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Release notes 1.1.0


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WL-1288 Northwatch keep habour - Overgown

Solution: Disabled tree

WL-1286 Dwarven breakdown recipes giving more weight of fragments than original item

Solution: Added breakdowns for Dwarven Cutlery and corrected existing recipes so that fragments are based on 5 fragments per kilo.

WL-1285 Immersive Patrols NPC’s might not be using proper head parts for High Poly Head

Solution: Swapped regular head parts for high poly head versions.

WL-1284 Wolf conjuration summon flees when injured

Solution: Tagged all summons with KYWD_NoFearYield

WL-1283 Drink/Refill hotkey does not work

Solution: Added a bit of code to SunHelm’s startup to force initialize some missing settings. The hotkey now works as designed

WL-1282 Immersive Speechcraft guard dialogue is broken, only displays “Nevermind”

Solution: Fixed conditions in combat speech subtopics, works properly now

WL-1280 Spell selection is erroneously displaying when users create a custom class

Solution: Edited the manual skill selection script to bypass the spell selection state entirely, and jump straight to the final state

WL-1277 Animal death item lists are still accessible when animals turn to dust post-Raise Dead

Solution: Removed all items from all DeathItem animal and monster leveled lists referenced by Hunterborn.

WL-1274 Double hotkey - FLP and Predator vision

Solution: Moved Nightvision and Heat (Predator) vision to [ and ] respectively

WL-1271 Corproial Dragons doesnt appear to be working correctly

Solution: Hunterborn had a built-in method of preventing the mod from starting during startup, as well as some other tricky checks. I re-edited the MCM and MAIN scripts to properly initialize, load, and implement the settings, and everything now appears to be working properly.

WL-1268 Nightgale inn is really dark!

Solution: Added a candle to the bar to make things a bit less dark at night.

WL-1267 Mjoll the lioness - Not my follower - but i can ask her to carry gear

Solution: Fixed improper condition ordering on a Mjoll-specific trade dialogue (60020)

WL-1266 “Combination” horse armor recipes result in an overabundance of crafting XP

Solution: Tagged all the “adorned” horse armors with No Crafting Experience

WL-1265 Various recipes adding hoods to helmets result in too much crafting XP, and many of the helmeted hoods are missing breakdown/separation recipes

Solution: Tagged all the “hooded helmet” items with No Crafting Experience, and added breakdown recipes for any hooded helmets still missing them.

WL-1264 Steel Furred Cuirass and Steel Furred Plate Cuirass utilize Craftsmanship instead of Advanced Blacksmithing

Solution: Edited Steel Furred Cuirass and Steel Furred Plate Cuirass to utilize Advanced Blacksmithing, and edited their recipes for parity with other similar items

WL-1263 Many Ancient Nordic Hero items can be crafted with the basic crafting perk, instead of Advanced Blacksmithing as intended

Solution: Edited all Ancient Nordic Hero recipes to utilize Advanced Blacksmithing instead of Craftsmanship.

WL-1262 Missing breakdown recipes for divine replica amulets

Solution: Added missing breakdown recipes for the nine divine replica amulets

WL-1261 Recipes for fully assembled jewelry (for example, Gold Amber Circlet) are providing tons of experience because of their value

Solution: Tagged the fully assembled items with NoCraftingExperience. Crafting experience will instead come from creating the base materials (gems and base items). Ideally you’d have experience from setting the gems as well, but this is a limitation of basing XP gain on value.

WL-1260 Amulet Replicas erroneously do not require Advanced Blacksmithing

Solution: Added Advanced Blacksmithing perk requirement to all divine amulet replicas (excluding Zenithar’s, which only requires steel)

WL-1259 Ultrawide resolution support for 21:9 and 32:9 monitors

Solution: Added full support for 21:9 and 32:9 monitors. All HUD elements have been adjusted and rescaled, scripts updated, and launcher updated. Thanks to user LeapDay for their help, plus the Wildlander team.

WL-1257 Better landscape conflict resolution

Solution: I ran through all landscape records edited by all mods and ensured they are properly conflict resolved, and use intended fixes where appropriate.

WL-1255 Edit Immersive Speechcraft options and menu to be more immersive

Solution: Edited all Immersive Speechcraft options to more closely resemble the modals from The Sims, e.g. they are descriptive actions instead of spoken lines.

WL-1253 Irnskar ironhand having a conversatiuon from inside of a tree.

Solution: Moved Tree back closer to the wall

WL-1251 Dawn of skyrim NPC “Nilera” sells a Daedra heart every refresh

Solution: Removed Heart from merchant chest.

WL-1250 Illusion upkeep spells

Solution: Corrected perks which were incorrectly inflating the upkeep costs

WL-1246 Quest Waking nightmare - when on step release the miasma - And your pretending yto be casimir - you can see your player’s body in front of camera (video attached)


WL-1244 [Smithing Exploit] Mammoth tusk breakdown

Solution: Added NoCraftingExperience to all Ingredients crafted by Wildlander, and changed nordic amulet/necklace recipes to use a small animal bone instead of bonemeal

WL-1242 Brynwolf in Thieves guild gear is “Armless”

Solution: Added the entire Thieves Guild faction to the NPC clothing exception list. I also adjusted the navmesh for the Thieves Guild HQ to go around the brazier.

WL-1236 Mudcrabs/Chaarus have bones - real crabs have a exoskeleton so shouldnt give bones

Solution: Removed Bones from the loot lists

WL-1233 Traps at Rundil’s alter (winterhold) are more or less completely invisible

Solution: This one continues to be a huge pain in the ass, so I just left the rune that kills Rundi, and removed the others.

WL-1230 Wooden chests and wooden barrels are inequal in weight

Solution: Both items now have same weight

WL-1229 Spider webs are generally too bright and white, despite being edited by Spider Webs and Particles for ENB

Solution: Edited their textures to be a little darker, though they are still a bit bright maybe

WL-1219 MCM Suggestions

Solution: Set Requiem and Skald’s Mail so that smithing books are non mandatory, and the courier will still deliver important letters. I also nerfed Hunterborn’s Bounty bonus by 75%

WL-1216 AlchDrink_NirnSpringTea “Nirn Spring Tea” [ALCH:300402E0] - Gives 50% MR, 25 Magic regen and 25 fortify. Can be used while in combat. needs a nerf

Solution: Reduced effects to 5 fortify / 5 regen / 5 MR

WL-1215 Beitild “Beitild” [NPC_:00013612] cannot be killed for dark brotherhood quest

Solution: Added No flee keyword to this NPC (and to ebony warrior)

WL-1213 Further crafting fixes

Solution: Added Breakdown recipes for Backpacks, Daedric armor, Dawnguard armor and several horse Saddles which were missing one

WL-1204 Adding a new item to favourites isnt removing from the breakdown menu when using a keyboard + controller (and using the F kley)

Solution: Script for breakdown menu was only refreshing favorites when using the key from controller. This has been corrected,

WL-1195 Solitude Outlaw Refuge chef was not selling any food items (despite buying them)

Solution: For whatever reason, having his buy/sell list set to VendorItemsInnkeeper was not populating his inventory (maybe because he didn’t belong to the innkeeper faction?) In any case, selecting a different vendor list allowing food seems to have done the job

WL-1193 Whiterun Guards still say the player has “the jarl’s confidence”, despite the player being a fresh char

Solution: The vanilla guard dialogue responsible was overwritten by Guard Dialogue Overhaul. I reset it to vanilla/USSEP, and adjusted the conditions to check for whiterun thaneship (Favor253 quest == stage 20)

WL-1190 typo on perk REQ_Alchemy_AlchemicalLore2 “Alchemical Lore” [PERK:000C07CA]

Solution: Corrected Spelling

WL-1189 Flame Powder unavailable to craft

Solution: Removed the reference to the smelter in the perk description.

WL-1188 Missing Breakdown recipes.

Solution: Added breakdown recipes for Cloaks and fur hoods.

WL-1187 Marksman perks reference Expertise in the description which doesn’t actually exist.

Solution: Perk Description corrected

WL-1184 Crafting a Stack of items grants the same XP as crafting a single item

Solution: XP script corrected to multiply the XP by number crafted.

WL-1183 XPMSSE still generates a bunch of suspended errored stacks

Solution: Script fix applied to prevent these errors.

WL-1181 Male skin textures are too shiny

Solution: Made less Shiny

WL-1180 Summoned Dremora are susceptible to fear fleeing

Solution: Added No flee Keyword

WL-1176 Armor_LinenMonkBootsBlack_Breakdown [COBJ:FE023A6D] Not working

Solution: Corrected erroneous Archmage boots entries in the conditions to be able to break down this item.

WL-1175 Random CTD in solitude SkyrimSE.exe+9C2DCF Solution:

WL-1173 Crafting lockpicks (need just first Smithing and first Lockpicking perks) grants a LOT of exp for virtually zero gold investment; iron frags are cheap! Probably needs reworking.

Solution: The bulk Lockpick (10) recipe used a token that for some reason was causing double XP gain. Edited the recipe to simply produce 10 standard lockpick misc items.

Also reduced the value of lockpicks to 5 and edited their recipes to require 2 fragments, so they give less overpowered crafting XP

WL-1170 Add smelter to winterhold - Somewhere in this area

Solution: Added smelter next to the crafting area at the rear of Birna’s oddments.

WL-1169 [Quest] Sinding has a speechcraft “hand over your variables” line when you tell him hircine says he needs to die, and he responds so be it”

Solution: Exempted WerewolfBeastRace from Immersive Speechcraft mechanics.

WL-1168 Turning the lantern on, then storing it in a chest doesnt turn it off, nor will it let you turn it off with the L key

Solution: Reworked the lantern code. The light will turn off automatically if you remove the lantern, and have no lanterns left in your inventory.

WL-1167 Followers aren’t using player crafted healing potions

Solution: Added suggested mod NPC’s Use Potions

WL-1166 Riding in 1st person - Jumped off a cliff, My horse despawned on death.

Solution: Removed deleteonunload keyword from horse clone records.

WL-1164 [Quest] Barbas gets stuck on a tree just outside of Falkreath and cant progress the quest

Solution: Moved the offending tree off the road onto the nearby grass.

WL-1163 Toolkits missing breakdown recipes

Solution: Added breakdown recipes for all toolkits. Steel for ones requiring steel, coal and kindling for the wooden ones

WL-1161 Master locked safe in Markarth isn’t marked as owned

Solution: Assigned ownership to TownMarkarthFaction

WL-1159 Random fire in the middle of Proudspire manor

Solution: Embers XD was overwriting proudspiremanortnf for this reference. Forwarded the latter as intended

WL-1158 bulk recipes for fragments to ingots

Solution: Added bulk recipes for 5 and 10 ingots

WL-1155 Laundry clipping with tree - Darkwater crossing

Solution: Deleted tree

WL-1153 Breakdown menu has two recipes to craft “disabled” weapons

Solution: Removed Recipes

WL-1149 Thieves guild - Training chests contain loot

Solution: Created non-loot, non-respawning versions of the chests and also included the linked script fix mod so that chest relock seconds after being opened.

WL-1148 Floating tree in solitude (next to imperial Alehouse)

Solution: Moved Tree

WL-1146 Cutpurse perk effects does not match description REQ_Pickpocket_Cutpurse “Cutpurse” [PERK:00058202]

Solution: Changed text to indicate 100%

WL-1145 All of the horses at the Dawnstar/Morthal/Dragonbridge Stables are free

Solution: Changed ownership of horses to town factions.

WL-1144 Happy little Floating tree next to windpeak Inn

Solution: Moved trees so they are in the floor

WL-1142 [Icle marker] NPC hammering on fresh air!

Solution: Moved Idle marker to correct location

WL-1141 Leather strips & dark leather - Recipes only available via player crafting - not on work stations

Solution: Added Recipes to the Tanning rack object.

WL-1140 Floating lantern outside of Olava the feebles house in whiterun

Solution: Disabled Lantern

WL-1136 roast meat keybind when standing next to a campfire is empty, but player crafting has meat recipes.

Solution: Disabled Roast meat keybind - Functionality has been folded into player crafting.

WL-1134 Track abilility in game is disabled, so why does Bone Amulet of the Full Moon crafting recipe still exist

Solution: Bone Amulet of the Full Moon crafting recipe disabled

WL-1132 Borgakh the Steel Heart - Cannot recruit even with 100 speech as a none orc.

Solution: Corrected her recruitment checks.

WL-1131 Enchant Lvl 100 does work, but only at 55% instead of 75% magnitude

Solution: Increased effect to 75% magnitude as described in the perk

WL-1130 Player crafting bug - When near a heatsource, can only use chef toolkit. Survival is greyed out.

Solution: Enchanting via honed metal wasn’t correctly resetting the flag, So player crafting believed the player was talking to a blacksmith

WL-1127 [Clip] Solitude -Tree growing our of left side of archway (both front and back - two trees)

Solution: Disabled Trees

WL-1125 Blue palace - Floating Candle in courtyard

Solution: Removed Candle

WL-1112 using alt+tab causes weird 3rd person behaviour

Solution: Moved Duel Wield Parry from Alt to Control.

WL-1111 Going into console shows a unknown variable error

Solution: Removed variable from setup script.

WL-1110 NPC Overhauls. (Madesi, Keevara, Cicero, Veezara, Nenya)

Solution: Adjusted all mentioned NPC’s to be better fitting.

WL-1108 CTD - running from riverwood to whiterun - foggy weather - SkyrimSE.exe+C2A5F3

Solution: Still not entirely sure about the cause of this one, so I’m trying a nuclear solution where I revert the weather record entirely back to Update.esm (versus the CW edits).

WL-1107 Tools - vendor purchase


  • Added Alchemist’s Toolkit to VendorGoldApothecary list
  • Added Chef’s Tools to VendorGoldInn
  • Added 5 counts of the 75% chance toolkit list to VendorGoldMisc

WL-1106 Dual wield weapons - off hand invisible

Solution: Added Simple Dual Sheath.

WL-1105 Bashing with torches gives destruction exp

Solution: This is no longer an issue, now that you cannot attack dummies directly to gain experience.

WL-1104 Missing recipe - Lantern oil A1247D91

Solution: Added Crafting recipes for this item

WL-1103 Starting as a nightblade - no tooltip for other toolkits shown in forge

Solution: Added missing forge recipes for toolkits. They will now be craftable at the forge as well.

WL-1102 Started as a Nightblade - Gave me 9 perks to spend!


WL-1101 Using f10 to start as a vampire in Karthwasden trigger a crash on spawn SkyrimSE.exe+7BEC84

Solution: Moved Spawn point away from the scripted event which was triggering the crash.

WL-1100 Nemesis Unlimited Behavior Engine - crashes on engine update

Solution: This could be related to antivirus / windows defender, as I have to disable my windows defender every time I want to run any of the patchers. We should include a note about this in any customization resources

WL-1099 FAL Skin Shaved Version for Female SE - does weirdness with the left ear

Solution: Hid the FAL normal map for female head, and allowed Cyb’s to take precedence. This appears to have worked with no issue - somewhat surprising, since the normals were technically generated from different textures and maybe even different meshes.

WL-1098 Firepit in moorside Inn not recognized for food cooking as “nearby flame”

Solution: Added Embers XD proprietary static records to the campfire fire detection formID list

WL-1097 Healing Poultice Recipe incorrect (item 8141d2CD)

Solution: Swapped in custom written copy with accurate instructions, materials, and requirements

WL-1094 Hunters still have various callouts when attacking animals

Solution: I covered many of the uncovered attack dialogues (listed in dialogue topic `00013ee3`) with a condition to not attack if the actor has the animal keyword.

WL-1092 J’s bugfixes

Solution: Various script fixes to prevent papyrus errors.

WL-1091 Steel buckle - crafting recipe exists, but nothing can be made with them!

Solution: Disabled recipe

WL-1085 Dawn of Skyrim skooma merchants do not actually sell skooma / don’t have a faction & chest associated (with the likely exception of “Ferrum” in Riften

Solution: These vendors were drawing from the VendorListApothecary, but that vendor list no longer accepts skooma/drugs because of Requiem’s addition of the BlackMarket keyword.

I created a separate vendor list for Skooma dealers (VendorItemsSkoomaDealer) that includes the black market keyword, and assigned this new vendor list to the InconNPC’s dealers.

WL-1078 Looking at some fires drop the fps hard. (about -120 FPS for me)

Solution: Adjusted ENB Settings.

WL-1076 Armor material keywords need reverting to vanilla for Item Degradation’s ini to process correctly.

Solution: Reverted all vanilla armor material keywords to their og EDID’s (all DLC’s + update as well)

WL-1074 ENB wetness and night eye

Solution for wetness: Disabled cubemap, adjusted fresnel fences as instructed. Nighteye corrected via installing the correct files.

WL-1072 Dawnguard questline does not continue after refusing Harkon and returning to fort dawnguard

Unable to Correct. According to the info at this UESP link, the conclusion of the Bloodline quest sometimes bugs and does not properly start A New Order. This issue did not occur for me.

If it does occur, it seems simple enough to advance the quest stages mentioned in the description.

WL-1069 Dwarven Masterful Light Crossbow’s cannot be tempered - even with all perks “you dont know how to improve this yet” Despite it appearing on the grindstone

Solution: Removed the keyword preventing the temper of enchanted light crossbows.

WL-1051 Blacksmiths will not improve Nordic Armor

Solution: Distributed Nordic Smithing perk to a bunch of blacksmiths throughout the world. Mostly nords, and blacksmiths whose skill would qualify them.

WL-1036 Malyn Varyn (Azura’s Star warlock) is too far away upon entering the cell, creating a scenario where the player becomes dialogue locked while enemies are attacking

Solution: Moved his reference marker even closer to the player spawn marker. This is a weird one - we patched it in response to Just Wildy not encountering Malyn until much further into the cell, but there’s no explanation as to why Malyn was not on his original marker, as its location is not edited.

In any case, moved it closer to be surer the situation will not happen.

WL-1034 Frostfall messages are annoying, there’s too many

Solution: Nullified a lot of Frostfall’s generic status updates. Will see if more crop up during gameplay that require fixing

WL-1032 Immersive Speech/Dialogue affects children

Interim solution: Added `ischild == 0` conditions on Immersive Speechcraft dialogue topics and quest. In the future, would be cool if this were doable via vaSynth or whatevs.

WL-1030 Innkeepers keep repeating their “greeting” dialogue; doubly annoying when re-entering the cell from a bath, or card game

Solution: Created custom script `WL_TavernGreetingsPreventer` that updates a global for each of the 10 tavern greetings. I also added a global condition to the dialogues. This prevents the dialogues from playing more than once per character.

WL-1027 Aetherial Helmet night vision bug

Solution: Caused by the Nightvision - no shaders bug. Launcher update for 1.1 will fix this

WL-1023 Bow-bashing dummies gains Marksman experience

Solution: This is no longer an issue, now that you cannot attack dummies directly to gain experience.

WL-1022 The level 100 enchanting perk text is confusing users

Solution: Changed text to highlight that the player receives a USABLE POWER

WL-1019 Medium/Low/Potato ini’s need tweaking for shadows, rain occlusion

Solution: changed Precipitation Occlusion setting to 1 in all SkyrimPrefs ini’s.

WL-1014 The Two Handed Master perk: Mighty Strike says in it’s description it provides Expertise (instead of AP) ans not only that, but it doesn’t provide any Armor Penetration at all ,tested several times

Solution: Changed the copy to read [Damage x1.25]

WL-1012 [Crafting] Fragments cannot be turned into Ingots using honed metal

Solution: I believe this was related to the globals problem in the honed metal script (can’t find the linked issue, but Lizzy found it when enchanting or selecting a different service besides straight crafting). I was not able to reproduce this issue after the fix, so hopefully that is the case.

WL-1008 [PWP] Unable to purchase Hjerim

Solution: Dialog conditions for No Favor relationship rank were >=2 instead of <2.

WL-1007 [PWP] Incorrect Honeyside Cost

Solution: Honeyside (Riften) No Favor cost is 18750. This is the Breezehome (Whiterun) Favor cost. Likely the dialogue condition is checking against the wrong global.

WL-1004 Werewolves are not Hunterborn-harvestable

Solution: Hunterborn was using the Dawnguard Loot leveled list for werewolves, instead of the requiem linked to the actual NPC’s

WL-997 Absorb Essence and possibly other spells don’t have archetypes for spell research

Solution: Added appropriate archtypes for new requiem spells.

WL-992 Left Casting/ Weapon swingind NOT working while standing

Solution: Installed Dual Wield Block, should be fixed

WL-990 Sybille Stentor keeps walking outside and dying to sunlight

Solution: Increased Ms. Stentors base health so that the sun does not kill her outright.

WL-989 I activated a training dummy and selected to train 2-handed skill for 4 hours. The skill gain was about 1/30 of a skill level. My 2 handed skill level is 27.

Solution: Installed Train and Study Requiem Patch

WL-984 Starting a new game, when finish mapping the keys and show a modal saying its all ready and crash in the character creation menu fiss.dll+4481

Potential solution: Added some `Utility.Wait()`’s to the FISS loading operations in the Wildlander startup script. There are still FISS operations in Hunterborn and MoreHUD that this would not account for, but this padding will hopefully be enough to prevent the issue.

WL-982 Hunterborn not giving some materials

Solution: Issue here is that Venomous Spittle comes from Requiem, versus Hunterborn’s venom(s). I replaced the instances of Venomous Spittle within the blood vial recipe, and also replaced any other instances of Venomous Spittle with appropriate venom(s).

WL-977 Remove non-smithing/metal recipes from Forge to assuage user confusion, add NoCraftingExperience keywords to all pertinent items

Solution: Any None-metal item no longer requires a forge to craft. but does not give smithing XP as a result

WL-974 Erik the Slayer looks too old.

Solution: Model has been adjusted to suit his age.

WL-973 No Light version of the Stormcloak Cuirass appears to exist in game.

Solution: Made the featured armor record back into Light.

WL-972 Killed level 37 “Renald Bridgette” and when trying to loot his hooded robes of quickening they do not appear in my inventory

Solution: Hooded Robes were apparently using the wrong swap script

WL-971 Thalmors believe Dragon Bridge is the Ultimate Rebel Village or something

Solution: Corrected the AI package of the Added Thalmor patrols so they dont think they are common bandits

WL-968 Short male hairstyles clip with neck

Solution: Reinstalled HPH and ticked the option to patch the vanilla hairstyles. appears to have fixed the issues

WL-966 The X hud button is cancelled out by too many actions

Solution: the improved / more airtight logic of the updated Hide HUD code fixes these issues.

WL-962 I completed part of the civil war Reunification of Skyrim to retake the Pale for the Legion. Afterwards when I visited again the Imperial guards supposed to be there are now walking around wearing no armor and only loincloths.

Background: My theory on the cause of this issue is that the base record for these Imperial guards (6189040c) is flagged to use the template’s inventory, and the template (LvlGuardImperial 1fc62) has a Requiem script assigned to conditionally add gear, versus a standard method like adding gear to their inventory.

Solution: I have removed the “Use Inventory” flag from each of the 3 ETaC Dawnstar Imperial guards, and given them gear from leveled list CWSoldierImperialGear. This will bypass the need to grab gear from that script, and if that was the issue, they should have gear now.”

WL-961 Fort Hraggstad’s outside trap door of the collapsed tower to the right.

Solution: No Snow Under Roofs was reverting Forts’ re-instatement of the tower. Fort mod has been given precedence, fixing the issue.

WL-954 In Honed Metal, if your select the option to have NPCs have rare materials, when you try any of the HM menu options, the menu closes, and the PC is frozen in place.

Unable to Replicate. This is likely fixed by the newest version of Honed Metal

WL-953 CTD when trying to interact with Adrianne Avenicci Honed Metal dialogue additions.

Unable to Replicate. This is likely fixed by the newest version of Honed Metal

WL-945 [Clipping] Basil’s house in Riverwood has multiple trees clipping through it

Solution: Removed Tree from House

WL-939 After loading my most recent saves I am able to play the game but after engaging in dialogue or about 3 minutes in, SkyrimSE.exe+10B9F52

Solution: RLO Adds new models for the noble on horseback random encounter. One of these nobles is triggering the crash. Reverted to Vanilla.

WL-937 Train Dummies are overpowered.

Solution: Removed the ability to gain experience from dummies by straight up hitting them; removed the Train and Study dummies from the list of dummies that grant xp. there is not a way by default to differentiate between skills. It would be possible in the future to un-globalize the experience multiplier per skill, but I don’t think it’s worth the effort right now.

WL-936 Iron Lantern will not equip properly. Prompts character to place a storage chest upon equipping

Solution I’m going to add QuickLight ro replace Wearable Lanters. Perhaps in the future we can expand on quicklight to utilize an “oil” resource, the same as Wearable Lanterns.

WL-933 Captain Veleth is being renamed by Real Names (DLC2 guy fighting ash spawn)

Solution: Added Captain Veleth to Real Names’ exceptions formlist

WL-929 Easy smithing Levels exploits

Solution: Added the NoCraftingExperience keyword to:

  • All kindling
  • All tinder
  • Wooden Walking Stick
  • Medicinal Salve

WL-928 Dovah Sonaak textures being overwritten with Project clarity

Solution: Hid pertinent textures from Project Clarity.

WL-926 I just hired Jenassa in Whiterun as a mercenary, was supposed to get charged 300 septims (she is lvl10), instead got charged 300 septims and then immediately another 215 septims for no apparent reason.

Solution: For some reason, hiring a mercenary sometimes “double charges” the player. I tried adding a check to the FLP hire/tame script to check for pre-existence in the Current Follower Faction, which hopefully will solve the problem.

WL-924 Linen Monk Boots - Black (swapped) do not seem to be giving the swapped version

Solution: The swap script was using “SeparateHood” instead of “SeparateRobe” which maybe caused the issue????

WL-921 When the Hall of the Vigilant is destroyed, the intact version of the Hall remains when it shouldn’t

Solution: The issue is that NSUTR’s undestroyed version of the hall was not linked to the reference that enables when the Dawnguard questline starts (when the hall is supposed to be destroyed). I linked this version to that reference, and set its enable state to opposite of the parent (so when the parent marker is enabled, this reference is disabled).

WL-920 Holding block does not cost any stamina

Not an issue. I vastly reduced the amount of stamina drain for blocking because NPC AI can’t account for it, and would turtle until their stamina was shot.

WL-919 moreHUD carry weight does not update properly when bathing; reequipping a backpack, for example, will not update the total carry weight until player enters magic menu or receives an item

Solution: I added moreHUD’s refresh function `UI.Invoke(“HUD Menu”, “_root.AHZWidgetContainer.AHZWidget” + “.RefreshWidgets”)` to the end of the animation events for bathing, both with and without soap.

WL-914 Put EbonyMail armor crafting under Ebony crafting perk

Solution: Ebony Smithing requirement to Ebony Mail conversion recipes

WL-913 Guards enter dialogue and interrupt when using forge or other objects

Solution: I removed the forcegreet package from Suspicious City Guards’ stopquest scene. After testing, all of the other functionality remains intact except the annoying force greet

WL-912 Guards comment negatively when training at the range…eg” don’t do that”, “Stop it” Please fix it for immersion

Not an Issue: Rather than removing the guard reactions when you swing your weapon, etc. (which I do find cool), I have prevented training dummies from providing experience when attacked directly, so there should not be a need to “fix” this

WL-910 The gold a npc adds to their inventory after you train at them is not accessible for trade with the player

Solution: Issue resolved

WL-909 Fort dawnguard dogs can be greeted or intimidated to hand over valuables.

Solution: Added conditions to Immersive Speechcraft quests preventing them from activating on the race DLC1ArmoredHuskyCompanionRace.

WL-907 Sybille Stentor only pays close to nothing for any item regardless of value.

Solution: Issue resolved

WL-901 [Idle marker] In Riftern, around forge, theres a guy hammering the air

Solution: Solution: Shifted the idle marker over to the other side of the crane

WL-898 Black Book Sallow Regent area is pitch black

Solution: ELE’s edits were causing weirdness with this cell, presumably bc of the unique darkness mechanic. Reverting the lighting templates/etc. fixed the issue and made the cell visible/navigable again.

WL-896 using real names on Inconcequental NPC’s Sometimes breaks the Interactions.

Solution: I gave all the Incon NPC’s their own names, which should prevent Real Names from running on them in the first place.

WL-893 I purchased all the upgrades to Breezehome. Some containers aren’t flagged as safe, mainly the wardrobes, end tables and cupboard on the main floor as well as upper floor. The chest in the master bedroom is also not flagged as safe container.

Solution: Many of the containers utilized by the housing mods are vanilla, and many of the vanilla containers are set to respawn by WACCF. I replaced (hopefully) all instances of these containers with custom empty/non-respawning versions, across all the player homes.

WL-887 It looks like spending too much time (15 + min) in Racemenu at character creation starts an infinite load time.

Unable to Replicate. I left a character in initial race menu for ~30 minutes, loaded into the game just fine

WL-886 Crafting any type of arrows or bolts gives insane amount of experience.

Solution: Added NoCraftingExperience keyword to the Quiver weapon records.

WL-885 Hestla (Vampire Smith in Castle Volikhar) does not have Honed Metal options

Solution: Added Hestla to JobBlacksmithFaction.

WL-881 You do not receive blessings of Azura, Mephala or Boethia in the Dunmer Temple in Windhelm

Solution: These effects were edited by Fozar’s so that you could only receive them if you had completed the corresponding Daedric quest. I added lessened versions of the blessings for players who have not yet completed the quests.

WL-880 Missive to deliver weapon to prisoner in Cidhna Mine

Solution: Added all Cidhna Mine Expanded NPC’s to missives blocklist

WL-879 Cannot remove facepaint from Bosmer Male preset 1

Solution: Fixed as part of 1.1’s NPC updates

WL-878 I just came across “Return to Severin Manor” spell, and to be honest, that’s just broken for Requiem

Solution: Disabled reference for the spellbook, added by Severin Manor Improvements.

WL-876 Raven Rock blacksmith cannot craft or temper morrowind gear(bonemold, chitin)

Solution: Added the Bonemold and Chitin perks to Glover Mallory.

WL-874 character spawns in the void

Solution: Interim fix is removing the Random option from the initial menu message. I think the reason this issue occurs is because our changes to Skyrim Unbound currently break some of its starts/presets, which is a larger issue with the current Skyrim Unbound implementation.

In the future, when we expand the starts, we should revisit the implementation. This will give us a chance to revisit the random feature as well.

A useful bit of code for implementing our own random feature will be `Utility.RandomInt()`, which allows us to cast an int’s value randomly (e.g. `int option = Utility.RandomInt(0,10)`

WL-873 CTD on saving, be it manual or quick, after getting the necromancers amulet and leaving the windhelm area. I can sometimes save once or twice after the amulet, usually thou CTD immediately. 0X0, 0x143CAC20360 and SkyrimSE.exe+128C07

Solution: I Added WIDeadBodyCleanup script to unequip all items before the transfer, which apparently fixes the issue!

WL-870 After completing the Forsworn Conspiracy and going to Cidna mine peacefully I can not speak to anyone, draw any weapons, or interact with any objects.

Not An Issue / Unable to Replicate. When you go peacefully with the guards, there is a small moment before the guard lets you out where you are unable to interact with anything, but this appears by design. I am not sure if the update to Blood and Silver fixed this issue, or if it never existed to begin with, but I was able to interact with everyone in the mine past that point.

WL-868 Honed metal broketh

Unable to Replicate. Very likely this was caused by the older version(s) and fixed with the update.

WL-867 Followers are stuck in place after player waiting

Unable to Replicate. Perhaps fixed by the additional memory scripts can use to fire, or something borked over a long term playthrough for the user.

WL-866 [CTD] I equipped a paper lantern than replaced it with an iron lantern and threw the paper lantern on the floor. SkyrimSE.exe+AA07E4

Unable to Replicate. Could just be same ol Wearable Lanterns weirdness,

WL-865 Riding Lydia - YIKES

Solution: Disabled the FLP dialogue options for… riding followers? whatever they are, they’re disabled now

WL-863 When performing research (eg 3 hours) on visibility, an insane amount of experience is received on illusion and light.

Solution: Updated Plot’s spell research requiem patch, should fix this

WL-862 vendor chest no lock in windhelm

Solution: Added a master lock to Ginda Ildram’s vendor chest.

WL-860 There is no Abandoned Wolf Den, only a hole in the ground without any items.

Not an Issue. The abandoned wolf den is functioning as intended, i.e. it is just an abandoned wolf den with nothing in it. The user likely expected a dungeon, when the cell is intended as a place to rest.

WL-859 Ancestor Glade extremely bright and saturated

Solution: The ancestor glade overarching worldspace was missing a lighting template record from ELE; forwarding this record to WildlanderFULL seems to have fixed the issue

WL-858 Audio Overhaul Skyrim - Immersive Sounds Patch not carried over to Wildlander.esp

Not an issue. These edits are intended.

WL-856 Alessandra be naked. (priestess in Riften’s hall of the dead)

Unable to Replicate. Dunno what’s happening here

WL-855 I can wear two sets of gloves, normal elven (honed by Eorlund and enchanted) and thalmor elven (just enchanted, Eorlund cannot see them in the list and hone). They are both in slot 33 (checked in the inventory).

Solution: The AMB thalmor variants did not have their proper Armor Addon/Armature records forwarded. Forwarding these records fixed the issue.

WL-850 NPC bard “Karita” in the Windpeak Inn in Dawnstar has something wrong with her model/clothing. Her nipple can be seen with her default outfit.

Solution: Added an alternate version of the IB textures (art, normal) to Wildlander with no nipples/bits.

WL-847 If you open the map and quickly pick a location to mark, there is a chance requiem fast travel restriction won’t be enforced

Solution: Added Disable Fast Travel SKSE - No Janky Map UI

WL-845 Riften boatman doesn’t register you having the right amount of gold

Solution: The dialogue conditions were incorrect for ferrymen whose ferry costs were supposed to be FerryCostLocal; the dialogue was actually checking against FerryCost. Have updated all pertinent dialogues.

WL-844 Adding and removing amulet from backpack leads to infinite experience

Solution: Removed the recipes for balance reasons. They are a neat idea, but a little odd in the wider scheme of WL, Like… why does wearing this random thing on my equipment give me a bonus

WL-842 GIST and Requium Interaction - Soul Tomatoes do not act like Soul Gems

Solution: Added Xanza’s Requiem GIST patch mentioned in the description.

WL-836 [Gameplay] You can use pep talk (“Greetings (Speechcraft)” option) dialogue options on Dawnguard dogs

Solution: Added conditions to Immersive Speechcraft quests preventing them from activating on the race DLC1ArmoredHuskyCompanionRace.

WL-835 Dead horse inventories cannot be looted without turning on manual loot option

Solution: Added a custom feature to Hunterborn whereby only horses will have the manual loot option. You can also loot them before Field Dressing, to ensure the items are not destroyed beforehand.

WL-834 [FLP?] Beast Of Intangible, Ability to Change Race???

Solution: There were some leftover dialogue options applying to non-human actors. I removed an erroneous inventory dialogue option, and also routed the non-human “tactics” dialogue to the ordinary options (while excluding things that didn’t make sense, like outfits and teaching spells).

WL-831 [NPCS] Some npcs have not had their facegen converted to High Poly Head. This mostly applies to npcs from the Bijin Mods. Some male npcs don’t have high poly beards.

Solution: added proper headparts to Inconsequential NPC’s, Outlaw Refuges, Skyrim Sewers, JK’s, and Dawn of Skyrim.

WL-828 Gold has too much weight if there is no system for converting gold weight/denominations

Solution: Have reduced gold coin weight to .001000 for the time being, from .002500.

WL-825 Player housing “crate” containers eating items stored in them

Solution: I have removed all crates from the vanilla player houses. This issue is caused by Dynamic Things making the crates lootable (and therefore respawning).

WL-823 [Perk trees] Despite having Alchemical Lore rank 2, sometimes consuming an ingredient only reveals 2 properties.

Solution: Added a condition to Hunterborn’s Botany perk that checks for the presence of Alchemical Lore 2. If Alchemical Lore 2 is detected, it will take precedent over Botany.

WL-821 [Quest] “Gather 10 bear pelts for Temba Wide-Arms in Ivarstead” doesn’t recognize non-vanilla quality pelts.

Solution: Added a custom script WL_PeltSwapper to all Fine and Flawless pelts, allows you to downgrade these pelts into standard quality for the purpose of turning them in for quests.

WL-820 [Crafting] Can’t craft torches.

Solution: Apparently LIGHT records cannot be crafted directly. Replaced the crafted object with Campfire’s torch tokens, which swap a torch into your inventory when crafted.

WL-819 Follower dialogue that should not be visible is visible at one of Markarth Stables’ dog companions

Solution: There were some leftover dialogue options applying to non-human actors. I removed an erroneous inventory dialogue option, and also routed the non-human “tactics” dialogue to the ordinary options (while excluding things that didn’t make sense, like outfits and teaching spells).

WL-815 [NPC] Lord Harkon turns invisible while transformed into a vampire lord

Solution: As provided by ImUrGreg. The “SkinNaked” armor added by EasyNPC did not contain the requisite Vampire Lord and Werewolf armor addons, causing these transformations to appear invisible. The armor addons have been added to the record in Wildlander.esp.

WL-812 [Gameplay] Door to exit Heartwood Mill misplaced

Solution: Landscape and Water Fixes adjusted the location, which was being overwritten by Requiem. Forwarded proper location

WL-797 soap baskets in the baths sell a variety of items other than soap when the player takes the Merchant perk in Speechcraft

Background: When the player has the “Merchant” perk, merchants will also sell items from their inventory to the player. Keep It Clean used Carlotta Valentia as the base for its washbasket merchant NPC, and erroneously included the items Carlotta also had on her person.

Solution: Removed all inventory items from the Keep It Clean washbasket merchant NPC.

WL-796 Whenever you cast spells and then press “x” to hide GUI, The calender at the bottom left, which spells you have equip, and the temperature bar at the right does not get hidden.

Solution: This is an odd one for sure - hopefully it will be fixed anyway, with the updated version of the Hide UI code.

WL-794 [CTD] After crossing a certain threshold in Chillwind Depths, I crash to desktop; it is 100% reproducible on my saves. (SkyrimSE.exe+1309A40)

Solution: This is apparently a common repeatable crash, fixed by tarlazo’s Chillwind Depths CTD Fix.

WL-793 Followers are fleeing. See if we can’t prevent the flee behavior from engaging, or at least see what’s causing it

Solution: The issue appears to have been caused by Requiem’s True Yield (combat fear) effect being applied to followers. I have added a condition to each of the two effects that ensures the subject is not in the CurrentFollowerFaction.

WL-792 M’aiq seems to be sprinting from place to place

Solution: I think this may be happening because AI Overhaul is overriding his wander package with some weird shit. I have tried reverting the wander package to vanilla, to see if that changes his behavior.

WL-791 Spell Research is going to need further patches, as it imports, for example, the Invisibility spell as an Expert spell (vanilla rank), while it is an apprentice spell in Requiem, this makes it give waay too much experience.

Solution: Patches have been checked and edited where nessisary to ensure that the spells give correct levels of experience

WL-786 Bloodskal Blade not working properly, the one that do woosh and send an red magic damage arc fly. Does not work, it seem that damage is there, but .. no distant attack woosh.

Solution: Unable to Replicate. Seems to work for me

WL-784 I accepted the fire salts quest from Balimund, but then when I speak to him again I get a CTD, doesn’t crash if I don’t accept the quest. SkyrimSE.exe+C2A5F3

Solution: Unable to Replicate. At this point, it is hard to say what might cause C2a5f3. Will keep them logged

WL-783 Mixing Salmon Roe with any other ingredient that gives Waterbreathing will produce a Waterbreathing Potion that has insane value.

Solution: Nerfed the value of Salmon Roe by disabling Auto-Calc, and reducing the ingredient value to 5.

WL-782 Ash spawn are not affected by sun spells.

Solution: Not An Issue, Ash Spawn are not undead lore-wise

WL-777 [Idle marker] faralda in the arcaneum & Ralis Sedarys the first time meeting him (i had to detect aura to find him)

Solution: Removed erroneous idle marker in Arcaneaeaeaeum, adjusted idle markers near Kolbjorn Barrow so they’re not in the ground

WL-773 Summon werebear (duration etc) has not been reqtified at all

Background: This one is odd; the one you obtain from the Standing Stone (as intended) was properly reqtified to a duration of 300 by Fozar’s, but there is an unreferenced variant with the original 60 sec duration. Perhaps the user somehow acquired this unreferenced variant, maybe through Spell Research?

Solution: I made the unreferenced variant 300 seconds, just in case.

WL-769 “Restoration Ritual Spell” quest destription says that I “have been granted the Bane of the Undead” spell, which is not the correct name

Solution: Corrected the quest stage copy to read “Repel Undead (Rank III)” instead of “Bane of the Undead”.

WL-768 Bloodskal Barrow word wall not working

Solution: worked for me!

WL-766 Can’t meet some crafting requirements, like “Forge” while using a forge. Another I have seen is “Soul Gem: Grand” even though I have one in my inventory.

Solution: Removed dummies from offending recipes

WL-765 Start as a wood elf, use the command animal ability, it’ll be greyed out forever from that point. I haven’t tested to see if it does this in other regions or on other animals. Sabre cats were all I used it on.

Solution: This is only half-solved, really. I have removed the SkyUI AIO Survival feature that causes the string script issue (though that is fundamentally caused by the incompatibility between SkyUILib and SkyHUD). However, there is still an issue with Cooldowns not respecting time elapse from mods like Train and Study.

WL-764 [Crafting] Calcinium Fragments cannot be turned into Calcinium Ingots.

Solution: Added missing ingot recipes for both Calcinium and Galatite Fragments.

WL-758 [CTD] Performing melee stealth kill triggers a killmove camera and game crashes (KERNELBASE.dll+34F69)

Solution: Switched to use Violens to stop these Killcams.

WL-752 NPCs appear to have trouble pathing a certain step in Windhelm

Solution: Adjusted the stairs upward slightly to fix the step.

WL-751 Varin at the copper cask inn in deep water crossing has a fucked up chin and only has trade/rent options. no full meal, water refill etc…

Solution: This is actually two issues. One, Varin did not properly belong to the innkeeper faction and therefore missed certain services (fixed by adding to innkeeper faction). Second, his beard and other face parts were not patched for High Poly Head (fixed by patching them for high poly head).

WL-750 Kuvar is a master Heavy Armor trainer after taking back Thirsk Mead Hall, but shows as One Handed at the price of 0 Gold and does not function.

Solution: For some reason, Fozar’s turned Kuvar into a one-handed trainer; since his dialogue and other elements still reference him being a heavy armor trainer, I edited his class back to master heavy armor trainer.

WL-749 [CTD] A crash to desktop occurring at random loading screens.

Solution: I am hoping that the various memory fixes implemented by the linked ticket will help this issue as well, and thus, I am moving this ticket to Testing.

If this proves NOT to be the case, and the crash persists, I will likely update my own pagefile above 8gb and make the pagefile adjustment a necessary part of the install process.

WL-744 Steel cuirass is stronger than Pauldroned Steel Cuirass. (for armour and warmth while it’s also lighter / clearly meant to be less armour

Solution: The user was likely referring to the White variant of Steel Pauldroned Cuirass, which had less armor than its standard counterpart. Brought all Steel Pauldroned Cuirass variants in line - they are all slightly better than Steel Cuirass, and also warm

WL-743 The experience gained from studying invisibility seems to be broken. A few study session yield 438,943 novice experience.

Solution: Updated Plot’s spell research requiem patch, should fix this

WL-740 After getting Hamal (Dibella priestess in Markarth) to enchant something to me, told me my enchanting level hit 91, which I assume is her enchanting level, and gave me experience to my xp bar. Currently my level of enchanting is 7 when that happened.

Solution: Unable to Replicate - this was likely fixed by the update(s) to Honed Metal, as there is a reference to this fix in its changelog.

WL-738 Camera stuck on horse instead of character after using grime covered item while mounted.

Solution: Added a mounted condition check if !PlayerRef.IsOnMount() to the hunterborn grime scavenging script.

WL-736 When using the forge in breezehome, no experience is given for creating anything

Solution: Crafting experience is given - but switching workstations fast means the UI doesnt update. Will need update to CCOR to Fix.

WL-734 Unable to activate Inconsequential NPCs (Cannot talk to them)

Solution: I gave all the Incon NPC’s their own names, which should prevent Real Names from running on them in the first place.

WL-732 Whenever I take a bath (always with soap now) and my character puts her gear back on, she loses all, if not most, of the enchantment buffs from her associated gear.

Solution: This one is interesting; tested by bathing, both using soap and not using soap. The enchantments do seem to reappear, but I noticed moreHUD does not update properly until the player re-enters their magic menu, or receives an item.

I have added a mod called Equip Enchantment Fix as a backup, though I will look into moreHUD’s scripts to see if I can force an update whenever an item is equipped.

WL-731 There are black blocks in the reflecions on the water near riften, noticed only in the rift

Solution: Went to the location described, tested on Ultra / Low / Potato, ENB on and Off. Could not get the issue to reappear.

WL-730 Casting any spell with restricted use area (conjuration spells, runes, etc.) while sneaking causes the crosshair to disappear. Fix included

Solution: The fixed version actually does not seem to affect anything, as the issue itself does not appear - perhaps due to SmoothCam getting updated? Interestingly, the crosshair does sort of “flicker” as though it’s trying to disappear while sneaking/casting runes, but it never actually disappears.

WL-728 Widgets appear over inventory menu when buying/selling or looting inventory.

Solution: Added the fixed version of SkyHUD, per Uranreactor.

WL-727 Crafting gear at the forge grants no smithing experience; tried with several different types of leather equipment, and reloaded older saves. Smithing is level 4 and I have the first perk (but have since sold the book).

Solution: Unable to Replicate. Tried crafting the entire standard Leather Set at Alvor’s forge, plus some random leather items like the doublet.

WL-726 [CTD] Happens at random as far as I can tell, I’ve had a few crashes when loading a save. The crashlog I’ve linked was a save during combat but it has happened before without being in combat. 0x20AAC641F30

Solution: See linked issue 763 for potential solution. This report has a different error code, which is somewhat concerning. Notably, this issue also contains a reference to frostfall projectiles, without a proper crash callstack code; see linked issue 516

WL-722 [CTD] On Save

Solution: Coffin crash :)

WL-721 Elsi’s journal isn’t there?

Solution: The Wildlander.esp was assigning a different model for the book that might’ve been from an older version of Book Covers Skyrim. I think this model assignment was rendering the book invisible.

In any case, restoring the original model seems to have worked, and the book now appears as intended.

WL-719 Recharging Services at a Court Wizard not working

Solution: Appears to have been fixed by the Honed metal update, which adds an alternative recharging method.

WL-718 [Econemy?] Cost of enchanted items drops drastically after putting in first perk into enchantment tree.

Background: Requiem’s attempt at blocking enchanting is the perk RFTI_Player_Enchanting, which apparently sets enchantment power to 0. No idea why this produces the weird values

Solution: I did not fix the pricing, but rather prevented players from being able to use enchanting tables in the first place by adding a perk WL_EnchantingBlocker to the player on startup that blocks activation of any furniture with keyword WICraftingEnchanting

WL-716 Companions quest “Hired Muscle” sent PC to brawl Drevis Neloren at the College of Winterhold. Drevis is inaccessible without college entry requirements met.

Solution: Added Drevis to CR04 Exclusion Faction.

WL-715 [CTD] I saw a horse that was left around Falkreath with noone around, so I stole it and used it to get to Whiterun stables. There I tried to use “adopt” to claim the horse but the game CTDs every time I finish naming it SkyrimSE.exe+67D040

Solution: I went and adopted what I believe is the same horse as this user - the Fjord horse floating around Falkreath after the civil war battle. After riding away, I was able to adopt the horse with no issue.

It is possible that my game is not experiencing the same circumstance’s as the user, or that the crash has been assuaged by the memory fixes. We will see if it appears again.

WL-713 Saadia gets stuck while following her after telling her there are people looking for her. She goes to the table in the kitchen and stands there.

Solution: Unable to Replicate. For me, Saadia just went in the back and upstairs like she always does :thinking: we will be on the lookout for more help replicating.

WL-706 First companion quest - Hired Muscle - sent to attack Hert in Half-Moon-Mill.. who’s a vampire.

Solution: added both Hert and Hern to CR04ExclusionFaction, which should prevent them from being selected for Hired Muscle.

WL-705 Companions quest rewards are too low

Solution: edited CompanionsHousekeepingScript to differentiate the gold rewards based on companions quest difficulty (roughly). I say “roughly” because some quests can still send you to either a bandit camp/animal den, OR a vampire/warlock den. Unfortunately there is no easy way to differentiate rewards between location, may be worth doing in the futur

WL-703 Can’t gather firewood through camping mods. Hunterborn Forage can gather edibles, ingredients, and bones, but will only pass time when selecting the “firewood” forage option and will never give firewood items when generally foraging.

Solution: For some reason, Hunterborn’s tree scanning properties were not assigned. Restoring them has allowed the wood foraging to function as normal; it is possible again to get wood, deadwood, and tree bark from the trees.

WL-702 Handwriting font is too difficult for users to read

Solution: Reverted Handwriting font to vanilla’s.

WL-701 Many jewelry available to craft with first perk. (more in description)


  • Fixed several of the CCA armors showing up twice in Forge (needed to have their stations properly set to Player crafting)
  • Fixed Alik’r Hood - Red having an enchantment when it should not have
  • Fixed Steel Furred Plate Cuirass perk requirement from Craftsmanship to Advanced Blacksmithing
  • Added Ebony Smithing requirement to Ebony Mail conversion recipes

WL-690 [Quest] GOOD INTENTIONS wont progress after listening to tolfdir

Solution: Not So Fast Mage’s guild has been removed

WL-694 [CTD] I have crashed three times, once entering whiterun through the gate, once trying to order something from the blacksmith in riverwood, once going into the general trader in riverwood.

Solution: The commonality in all of these seems to be “hkpRigidBody”, which may be a skeleton related issue. However, an unfortunate problem in diagnosing these is that any crash could theoretically be related to the script memory/memory issues.

WL-688 Hunterborn (and maybe other mods) does not start. Had to load the FISS Profile, before that couldn’t find Huntingknifes at stores and abilities like forage were not available.

Solution: This is actually the conflation of two separate issues. The “hunting knives not appearing at stores” is sort of legitimate, in the sense that Hunterborn’s scripts do not seem to apply the knives the way they’re supposed to unless you deactivate / reactivate the option. However, I have already solved this by manually adding Hunting Knives to general goods merchants.

The “Forage will not activate” issue is one I was Unable to Replicate. Forage seems to work fine for me in every instance I’ve tested it (possibly user needs to rebind key like with Drink in Sunhelm).

WL-686 Told companions to All Wait in the Sleeping GIant Inn and they begin to attack the NPCs. My companions are a Stray Dog and Bjalfi Snow-Song.

Solution: “Bjalfi Snow-Song” is not an actual NPC, so he is probably one of the Inconsequential NPC mercenaries renamed by Real Names. Unfortunately, this means I can’t know which NPC caused the issue. I did recruit the Stray Dog and issue the “All Wait” command with him in the Sleeping Giant Inn, but no one attacked him.

WL-677 CTD When entering the Inn in Dawnstar to talk to Stig Salt-Plank during the second phase of the Rise in the East Quest,

Solution: Irlof appearance replacer (Beards of Power) shipped with a broken appearance, causing this crash for Irlof. I have updated the mod to the latest version, which fixes the crash.

WL-675 Speed Trees snow pine models have some blocky, chunky floating snow bits at eye level that should be removed in the model

Solution: Elwaps has been removed.

WL-672 Disable CCOR category menus for compatibility with Honed Metal

Solution: Solution: Disabled CCOR category menus for compatibility with Honed Metal, by adding the following to Autorun.txt: set CCO_OptionCraftingMenuOptions to 0 set CCO_OptionCraftingMenuCategories to 0

WL-670 Allow mouse wheel to toggle camera again

Solution: Set ScrollingDoesntSwitchPOV = false in WL’s copy of EngineFixes.toml

WL-667 When selling an item that is worth more gold than the merchant has available the item will leave my inventory but I receive no gold.

Solution: Reduced vendor’s starting gold to prevent overflow.

WL-666 Training with HA and 2H gives full level ups. Video provides evidence of HA.

Solution: Not an issue. This is how training is supposed to work; I was surprised it didn’t work this way back on LE. oopsie

WL-663 I’m playing as a khajiit on a fresh save. I got frostbite on my hands, which was supposed to reduce my skills, but instead increases them.

Background: As it turns out, the frostbite does not technically increase the stats; it does reduce them as stated. However, the issue turned out to be that for whatever reason, the frostbite stat maluses do not stack with the stat maluses provided by the main “freezing” effect. Freezing applies -60, hand Frostbite applies -10, and instead of resulting in -70, the -60 is removed to produce a net -10.

I am not sure why this is happening, as Frostfall does use separate effects for each, which usually allows values to stack. I thought it might be Requiem’s custom disabler of stacking, but the issue persisted even without Requiem installed.

Solution: I decided to disable the frostbite system within Frostfall by editing the _frost_exposuresystem.psc script. The default freezing stats are plenty impactful imo, and this might be a bit less confusing anyway, since players no longer have to understand that Freezing and Frostbite are separate mechanics.

WL-662 Unable to craft Blacksmith’s Hammer (spell research tool). I have the first perk in smithing, which I assume would be enough considering that I can craft tongs with that perk. But I cannot see a way to produce a hammer.

Solution: Hammer recipe required an Iron Kettle for some reason. Condition has been removed

WL-658 The default economy values seem to be a bit off, fBarterMin and fBarterMax values are much lower than default Vanilla Skyrim and Requiem. (more in description)

Solution: Not an Issue. As far as I know, these are the intended values and they are intended to be set within Trade Routes as the user noted.

WL-655 Item: Iron Knife (MISC) is not showing in the inventory when picked up…it is still adding weight to the Weight Limit… and can only be remove via Console command removeitem

Background: Looks like I attempted at some point to use Campfire’s misc swap script to swap the misc variant of the knife/fork for the weapon variant. This would not have worked in either case, since the script cannot recognize the swap when the new record is a Weap instead of a Misc.

Solution: I copied all references of the misc knives and forks to override, then replaced them with the weapon versions. From brief ingame testing, this does not appear to cause clipping/havok issues.

WL-654 Requiem startup quest is erroneously displaying

Solution: Apparently, quests will show up as long as there are log entries. I have removed the log entries, which has hidden the quest.

WL-653 Cannot take Orcish smithing with just Dwarven as prerequisite

Solution: Added changed Orcish Smithing perk conditions so that the player can have either Morrowind or Dwarven smithing

WL-649 Drunk visuals are far too severe

Solution: Until we have a better solution for “drunk visuals”, I have nullified the visual effect. (Removed the Drunk imagespace modifier from Requiem quest REQ_CoreScripts_AlcoholEffectsPlayer, and also REQ_Effect_Alcohol_Magicka.)

WL-645 [CTD] crash to desktop whenever i try to save.

Solution: Coffin Crash :)

WL-644 In the Crafting Menu (Right Shift) I searched a recipe, typed ‘b’ and it caused the follower framework window to pop-up

Solution: prevented hoykeys firing when using filters.

WL-643 Crossbows cannot be ordered via Honed Metal They require Hide Lace, which a smith can craft, but Hide Lace requires Fur Plate, which they cannot craft.

Solution: Added Hide Lace to common materials, and patched Honed Metal tanning rack to use our tanning rack keyword (for pelt processing).

WL-641 Barrels and Chests act like minecraft enderchests. did purchase 2 barrels and one chest and all 3 share the same inventory.

Solution: Not an Issue because this is technically how those mods are intended to function. Needs replacing with a new container-specific framework.

WL-639 After character creation i choose Background: Archer, Birthsign: The Lady, Starting location: Surviving the Wilds, Falkreath, Difficulty: Standard, press Begin Story and Then the sky changes to the moon and in freezes right there.

Solution: Unable to Replicate. This may be related to the FISS loading issue (see linked). May be solved with the additional padding and/or memory changes.

WL-630 Unable to breakdown linen cloaks into linen for bandages. All? Linen recipe missing from crafting menu.

Solution: this is actually an issue with Campfire’s travel cloaks getting added to vendors when they should not be. Patched the campfire vendor quest to replace them with wolfskin cloaks.

WL-628 FollowerLivePackage has follower worship, enabling them to do certain actions depending on their deity. Sheogorath followers can spawn cheese out of nowhere and throw it, and that sometimes breaks their AI in combat

Solution: Disabled follower worship in the FLP preset we load on game start.

WL-621 [CTD] My horse’s saddle disappeared (no longer showing on the horse model). I can equip on myself! which cases CTD

Solution: was able to replicate the saddle crash, but only once; every other time resulted in the saddle being unequipped automatically, and no crash. Otherwise, all of the saddles and barding behaved normally.

This could be because of the script memory changes.

WL-616 Temple of Dibella : Infinite Health, Magicka and Stamina

Solution: I disabled the activators for this spell within the Dawnstar Dibella bathhouse. The player should no longer receive this bonus when utilizing the facilities.

WL-611 [Crafting leveling exploit] backpacks + god amulets. craft, breakdown and repeat for infinite XP. This should probably be on player crafting.

Solution: Disabled Recipes.

WL-610 Reduce Carry Weight bonuses from SunHelm’s campfire skill tree perks

Solution: Reduced bonus from 50 and 100 to 15 and 30 respectively

WL-608 Eorlund is providing crafting services after Take Up Arms, instead of after joining the circle

Solution: I have changed the quest requirement from C00 Take up Arms, stage 100 to C03 The Silver Hand, stage 200. This should function as a quest completion check for joining the circle.

WL-603 Missive quests can send you to courior

Solution: All couriers have been added to the forbidden list.

WL-602 [CTD] Reloading a crossbow in combat is causing a crash; seems related to NECR firing at that time?

Solution: Edited the NECR script to initialize on game start. Could not reproduce crash after that.

WL-601 Hired Muscle selected XJKroriksteadvendor “Cedric” [NPC_:3C004189] In (“Cedric’s Trading Stop” [CELL:3C003F78]) in rorikstead for target - but he isnt acceable in game world

Solution: Added Cedric to missives forbidden list. I’m not sure why Cedric’s cell is inaccessible, but it appears to be.

WL-596 [CTD] Buy iron knife from Riverwood Trader, head outside riverwood, equip knife, game crashes

Solution: I had no trouble equipping and using the knife, so it’s not a mesh crash. Maybe an animation crash relating to TDM with specific circumstances?

WL-593 Potato mode heads mismatching the body textures (Neckseam)

Solution: Made Cyb’s Remix Skin part of core.

WL-589 Able to craft “Steel Furred Plate Cuirass” with only the basic crafting perk, not the “Advanced Blacksmithing” perk at smithing 50 that allows the crafting of plate armors.

Solution: Fixed Recipe

WL-588 Empty bottle (made by “emptying” a bottle) won’t fill with water.

Solution: Added bottle refill script to all varieties of empty bottle, should allow them to refill

WL-581 Dialogue adjustments: remove black bars, put the notifications back in the proper place, and see if head tracking cannot be re-established (will require fixing card games)

Solution: Re-added Improved Camera and head lock for Alternate Conversation Camera. Fixed card game issue by utilizing the camera reset function built into the card game scripts.

WL-580 [CTD] User reporting the infamous Istar Cairn-Breaker crash at 6am in Dragon Bridge (SkyrimSE.exe+21FFE3)

Unable to Replicate: I have not managed to reproduce the bug thus far; we’ll see if it surfaces again.

WL-579 Economy is slightly borked. Adjustments in the description


  • Issue 1: Edited the existing Trade Routes script (TRSD_Base) to make the Outer Markup 1.20 and Inner Markup to 1.20.
  • Issue 2: Edited the Trade Routes script (TRSD_Base) to make Trade Supply 100 instead of 1000.
  • Issue 3: Edited TRSD_Base to remove Extra Gold, edited all REQ_VendorChest Containers to utilize fewer/default Vendor Gold Leveled List counts
  • Issue 4: Adjusted Honed Metal’s variables via a quest override within the Wildlander plugin.

WL-578 Amulet of Talos and Backpack with Amulet of Talos have different effects - Amulet has 5% better penetration, but backpack with amulet of talos has reduced Thu’um cooldown

Solution: Backpack with Amulet recipes have been disabled.

WL-577 Tempering tiers, durability, HUD display are unintuitive and need revising

Solution: set iEquip MCM settings to no longer fade from bottom to top, giving the appearance of weapons being nearly broken when their tempering tier is degrading

WL-575 Blacksmiths do not have hide lace, and seemingly do not make leather from pelts either. Generally ensure they can make all basic materials

Solution: Added Hide Lace to common materials, and patched Honed Metal tanning rack to use our tanning rack keyword (for pelt processing).

WL-573 Crafting Medicinal Salve at a Forge (only tested in Dawnstar) contributes to leveling Smithing.

Solution: added NoCraftingExperience keywords

WL-570 CTD: possibly related to Adrianne Avenicci

Solution: I have not been able to replicate this issue, but I am hoping it is related to either the CCOR crafting categories (which have been disabled), or oddness with the old version of Honed Metal (which has been updated). Moving to testing.

WL-568 Weird pathing of NPC´s in Whiterun. Looks like there is a little party behind the house.

Solution: Adjusted navmesh to exclude this area; hopefully NPC’s stop using it

WL-565 Honed metal: user confusion. Can the wording be changed from “can you upgrade” to “can you temper”

Solution: Changed the wording to “Can you repair/temper my equipment?”

WL-563 A missive to deliver a weapon from Ulfbert War-bear to Cedric of Rorikstead, but Cedric is nowhere to be found once I have the weapon in hand.

Solution: Added Cedric to missives forbidden list. I’m not sure why Cedric’s cell is inaccessible, but it appears to be.

WL-562 I was in the Falkreath Inn and looked down at the central hearth and pressed the crafting hotkey and froze for a few seconds before crashing to desktop.

Solution: I have not been able to replicate this issue, but I am hoping it is related to either the CCOR crafting categories (which have been disabled), or oddness with the old version of Honed Metal (which has been updated). Moving to testing.

WL-560 Shadow Stone daily power notified me that it was ready, but it is still greyed out and unusable.

Solution: I removed SkySA AIO’s power cooldown feature

WL-557 [Crafting] empty bottles from craft menu and attempted to refill them at multiple sources. Waterskins refilled normally, but not the “Glass Bottle (Empty)” items.

Solution: Added bottle refill script to all varieties of empty bottle, should allow them to refill

WL-556 [Crafting] So there’s a confusingly large list of additional items in my forge menu, outside of the Complete Crafting menu options. (jester armor and commoner’s clothes.)

Solution: Addition of crafting tools greatly reduces this list

WL-555 In the Crafting Menu (Right Shift) I searched a recipe, typed ‘b’ and it caused the follower framework window to pop-up. I have not tested if other hotkeys producing command prompts are still enabled in the crafting menu, but they should be.

Solution: Dylan Demonstrated this had been fixed on stream

WL-554 Muiri at the Silverblood Inn is missing hair textures

Solution: Dunno why EasyNPC fails to grab the proper hair for Bijin Muiri, but no biggie - it was kind of weird anyway. Just rerouted her to be Markarth Side Refine instead

WL-553 ESF Companions - Cannot progress - user done 12 radients but next stage isnt starting

Solution: Since at this point we’re only using ESF Companions to edit the required amount of radiant quests, I’ve replaced ESF with More Radiant Quests for the Companions, which simply edits the amount of radiant quests needed for each stage. (I have edited the requirements to 10 for Trial, 5 for Circle, and 5 for Kodlak.)

WL-551 Cannot disable the sneak eye even if hide UI using the x key

Solution: Luca has updated his mod to use this new framework, so the old version has been replaced. See linked issue

WL-549 [Gameplay] Holding/Conjuring a weapon to left hand and attempting to Attack with left click does not work.

Solution: Installed Dual Wield Block, should be fixed

WL-546 [Gameplay] At Heartwood Mill (west of Riften), when you enter the mill the door you enter through is not interactable to get back out. Instead, there’s a door on the opposite wall that you must exit through.

Solution: Landscape and Water Fixes adjusted the location, which was being overwritten by Requiem. Forwarded proper location

WL-545 [CTD] Wildlander will launch but consistently crashed to desktep during the “finilizing” phase.

Solution: Added some Utility.Wait()’s to the FISS loading operations in the Wildlander startup script. There are still FISS operations in Hunterborn and MoreHUD that this would not account for, but this padding will hopefully be enough to prevent the issue.

WL-540 Missing honed metal receipe - Balimund smith in Riften (and maybe more smiths) can’t craft Fur Plates (more notes inside)

Solution: Fixes to crafting have corrected this issue.

WL-539 [Quest] Valdr not accepting Potion of Restore Health (crafted)

Unable to reproduce Tested quest using 1.1 build and doesnt occur.

WL-538 First perk of “Morrowind smithing” does not add any crafting recipes. I don’t know if it’s a bug or a feature but i want to give you a heads up

Solution: Removed the Requirement to have started dragonborn from the Morrowind smithing recipes

WL-535 No roads on map. I see in Mod Organiser that A quality world map with main roads is installed but It doesn’t seem to be visible in game

Solution: Map has been corrected

WL-534 [Missing texture] Missing hair texture from #177 in RaceMenu, specifically KS Hairdos (0Dawn)

Solution: My guess is that foregoing the EasyNPC generation has “fixed” this

WL-524 [quest] In my quest journal i have oen quest ‘A requim for better times’. description is ‘requim is installing’.

Solution: Adjusted startup script to complete the quest.

WL-523 [Customsaition] Racemenu options not working, All the features are there but some of them do anything at all.

Solution: Issue has been resolved in the

WL-500 During the companions quest where Farkas transforms he was invisible as a werewolf, and Aela was invisible too when receiving the blood. The PC was not invisible and Skiors dead werewolf body was not invisible.

Solution: As provided by ImUrGreg. The “SkinNaked” armor added by EasyNPC did not contain the requisite Vampire Lord and Werewolf armor addons, causing these transformations to appear invisible. The armor addons have been added to the record in Wildlander.esp.

WL-489 [Clip] Tree going through some kind of overhang in Riverwood. Behind the Sleeping Giant Inn.

Solution: Removed tree from Goat pen

WL-476 [Clip] FalkreathTree growing into Rear of dead man’s drink (-9, -22)

Solution: Changing to happy little trees has removed this glitch

WL-469 [Tuning required] the first two Sunhelm perks in the Campfire menu increase your carry weight by 50 each, and they’re really easy to get.

Solution: Adjusted Perks to 15/30.

WL-464 Horses do not have manes. Remeber seeing them on a stream but missing for me!

Solution: the default horse mesh was hidden for some reason. Unhid Requiem’s instance, appears to be working

WL-460 [Clip] Grass clipping through one of the bedrolls in the camp just outside Riverwood

Solution: Removed Grass and rocks from affected tent

WL-438 [Sounds] Chirping birds heard inside the Stumbling Sabrecat inn.

Solution: the “wilderness interior day loop” from Sounds of Skyrim had the annoying 5 second bird loop. This has been nullified in the sound marker.

WL-437 [z fighting] on the base of the statue of Ysgramor in Whiterun

Solution: z-fight resolved.

WL-436 [Missing texture] The Necromancer’s Amulet is invisible when worn.

Solution: Reverted Necromacers amulet to use Requiems Texture - as CCOR’s is missing a mesh

WL-428 The Auxillary Barracks section of Fort Hraagstad has missing exterior meshes.

Solution: Caused by a conflict with No Snow under the roof. Reverted the meshes from

WL-427 [Gameplay] Unable to start the Thieves Guild quest line.

Solution: Updated to V5 of Thieves guild requirements which resolves this issue.

WL-423 Unable to “roast meat” in Sleeping giant inn’s firepit

Solution: Added Embers XD proprietary static records to the campfire fire detection formID list

WL-421 [Racemenu] Female breton preset 2 - cannot remove facepaint

Solution: Reverted facepaints for presets to vanilla

WL-375 {from Livestream) Bersi Honey-hand in Riften has wrong beard

Solution: Corrected Faceparts.

WL-359 [MCM] 3 new menus have placeholder names

Solution: Manually changed the name via an override for the config quests. The MCM’s themselves still display strings, but I don’t care nearly enough to fix that whole mess

WL-354 Wooden chopping blocks. Logs are no longer positioned on the block. Happens at every one i’ve tested

Solution: Position Corrected

WL-350 [Livestream Chat] How to do a “diseased” character start, E.G vampire or Werewolf like you can in LE.

Solution: Can now press f10 to do a completely bespoke start during the setup process.

WL-347 [Livestream] Solitude refuge - Fences dont spawn when you first enter the refuge. but do spawn after you load a save - Found fix

Solution: Removed ELE + Outlaw Refuges patch. NPC’s are spawning as normal.

WL-329 [Functionality] Solitude outlaw refuge vendor had no inventory. Also name was different in console.

Solution: For whatever reason, having his buy/sell list set to VendorItemsInnkeeper was not populating his inventory (maybe because he didn’t belong to the innkeeper faction?) In any case, selecting a different vendor list allowing food seems to have done the job

WL-35 Speed Trees snow pines do not have snow running up the bark

Solution: Speedtrees has been removed


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WL-1259 Ultrawide resolution support (2560 x 1080 and 3440 x 1440)


WL-1255 Edit Immersive Speechcraft options and menu to be more immersive


WL-1205 Campfire craftable spinning wheel

Solution: Added Campfire Placeable version of the spinning wheel.

WL-1095 Give hunters more powerful combat perks

Solution: Added Jenassa-equivalent combat perks to all Hunter npc’s and templates.

WL-1068 Add customization executables

Solution: Added to Mod Organiser

WL-1055 Add portable enchanting supplies to general and wizard vendors

Solution: Added to merchant lists.

WL-1052 Give players Apple Cabbage Stew by default

Solution: Added to starting script.

WL-895 Boss loot chests in need of a buff / more interesting loot

Solution: Buffed all boss chests with loot pertinent to the enemy type

WL-678 Add more paper to general goods merchant stocks, also wizards

Solution: Turns out that for some reason, Spell Research does not give every wizard the wizard merchant list. I gave it to every wizard, which means far more paper and other wizard stuff

WL-647 Add torches to survival essentials LVLI for general goods merchants

Solution: Added torches to Lvli_Survival

Mod changes

Added Mods

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  • [Skin] - FAL Skin Shaved Version SE
  • 3rd Person Walk Fix
  • AddItemMenu - Ultimate Mod Explorer
  • All Thieves Guild Jobs Concurrently
  • Animations from Skyrim Horse Renewal - Horse Only
  • Base Object Swapper
  • Better Thieves Guild Practice Locks SSE
  • Chillwind Depths CTD Fix
  • College of Winterhold Doorbell
  • Complete Widescreen Fix - Dummy
  • Cuyi’s Bosmeri Antlers - SSE
  • Deceive Degaine
  • Disable Fast Travel SKSE - No Janky Map UI
  • Double Wide Quick Light
  • Dovah Sonaak Dragon Priest Masks
  • Dual Wield Block
  • Dynamic Things Alternative - Base Object Swapper
  • ENB Input Disabler
  • Equip Enchantment Fix
  • Favorite Misc Items
  • Fish Anywhere With Water
  • High Poly Vanilla Hair
  • Honed Metal
  • Horses Simply Turn Better
  • Immersive Animations
  • Immersive Equipment Displays
  • Improved Camera
  • Landscape Identification by Terrain Texture
  • More Radiant Quests for the Companions
  • NPC Lookup
  • NPCs use Potions
  • Quick Light SE
  • ReCleaned Menu
  • Requiem - Common Clothes and Armors
  • Requiem - GIST Patch
  • Requiem - Skyrim Sewers
  • Shaders of Solstheim - Ash and Moss
  • Simple Dual Sheath
  • Simplicity of Snow
  • Skeleton Replacer HD
  • Skyland Skyhaven Temple
  • Snazzy Weapon Racks (Noble Texture Version)
  • Spell Research Patch Compendium Redux 357 patches
  • SSE Terrain Tamriel Extend
  • Sunhelm Survival Patch for Hearthfire Extended
  • Superior Lore-Friendly Hair - HD textures rough
  • The Eyes Of Beauty Dawnguard Update
  • The Soul Cairn
  • Trad Requiem Patch - CC Fishing and CC Rare Curios
  • Train and Study - Requiem Patch
  • Ultimate Immersion Toggle - UI Toggle - Hide Your HUD - Rebuild
  • UNP Underwear Replacement
  • VioLens - A Killmove Mod SE
  • VioLens - A Killmove Mod SE - Legacy Settings Loader
  • Water Effects Brightness and Reflection Fix
  • Wet and Cold Breath Texture for ENB (and R.A.S.S)
  • WIDeadBodyCleanupScript Crash Fix
  • XPMSSE - Nemesis - Papyrus Stack Fix


Click to expand!
  • A Quality World Map - Classic with All Roads
  • Annoying cicada and insect sound replace
  • ApachiiSkyHair SSE - Females
  • ApachiiSkyHair SSE - Males
  • Beards of Power Sons of Skyrim
  • Blended Roads Redone SE - Bridges 2k
  • Blood and Silver - Cidhna Mine Expanded
  • Bug Fixes SSE
  • Complete Crafting Overhaul Remastered - PRUFEI CTD Hotfix
  • Elegant Elven Followers SSE - Dummy
  • ENB Helper SE Shader Bundle
  • Enhanced Blood Textures - ENB Alpha Fix
  • Followers Hirelings and Housecarls SSE - Dummy
  • Frankly HD Miraak [SSE] - Hotfix
  • Fuz Ro D-oh - Alternate Silent Voice Files
  • Glorious Doors of Skyrim (GDOS) SE - 1.04 Update
  • Heart of the Beast - Alpha Werewolf Model
  • Hearthfire Extended - CFTO Patch
  • Honed Metal Additional Materials
  • Honed Metal Revoiced
  • Immersive Dragon Sounds SSE Port - USSEP Hotfix
  • Immersive Horses 2K Horse Textures
  • Immersive Laundry - Replacer ESP for JK and DoS
  • Improved Camera
  • Jaxonz Positioner Converted - Updated Script
  • JK’s Skyrim - ETaC - CFTO Patch
  • JK’s Skyrim - ETaC - NSUTR Patch
  • JK’s Skyrim + DoS + ETaC + Holidays Patch
  • JK’s Skyrim + DoS + Outlaw Refuges + Sewers Patch
  • Kala’s Eyes - Beast Races (Standalone Variants)
  • Kala’s Eyes - Elves (Standalone Variants)
  • Kala’s Eyes - Orsimer (Standalone Variants)
  • Kala’s Eyes - Orsimer (Standalone Variants) ESL
  • Kala’s Eyes - Orsimer (Vanilla Replacer)
  • Kala’s Eyes AIO Update 1.2
  • Kala’s Eyes AIO Update 1.2 ESL
  • Landscape Fixes For Grass Mods - Riverbed Edge Fix
  • Landscape Fixes For Grass Mods - Vanilla Military Camps
  • Majestic Mountains - DynDOLOD 3.0 LOD Pack
  • Majestic Mountains - Mesh Tangent Space Fixes
  • Markarth Side Refine
  • More Informative Console
  • Northbourne NPCs of Haafingar
  • Northbourne NPCs of Whiterun Hold
  • Northbourne NPCs of Winterhold
  • powerofthree’s Papyrus Extender for SSE
  • powerofthree’s Tweaks
  • powerofthree’s Tweaks INI File
  • Properties Without Pestering
  • Requiem
  • Requiem - CCOR Patch
  • Requiem - Dragonborn Patch
  • Requiem - WACCF and ACE Patch
  • Rudy HQ - More Lights for ENB SE - Deathbells and Nirnroots
  • Scrambled Bugs
  • Simple Children - Updated Textures
  • Sky Haven Temple Gardens - JK’s Skyrim Patch
  • SkyHUD Fixed
  • Skyrim 3D Misc - Butterchurn
  • Skyrim 3D Misc - Chopping Block and Axe
  • Skyrim 3D Misc - Dining Set
  • Skyrim 3D Misc - Giant Mortar and Pestle
  • Skyrim 3D Misc - Mammoth Cheese
  • Skyrim 3D Misc - Markarth Cage
  • Skyrim 3D Misc - Traps
  • Skyrim 3D Misc - Winterhold Gate
  • Skyrim 3D Misc - Woven Fence
  • Skyrim Special Edition Upscaled Textures (SSEUT) - Armor
  • Skyrim Special Edition Upscaled Textures (SSEUT) - Plants
  • SkyUI AIO Survival (SAS)
  • Sounds of Skyrim Complete SE - Fox Hotfix
  • Spell Research - Requiem 5 patch
  • SSE Engine Fixes (Part 1)
  • Stormcloak Rebellion Refine
  • The Eyes Of Beauty SSE - Elves
  • Thieves Guild Requirements SE
  • True Directional Movement
  • Unofficial Material Fix - High Poly Project patch
  • UNP Female Body Mesh
  • Water for ENB
  • Whiterun Hold Refine

Removed Mods

Click to expand!
  • alduins wall retexture - concept art
  • All Geared Up Derivative SE - AllGUD
  • AllGUD Conditions Fix
  • Arvak - Legendary Edition
  • Better Dynamic Snow SE
  • Better Men of Skyrim SE
  • Better Men of Skyrim SE - Plugin Fix
  • Bijin AIO UNP NeverNude Patch
  • Bijin NPCs SE
  • Bijin Warmaidens SE
  • Bijin Wives SE
  • Borgut1337’s Dual Wield Parrying Non-SKSE Random Attacks (Oldrim conversion)
  • CleverCharff’s Soul Cairn 2K - Voeille’s Version
  • Column3
  • Courageous Women of Skyrim AIO
  • Dandy Husbands
  • Disable Cinematic Kills
  • Dovah Sonaak Dragon Priest Masks
  • Dynamic Things Alternative
  • Enchantment Reload Fix SE
  • Enhanced Skyrim Factions - The Companions Guild
  • EulogySC NPCs - Full version
  • FadingSignal’s Hide UI - Improved
  • Fresh Faces - SSE
  • High Quality Tintmasks for 3DNPCs
  • High Quality Tintmasks for Immersive World Encounters
  • High Quality Tintmasks for JKs Skyrim
  • High Quality Tintmasks for Relationship Dialogue Overhaul
  • High Quality Tintmasks for Vanilla NPCs
  • Housecarl Companions Refine
  • Immersive Animations
  • Improved Bards - Special Edition
  • Jarls Re-Imagined Redux
  • Kalilies NPCs 4.2
  • Majestic Mountains - BDS With LOD Fix
  • Male Npc Overhaul SE
  • Males of Skyrim
  • No More Creation Club News
  • Not Quite Vanilla NPC Overhaul - Argonians
  • Not So Fast - Mage Guild
  • PAN_Brelyna
  • Pandorable’s Black-Briar Ladies
  • Pandorable’s Initiates
  • Pandorable’s Lethal Ladies
  • Pandorable’s NPCs
  • Pandorable’s NPCs - Males
  • Pandorable’s NPCs - Males - Faendal Hotfix
  • Pandorable’s NPCs - Males 2
  • Pandorable’s NPCs Dawnguard
  • Pandorable’s NPCs Dragonborn
  • Pandorable’s Valerica
  • Pandorable’s Warrior Women
  • Project Clarity - Creature Textures Redone
  • Project Clarity - Vanilla Armor Textures Redone
  • Remove Enemies from Compass
  • Shield Sisters Re-Imagined SE
  • Shield Sisters Re-Imagined SE - Iona Jordis Illia Hotfix
  • SkyHaven HD by CleverCharff 2K
  • Skyrim Realistic Overhaul 1.8 Update
  • Skyrim Realistic Overhaul Part 1
  • Skyrim Realistic Overhaul Part 2
  • Skyrim Realistic Overhaul Part 3
  • Spell Research - Patch Compendium
  • Spell Research - Realistic Trading Stocks of Skyrim (with DnD Spellcasting Service) patch
  • Taarie and Endarie Re-Imagined
  • Taarie and Endarie Re-Imagined - Reduced Tintmasks
  • Taarie and Endarie Re-Imagined Plugin Hotfix
  • The Eyes of Beauty SSE - Vampires
  • The Ordinary Women SSE
  • The Ordinary Women SSE - USSEP ESP
  • TM Thalmor Overhaul SSE
  • Underwater Treasure SSE (Sea Rivers and Lakes version)
  • Vahdin - Female Npc Replacer
  • Wearable Lanterns
  • Wearable Lanterns - SE and VR Patch
  • WICO - Windsong Immersive Chracter Overhaul

Download folder cleanup - Can be done pre release

Click to expand!
  • Wildlander-Output-Full_1-0-0
  • Wildlander-Output-NPC_1-0-0
  • Wildlander-Output-Core_1-0-0
  • Wildlander_1-0-0
  • All files starting Skyrim_Realistic_Overhaul
  • All files starting Bijin
  • All files starting Bijin
  • All files starting PAN
  • All files starting Pandorable
  • All files starting ESFCompanions
  • All files starting DynDOLOD Resources SE
  • All files starting Shield Sisters Re-Imagined
  • All files starting The Ordinary Women
  • All files starting Water for ENB-37061
  • all files starting Northbourne NPCs
  • Elwaps SpeedTree
  • Courageous Women - AIO-50812-1-3-1623989902
  • Jarls Re-Imagined Redux-49229-1-1-1619705097
  • WICO Special Edition - UNP 0.9f-2136-0-9f
  • Kalilies NPCs-30247-2-4-1613495939
  • Better Men of Skyrim-18976-4-1-1594738270
  • EulogySC NPCs - Full version-37195-1-6-1612424110
  • Heljarchen Farm Revamped - V2.02-4108-V2-02-1607815767
  • SkyHaven HD by CleverCharff 2K-34359-1-0-1586040136
  • Wearable Lanterns - VR Patch-19348-1
  • Wearable Lanterns 4.0.3 Release-7560-4-0-3
  • True Directional Movement-51614-1-4-3-1632340170
  • TM Thalmor Overhaul NPC REPLACER and FOLLOWER CLONES SSE-1-0.7z-31242-1-0-1577299987
  • Thieves Guild Requirements - FISS Version-33256-4-0-1584196877
  • Taarie and Endarie Re-Imagined UNP-44277-1-0-1610457821
  • Taarie and Endarie Re-Imagined Plugin Hotfix-44277-hotfix1-1610490485
  • Scrambled Bugs-43532-14-1633526767
  • Obscure’s Faces of Winterhold-25691-1-2-4-1578532390