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Turn on/off Autosaves?

The problem in a heavily modded set up is that it has a ton of script heavy mods. Sometimes a script will get paused for saving, and that script won’t be able to recover properly from it’s paused state. This leads to a corrupted save. Another possibility is that your computer is already under so much strain from the scripts that the save function can actually cause a ctd when trying to save, usually during some script-intensive moment.

The point being that not using auto-save can help with avoiding ctds (if you’ve been experiencing them on loading Screens) and hence corrupted save files when you try to load one after a CTD. In addition, Auto-saves increase cell loading times by 500%, so it’s preferable to manually save once inside a cell, rather than have it integrated into the loading screen.

Autosaves are not bad intrinsically (in and of themselves), it’s that there are an insufficient number of them if something goes wrong, leading to the possibility of many lost hours of gameplay progress. You would be forced to use a previous ‘hard save.’.

TL;DR Autosaves are ok, but timing is what determines if they’re safe or more likely to corrupt. Having multiple saves to use limits the amount of play lost to script-death.

Should you want to turn them on against advice - they can be re-enabled By editing the INI files located in Game-files\Launcher\Graphics presets\Preset you play\Skyrimprefs.ini

Please note: Turning them on from in game will only apply for that session and will reset back to defaults next time you hit launch.