
Fire N/A 25
Shock 50 N/A
Poison Immune N/A
Sneak Attack Immune N/A