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Release notes 1.1.6

Key Summary Resolution Labels
WL-1664 Immersive Speechcraft trade feature allows players to acquire items they should not be able to, causing all kinds of tomfoolery Disabled the trade feature. This was was always a little odd - especially since there’s no way to delist certain items from the vendor window. No idea what lines our characters were spitting that convinced people to part with any worldly possession, but it’ll no longer be the case Items
WL-1648 [Items ]The description for Volsung is incorrect. Showing forify barter when this was removed in Requiem. Removed the barter fortification from Volsung’s description. Items
WL-1644 [Exploit]Follower is wielding the Shield of Ysgramor, Fortify Health enchant is applied multiple times. Same problem as the backpack. Caused by the duplicating enchant bug with Equip Enchantment Fix, should be fixed by the update to 1.3.5 Followers
WL-1611 [Gameplay]Dispel soul gem does nothing Disabled this spell by removing it from Requiem’s Restoration formlist and removing its Spell Tome from all leveled lists. Items
WL-1601 Ghostblade is degrading when it’s made of… ghost Added NoDegrade to the Ghostblade weapon record. Items
WL-1599 bound hunting knife has unnecessary red glow shader Removed the Absorb Health hit FX from all ranks of the Bound Hunting Knife effect. Items
WL-1597 Double horse steps Animations from Skyrim Horse Renewal had to remove to get rid of the double horse sounds. A shame, but there were a couple wonky elements of these animations anyway, so it is what it is. Audio
WL-1583 Fishing supplies from CC Fishing are placed in the same location as an idle marker for fisherman NPC’s Moved idle marker slightly to the side IdleMaker
WL-1579 [Crafting]Dismantling Favorited Items Added breakdown protection to various misc items, including the Iron Lantern and Wooden Torches. Crafting
WL-1572 [PWP] NoFavor Dialogue Checks for Favor Gold Value    
WL-1571 It is possible to produce water from saltwater without boiling at a cooking pot Edited the recipes to properly require a cooking pot. Crafting
WL-1559 AtrFrgDaedricRecipe16 “Atronach Forge Recipe - Daedra Heart” [BOOK:0010F786] Wildlander recipe doesnt match requiem’s Forwarded Requiem’s recipe edits for Recipe 16 (this recipe), and also Recipe 14, which was also incorrect. Items
WL-1558 [Crafting] (Heavy) Ebony mail when being converted to (light) Ebony mail in Markarth results in a massive over price, way more than 10X increase This is not a “bug” in the strict sense, as Honed Metal is just processing the Ebony Mail as a standard item (with a very high base value). However, I think it is more fun to just let players use whichever version of the Mail they prefer, and so I’ve made the conversion recipe possible for all characters via the crafting menu.The Ebony Mail is a legendary Daedric armor set, after all; perhaps it senses the user’s intent, and morphs itself accordingly. Exploit
WL-1534 Evette San Fixes Vanilla issue: When doing Evette’s misc quest to retrieve her shipment of spices from the Solitude docks, if the player fails the persuasion check they do not get the option to bribe. If they have less than 2000 gold in their inventory this can lock them in a loop where they only see the persuasion check and have to restart the dialogue to see the other options. Merge the Linked To TCLT changes for [000D69D4] and [000D69DC] into Wildlander.esp to pick up this change.Wildlander issue: Conflicting worldspace edits place Evette’s stand too far away from her merchant chest to allow her to ever sell goods. Merge the DATA Position X and Y changes for [000A6C15] into Wildlander.esp to pick up this change.  
WL-1528 Several Hunterborn powers display erroneously when saving/loading SmoothCam presets, other times Fixed by commenting out all attempts by _DS_HB_MCM.pex to add the spells to the player’s inventory (of which there were many).  
WL-1526 civil war quartermasters - apparently are giving really good loot I made a slight reduction to the amount of enchanted weapons the quartermasters have available, but in general, these loot lists are not particularly OP and are actually similar to standard blacksmiths. It’s possible if you’re lucky to find something great on sale, but that is not typical.In the future, quartermaster inventories will be regionalized and specialized anyway.  
WL-1522 Cured Skeever Hide is not marked as food but has the VendorItemFood keyword Removed VendorItemFood keyword from Cured Skeever Hide.  
WL-1520 Some Ancient Nordic Hero items require skyforge steel global on - some dont. Removed material global conditions from Ancient Nordic Hero recipes, since they’re deprecated anyway  
WL-1515 [Horse]Standing on horse freeze I was not actually able to reproduce this issue, BUT I did add a safety check to the drink/fill function in _sunhelmmain.pex that requires players to dismount before filling or drinking. Horse
WL-1499 Requiem makes ingredients so powerful that they don’t compute as solutions within Spell Research Merged included fixes with primary Spell Research
WL-1498 Crafting - smithing currently goes up from opening and closing crafting menus via the toolkits Turns out, CCOR’s Alternate XP formula was not being applied to the player crafting menu (thus allowing items marked as “No XP” to still grant XP). The formula has now been applied to the player crafting menu, and all toolkit menus. Crafting
WL-1497 crafting - please add breakdown cheese wheels into slices recipes. Added breakdown recipes for Goat and Eidar Cheese Wheels / Wedges. A wheel can break down into 3 wedges, and a wedge can breakdown into 2 slices. I also balanced the weight and value of the various cheese sizes around this proportion. Crafting
WL-1493 Nightingale Blade/Bow are degrading - but need Daedric Smithing to repair which no NPC’s can do Added new keyword NoDegrade to Item Durability config, with degradation rate set to zero. Added this keyword to both the Nightingale Blade and Bow Items
WL-1491 [Gameplay] Hitting NPC’s in idle animations causes a critical strike Wildcat’s player perk had some baked-in effects for dealing more damage to NPC’s in idle states (leaning, sitting, sleeping, etc.) I have removed these effects from the perk Gameplay
WL-1490 [Gameplay]Stamina regen increased when holding block with shield Edited the perk RFTI_All_Stress_AttackStaminaCost so that skill increases from Block provide a reduction boost proportionate to the lower stamina cost of blocking in Wildlander. (This is a fancy way of saying “You will no longer get a stamina boost from blocking”.) Gameplay
WL-1489 [Exploit]infinite Guild Master’s Armor and super power lvl for pick pocking I populated Vex’s sleep outfit with DefaultSleepOutfit, which would hopefully prevent her from wearing her armor while sleeping (and therefore replenishing it if it is pickpocketed). Exploit
WL-1488 [Exploit]”Wolfskin Cloak - Ornate [Black, Brown, White]” are not restricted to normal cloak enchantments Added missing WAF_ClothingCloak keyword to the Ornate Wolfskin Cloaks, to impose the standard enchanting restrictions. Exploit
WL-1487 Selecting lockpicking during custom class creation shows as “Evasion” (though it still selects “Lockpicking” for the actual skill) Fixed an issue with the default Diverse Character Creation script where Light Armor was erroneously numerated as skill 10 (should be 9). This was causing the menus to malfunction Character creation
WL-1485 User reports toolkits not working in player crafting Added a failsafe instance of Glob_CraftIsHMForge.SetValue(0) to just before hm_main restores controls to the player. This should ensure the global is disabled when leaving HM gameplay;Crafting
WL-1484 Advanced Blacksmithing perk description incorrect Changed “smelt” to “craft” Perks
WL-1483 Large animals can be picked up in hunterborn Created a new global and keyword (glob_IsMassiveAnimal and IsMassiveAnimal) for tagging NPC’s / races that the player should not be able to pick up. I then applied the keyword to all animals listed as overlarge by the Immersive Equipment Displays addon Carry Your Carcasses], edited _DS_HB_MAIN to set the global to 1 whenever the player activates one of the keyworded enemies (or 0 when the enemy did not have the keyword)and edited the Hunterborn carcass messages so the “Pick Up” option would NOT display when the global is set to 1 Visuals
WL-1482 Sunhelm doesnt notify that player is drinking salty water Edited _sunhelmmain.pex to include notifications for when the player attempts to drink salt water, and when the player has already filled their bottles. Gameplay
WL-1481 [Gameplay]Barbas from the Quest “A Daedras Best Friend” has “Attempt Robbery” as one of his dialogue options. I added a GetIsID == 0 condition for Barbas on all three Immersive Speechcraft quests (mugging, normal interactions, and asking for help) Gameplay
WL-1476 [Gameplay]Specific dremora spawn does not provide a daedra heart DeathItemDremora was erroneously edited to remove Daedra Hearts. Restored the hearts to the loot list NPCS
WL-1472 [Items]”Catalogue: The White Phial” cannot be purchased after completion of “The White Phial (Quest)” Removed catalogue keyword from all catalogues, effectively disabling the feature (in anticipation of its replacement / the likely return of Imperial Mail) Items
WL-1463 [Items]Every time my character sleeps, I wake up with 2 charcoal and a deer pelt in my inventory. Two of the same items that we in my inventory when the game started. (Issue has also been reported when using Honed Metal) The Honed Metal basic materials formlist erroneously included the swapped version of pelts and charcoal, thereby giving players duplicates of those items by accident. Removed those items from the Honed Metal formlist, so the player will not receive them. Items
WL-1460 [Exploit]Using Skald’s Mail’s catalogue feature, you can order rare and expensive items such as Glass Armor and Weapons. Removed catalogue keyword from all catalogues, effectively disabling the feature (in anticipation of its replacement / the likely return of Imperial Mail) Exploit
WL-1457 [Exploit]Better Docks mod’s items are neither locked (chests), nor flagged as owned, meaning thousands of loot is available for free to players who go to docks. Added ownership to all free-floating Better Docks items, and added locks to unlocked chests/safes. Exploit
WL-1455 Reports that FLP is still double charging Added a secondary int check to the aaaFollowerLiveTameDialogScript that should hopefully prevent a double charge. Will need testing to confirm FLP
WL-1454 [Crafting]Crafting 5 Galatite ingots take the same amount of Quicksilver fragments as 1 ingot Edited Galatite Ingot recipes so both the standard (combining Steel + Quicksilver) and fragment (combining Galatite fragments) variants require the correct amount of resources. Crafting
WL-1451 [Exploit]infinite smithing level for free Increased the fragment requirement for lockpick crafting, and added the NoCraftingExperience keyword to all ingots and fragments. Exploit
WL-1450 [Quest]I was doing the quest “Hired Muscle” for the Companions and received Cedric of Rorikstead as my quest target. Added Cedric to exclusion faction for Hired Muscle CR04ExclusionFaction 1745f NPCS;Quest
WL-1442 Some dragons have no loot! Replaced all instances of erroneous dragon death lists DLC1DeathItemDragon06 and DLC1DeathItemDragon07 with the intended DeathItemDragon01 Items
WL-1435 [Items]Dwarven arrows have less damage but higher value than orcish arrows after checking through xedit to confirm. Swapped the values of Orcish and Dwarven arrows (Orcish are now 4, Dwarven are now 3) Items
WL-1434 Several comments that Salt is a bit lacking in sources Added recipes for boiling down water (Waterskin or Glass Bottle) into salt. Requires a cookpot  
WL-1431 Wrong version of cooked mammoth meat item available from inn Edited TRSD_Compat_Hunterborn to exclude the disabled mammoth meat. Crafting
WL-1428 [Crafting]Conjure Shelter I cooking pot not flagged as cooking pot. Added the cooking pot from Conjured Shelters to the formlist for cooking pots. Crafting
WL-1425 Gold necklace recipes need both Smithing and Jewellers toolkits open at same time Edited all basic jewelry bases (rings and circlets) to require either a Jeweler’s toolkit OR a Smith’s toolkit. Crafting
WL-1424 Horses can “form up” in follower framework - and it pulls any horse you ever ridden! Excluded all horses from the follower formation system Horses
WL-1420 [Followers] Vex, Delvin, Brynjolf bugged follower options Relationship Dialogue Overhaul had its own proprietary dialogue trees for making non-standard followers into followers. I have edited (hopefully) all of these dialogues to hook these followers into our follower framework instead. Followers
WL-1419 [Crafting] Duplicate Steel - White gear recipes There were two issues: the intended CCOR recipe settings of “Immersive” plus “Generic” were incorrect (was “Immersive” plus “Specific”), and the Steel White recipes were erroneously set to show Simple recipes at all times. I fixed the former by forcing CCO_OptionComplexityLevel and CCO_OptionUseGenericFurPlate to 1 via Autorun, and I fixed the latter by adjusting the conditions to “Equal To” instead of “Greater than / Equal To” Crafting
WL-1418 [Crafting]Steel Pauldroned Cuirass - White issues There were two issues: the intended CCOR recipe settings of “Immersive” plus “Generic” were incorrect (was “Immersive” plus “Specific”), and the Steel White recipes were erroneously set to show Simple recipes at all times. I fixed the former by forcing CCO_OptionComplexityLevel and CCO_OptionUseGenericFurPlate to 1 via Autorun, and I fixed the latter by adjusting the conditions to “Equal To” instead of “Greater than / Equal To” Crafting
WL-1410 [Gameplay]Brand-Shei sells “Raw Skeever Meat SNR” Trade Routes Requiem compatibility was adding this disabled item. Removed entry in TRSD_Compat_Hunterborn.pex Gameplay
WL-1408 [follower] Runs-with-sticks from the cidhna mine need requiem patching Gave Runs-With-Sticks and Ralya proper Requiem perks and removed their bonus damage perk from Forsworn Conspiracy Followers
WL-1407 Armor_TargeOfTheBlooded “Targe of the Blooded” [ARMO:000FC5BF] shows as evasion armor in game, but has both heavy and light keywords. Corrected erroneous “light armor” designation, as well as erroneous values for Value and Armor Rating Gameplay
WL-1405 Cards in blackjack (witcher deck) have nudity Replaced the Witcher cards with one of the other decks. These cards will be swapped out soon anyway during the integration of Really Simple Gambling + Gambling Additions Visuals
WL-1404 [UI] On ultrawide monitor (2560x1080), perk names appear VERY right alligned to perk “stars” making it awkward to use the perk menu as perk names appear over other perk “stars” in many cases. (Thanks to LeapDay for discovering this fix!) Apparently, the stats menu alone needs to be set to 32:9 for perk names to focus properly, even when playing in a 21:9 resolution. The unfortunate byproduct is a slight misalignment for perks the player is not directly viewing, but at least the perks they view will be aligned properly.I have also left a comment on the SkyUI Widescreen Fix mod page asking if the author has a solution for this issue, so we will see! UI
WL-1403 [Camera]Using soap from your inventory in first person with clothing on detaches the camera’s movement from your body and requires loading an older save. I believe this issue was caused by Keep It Clean’s use of PlayerRef.PlayIdle() versus Dirt and Blood’s use of debug.SendAnimationEvent(). Swapping the former functions with the latter seems to have prevented the camera breakage. Camera;Items
WL-1402 [Exploit]After using speechcraft to request training you can pickpocket the gold spent doing that training. It’s easily exploitable, allowing you to power level pickpocketing and speechcraft at the same time as other skills. Added a mod called Trainer Gold Exploit Fix, which adds an OnItemAdded event to the trainer script TrainerGoldScript, and removes the gold as soon as it’s added. Exploit
WL-1401 [Character Creation]Pressing F10 in setup correctly prompts the dialogue that I have pressed it, but I am left in a permanent black screen afterwards (waited 5+ minutes). Save/load menu still works. I rewrote the Manual Character Mode message to clarify that users must open the MCM to continue. (I attempted to open the MCM directly, but this does not seem possible as of yet; hopefully it will be possible with the upcoming update to po3 tweaks, which is planned to add straightforward functionality for opening/closing menus.) PlayerCharacter
WL-1398 Hearthfire homes Extended and Creation kit fishing conflict Added the patch by Nechigawara. Thanks very much! PlayerHousing
WL-1397 [Items] Goat horns not available in comparable quantities? Added goat horns to Hunterborn goat lists, as well as the merchant containers for various hunters and hunter factions. Items
WL-1393 [Crafting] No breakdown recipe for flagon, hide shield Added a breakdown recipe for Flagon (now Corundum Flagon). Hide Shield already had a breakdown recipe, but for iron instead of hide; perhaps this caused user confusion. To be safe, I have edited the Hide Shield breakdown recipe to match the leather strips of other hide recipes. Crafting
WL-1387 [Exploit] using M5 horse menu, can access horse inventory from inside of cities. Removed the Mouse 5 mapping from the horse inventory function. Exploit;Horse
WL-1386 [Gameplay / Functionality]spectral sparring partner gives no conjuration xp and can be soul trapped (once) Buffed the sparring partner’s attributes to 1000/500/500 H/M/S, and marked him as “NoSoulTrap”. He still will not provide Conjuration XP, however; I have created a separate issue for this, which we will need to address later. Gameplay;NPCS
WL-1385 [Exploit] GOAT ass potions in the college of winterhold - Sold by Thelsa Andalas Reduced the bonkers speech bonus from 50 to 25. Still powerful, but not OP Exploit;NPCS
WL-1382 [Visual] First lockpicking perk has a typo about using Steel instead of Iron Changed “Steel” to “Iron” in the perk description text. Visuals
WL-1380 College of Winterhold Entry Requirements is not working, players can just enter Rerouted dialogue trees from College Entry Requirements and Improved College Entry to force entry requirements, while retaining features from both mods Quest
WL-1379 [Gameplay] cooking food is apparenly giving smithing skill when using player crafting “No Crafting Experience” keyword applied to all food/drinks/craftable potions Crafting;Gameplay
WL-1377 [Crafting] Powdered mammoth tusk Added a recipe for Powdered Mammoth Tusk to Alchemists’ Toolkit Crafting
WL-1376 [Gameplay / Functionality]SkyUI favourite group hotkeys break following combat Item Durability / Tempering no longer shows in an item’s name, and is instead reflected on the HUD. Gameplay
WL-1374 [Gameplay] SkyUI - When weapon’s temper changes groups containing that item become Unusuable   CTD
WL-1373 [Quest] Player crafting window does not advance Adriana’s quest to craft hide helmet; must use forge Disabled the tutorial quests for blacksmithing, alchemy, and enchanting. This prevents the bug, and clears the way for the upcoming Jobs functionality. Quest
WL-1370 [Exploit] Multiple Jarrin root available in a barrel at Olava the feeble’s house in whiterun Disabled the Jarrin Root Barrel Exploit;Gameplay
WL-1369 [QOL] Bosses at Lost Valley Redoubt are level 1 Changed Briarhearts’ levels to 30. This will likely not have an impact on their stats, so more of a placebo effect, but still a good change I suppose. QOL
WL-1368 [Gameplay] Food made with chef’s toolkit not affecting hunger Replaced FrostfallWarmFoodDrinkKeyword with the actual warmth buff on all pertinent foods, and emptied the Frostfall soups list to prevent the script check. Also added Hearty Meal and other Frostfall ingestibles to SunHelm ignore list for safety. Gameplay
WL-1367 [Exploit] Follower backpack infinite carry weight Caused by the duplicating enchant bug with Equip Enchantment Fix, should be fixed by the update to 1.3.5 Exploit
WL-1365 [NPC] Uthgerd (follower) will be stuck sitting down and float off into space if I enter a building while she is on a horse. Disabled FLP Summon Ride feature. NPCS
WL-1363 [QOL] Iequip: Ammo Sorting Set Ammo Sorting to Manual to prevent unintended ammo from equipping. QOL
WL-1362 [Graphics] Fishing Book - Lure of the sea is missing images There were apparently some interface textures not included in Cleaned Skyrim SE Textures, so I extracted these from the corresponding texture BSA and added them to the pack. Visuals
WL-1361 [ENB] FPS drops when looking at fire or candle flame EnableBigRange was erroneously enabled in the shipped ENB configurations. It has been disabled, which should significantly increase performance around complex particle lights (ENB lights). ENB
WL-1359 [Visual] research journal is missing it’s texture In attempting to update the low-res model of the journal, I had previously assigned a model that only functions as a character asset (not as an inventory/world object). Swapped the model for clutter\books\bcsllsejournal.nif, which appears to work fine. Visuals
WL-1358 [Gameplay] Players dying when subjected to long jail sentences SunHelm seems to saddle players with hefty hunger/thirst/sleep penalties when releasing from jail, despite pausing while the player is IN jail. This could result from something we’ve done, but in any case, I have disabled death from needs until we move to Last Seed. Gameplay
WL-1356 [Visuals] Dead Hawks have no Model and dont show up with hunter vision This occurs when the dead hawk is outside the player’s object fade range, because the dead hawk is technically an object (container). This is “sort of” fixed, in that I edited the hawk mesh to add the “Always Draw” flag. The dead hawk will still disappear if outside the player’s object fade range, but it will reappear (and then fall down) once the player enters render range. I have also added the container record to _Camp_SearchTinderOther for parity with other dead bodies. Visuals
WL-1355 [NPC] Hemming Blackbriar has a kadjiit head and human hands Fixed incorrect headpart for Khajiit head instead of Nord head. NPCS
WL-1353 [Camera] Vigilant Armor is producing artifacts in first person view. On female Breton, I see the helmet in first person, most notably during weapon drawing/sheathing animation. It blocks a good part of the screen. This is now mostly fixed, after I edited the male first person model in Outfit Studio to lower the offending mesh vertices and copied its model over to the female first person model. I didn’t want to spend any more time than that, because this armor model is kind of ass anyway and will likely be replaced Camera
WL-1348 [Camera] Camera is too close to head when running Adjusted SmoothCam preset up slightly to help prevent the player’s head from obscuring their vision Camera
WL-1347 [Visuals] left hand floats in the air when not holding anything Added Lowered Hands (plus its proper 64-bit ported version, listed in the mod’s posts). Gameplay
WL-1346 [Controls] Lock on / camera switch controls are cumbersome Switched gamepad “Switch Camera” to RB + Left Stick (Click) Controls
WL-1344 [Visual] NPC cloaks show up while sitting, working Edited the conditions for Cold Region Behavior’s NPC clothing spell. NPC’s will remove cloaks when sitting, working at most stations, or when laying down Visuals
WL-1340 Unyielding campfire perk text incorrect Adjusted value iterator property from 50 to 15 in SunHelmCampfireSkill.esp Unyielding perk activator (xx69c2ea). The text should now properly reflect the nerf Visuals
WL-1339 Frost is not adoptable/keeps running away Returning the ability to adopt stolen horses via IH json, at least in the interim Gameplay
WL-1338 There are too few hunting knives at blacksmiths Added a guaranteed set of 5 iron and 5 steel hunting knives to blacksmith minimums Gameplay
WL-1337 Small balance issues reported by Peaseents Adjusted Nordic Barding and Saddle to require Advanced BlacksmithingFixed Irkngthand War Axe recipe not having proper Ebony perk and quest requirementReduced value of Imperial & Stormcloak horse armor to make them a bit less exploitableReduced value of Ancient Nordic Honed Heavy BowAdded Hawk Feathers to Forsworn Light Bow recipe to offset its valueRemoved all favor job dialogue to prevent exploit where player gets better raw pricing. Items can be sold to tradespeople through the typical vendor interface Exploit
WL-1336 Contentual bars aren’t working right - they hide when you leave combar regardless of health Made Frostfall and Attribute bars permanently visible again (including within the ultrawide support optionals) ui
WL-1335 You can make instant healing potions with northern flax Updated Northern Flax effects to remove instant duration and improve balance Gameplay
WL-1334 The necromancer has no texture in the inventory. Reverted the model back to vanilla from CCOR Visuals
WL-1332 White Steel Armor recipe duplicated Disabled duplicate recipes, removed global conditions from remaining recipe Crafting
WL-1331 Belathor not stocking a Guarenteed Iron Lantern Added a guaranteed Iron Lantern to Belethor specifically, also added iron lanterns to survival leveled list Gameplay
WL-1329 Mammonth in Halted stream camp has no loot and isnt hunterborn processable. Updated dead mammoth container bad05 to have 15 raw mammoth meat (and not respawn) items
WL-1322 When the FLP “summon ride” feature is enabled, game will crash to desktop fairly often. Disabled the Summon Ride feature in FLP’s default FISS load. CTD
WL-1242 Brynwolf in Thieves guild gear is “Armless” Added custom NoColdClothing keyword to all Thieves Guild NPC’s  
WL-1080 [Gameplay] Mara’s priest blessings arent working - Not Shrine blessing. Disabled non-standard blessings in preparation for Religion Expansion. Gameplay
WL-1033 [Crafting] NPC orders increased MY smithing Edited the Alt XP script (cco_altsmithingexpplayerscript) to check against the HM perk - if (!Game.GetPlayer().HasPerk(HM_StopSkillGain)) - and also added the perk as a property to the alt XP quest. This should prevent XP gain with HM, even with the alt XP formula enabled. Crafting
WL-1018 Mailbox exploit with catalogues Removed catalogue keyword from all catalogues, effectively disabling the feature (in anticipation of its replacement / the likely return of Imperial Mail) Exploit
WL-983 [Gameplay] Ritual stone seems to reanimate one zombie and x corpses that perform idle animations such as walking in place or standing around. Corpses in group 2 are searchable and perform no actions beyond the idle they like best. Reverted doomRitualEffect 369c9 to vanilla Requiem, and added the perk Multiple Summons to the player during startup if the Ritual birthsign is selected. Gameplay
WL-521 [Gameplay] Lockpick with controller getting stuck camera / buttons not responding When the player attempts to lockpick without sufficient expertise, the REQ_LockpickControl script attempts to force-close the lockpicking interface with Input.TapKey(). This triggers the controller “mouse mode”, which breaks controls. I replaced that function with UI.InvokeString(“Lockpicking Menu”, “_global.skse.CloseMenu”, “Lockpicking Menu”), which is a better method of closing menus. (Thank you Parapets!) Gameplay
WL-520 [Gameplay] I created a male character and the Needs mod is playing female voicelines when I get hungry/thirsty/sleepy. I checked the MCM and could not find an option to change it manually (I think it’s SunHelm?) Added a second check for the player’s sex after they’ve entered into the game, which properly updates SunHelm’s global and plays the correct sounds. Audio;Gameplay
WL-370 Remove cloaks from NPC outfits and leave it all for CRB dynamic equip Removed all cloaks from outfits and leveled lists, so Cold Region Behavior can handle all cloaks dynamically. Items
WL-260 [NPC] Wylandriah doesn’t train Enchanting until after her quest Merged the included script. NPCS
WL-177 [Visuals] Cloaks clip through Interior Walls during NPC idles Removed all cloaks from outfits and leveled lists, so Cold Region Behavior can handle all cloaks dynamically. Visuals